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I'm glad a lot of you guys read my recent blog on my experience with ACN. I'm glad to see and read some comments left on there. I encourage current ACN reps and EX reps to comment. I want to know the reason they quit, and maybe tell a little about their experience with the company. Also if you were thinking about joining but decided not to..It would be great to hear what changed your mind. Thanks everyone. Have a good day


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Anonymous said...

i have been introduced to ACN but have not decided if it's the right move for me. would love to hear more about this "new to me" company!!!

Anonymous said...

dont do it and you will save yourself over 500 dollars thats all im gonna say.
Its all false promises

Anonymous said...

The marketing structure is based on recruiting, if what I saw is correct. You make a very small percentage on each active customer bill. If you lose a customer you lose that percentage of their monthly bill. If you want low cost cell phone service, join AT&T, over 100mil customers and if you have their wireless service, calling any AT&T customer wireless as well as land line you don't pay any extra. Almost an unlimited phone calls.

patrick said...

have you even bothered to look at the whole business picture. The concept is great this business is like all others hard work at first. Then the rewards come in. Too many people like anonymous shoot their mouth off. They think it's not for them it's not for everyone else and give the business a bad name they think that you sign up , money falls in your hands and when it doesn't they bad mouth the company .If you work in it gives you the the training and armoury to go open slauther on the biggest market the world has ever seen. Take it as you will. I actually own 4 phones (mine,kids and wife) what other company gives you the choice to dial in between landline and mobile or mobile to mobile free. I say if you can work hard and don't mind taking knockbacks you will do well in this business but that is like any business. Because you will always find people who are just like you and want to make money . What better way than to give them something they use everyday than something they put away in the closet and never use .If you don't like your job are you going to stick it out till you die and do nothing or at least go to the grave saying I had a go The guys who foundered Acn are network marketers so they started it from scratch just like everone else in the business hey do you think Donald Trump started as a billionare he had to invest something the joining fee is a small amount considering you are buying a business you will have and work for life even if you hook just your own phones up you will probaby save the money you paid to set up. My old service provider never sent me any checks all they did was take money from me .Now all i have to do is spread the word on how good of a deal I'm getting with Acn and i get paid for it also if I'm a complete and utter idiot they will actually train me and these a life skills that people actually pay to learn at business schools.You recommend a resturant or bar you recommend phone company great thing about it is you don't have to leave your job and you can do this anytime of day and you can do it thru life all i can say is buisness it's like a football game the spectators pay to watch the players.the player he takes all the knocks and the ups and downs and but who actually earns the money (the players )you can't get money if you don't play you won't know if you you don't try who are you spectator or player.
goodluck life's all about having a go

Alex said...

Hi. You could say I'm an Ex-Acn rep. I believe the company is great, even though I didn't make much money. I understand it was all due to my procrastination. I know most people want Fast Get RICH NOW success. Acn ASKS you at the info sessions to COMMIT to 2-5 years. They provide all the training and support and the amazingly positive environment. I know since I went to every meeting and felt so energised when I walked into the room. I am proud to use their services (ACN2ACN local calling free; ACN2ACN discounts on mobiles and international calling) and their support is quick and friendly. the longest I had to wait was 20 minutes, compared to other companies where my ears turned red and wet after an hour. Otherwise they answered in minutes. About the $500: It's an investment for the franchise. It's like buying a McDonalds, except without the building and the burger flipping machinery. And people who say tell you "OMG! No you didn't join ONE OF THOSE MLM Pyramid schemes" Look at them... are They in the position to dictate your lifestyle? Is their lifestyle that amazing that you would follow in their footsteps. You must sacrifice in order to receive. I learnt so much information about myself and about life and personal development at those meetings. That kind of information you will find will cost you thousands of dollars. Most people who criticize and bad mouth ACN don't put enough research into it. They ONLY focus on the bad sides and that's what they find - angry people expressing their opinions who failed at it. Don't take a side until you have enough information to choose a side. Also GO to the information nights and decide if it's for you. They don't suck you in or 'brainwash' you. They ask you at the end if you are serious and committed then join, if not then cool, support your friend who is doing the business support your friend, if not by trying their service then by being accepting about them doing this business. If you are unsure, go again - it's free. When you do join, you are never alone. Your team leader and even your team members are by your side. It's only when you go back to your environment of family and friends that's when you find a lot of negativity that makes you question the opportunity. The secret to any success is your reason why! Your purpose in life. 95% of people aren't clear on that and that's why they are stuck in their crummy office cubibles and spend there 40 years of their life.
I also have one more recommendation. ACN holds international events - If you have a friend in ACN, ask them to take you there. It's the best life learning you will get for your money's worth and you will see the big picture. Like I said, you need facts and solid information to prove anything. Ignorance is Bliss! Go and check it out for yourself and make your opinion of it. That's why ACN doesn't keep you on contract (except for mobiles, but it's ONLY 6 months that's enough to try the service) so you can try their service and experience ACN for yourself. You are the only person that can 'brainwash' yourself. You are who makes every decision, not your friends or family. They merely express their opinion and You decide it.
There are MLMs out there who aren't worthy of being in business. But look at their background and their history before you accuse them.

Tiffany said...

I challange you to check this out! I AM an ACN representative. ACN is not a Scam, it's not a Pyramid, and yes you can make make money! It's the simplest business ever! Just like the others said, you have to make an effort to succeed! you have to be coachable to succeed. If you don't follow the people who have succeeded and do what they're telling you how, then you won't. If your not willing, then you won't. You can get it done within a week if your coachable and know how to follow directions and make a commitment. The 2 to 5 years is not like that. If you comment to a month or even 2 months and do exactly what I tell you, you will make money. I challange anyone to contact me, let me show you ACN and offer you the opportunity of a life time. Don't base your opinion from someone who was uncoachable or someone who is not educated. It's not fair to you. Do you agree that you should be properly educated about ACN, then to lose out on a huge opportunity because of someone who isn't educated or someone who wasn't coachable? Who didn't have the desire to succeed. Let's make it a competition. Email me at Kaiden4@ACN.com I challange anyone to contact me, let me get you educated on ACN. You can make an "educated" decision from there if it's for you or not. Don't you think that's fair? ACN gives people the opportunity to make more money then ever before, along with their current job, or replace their job if they want to. For those who do replace their job, it also gives them their "time" back. I've spent more time with my husband and he's spent more time with me because of ACN. ACN has alot more to offer then that!
ACN is a 14 year old company with a proven track record. ACN has been in numerous magazines. YES Donald Trump has endorsed it. Yes he is completely involved with ACN. I can go on and on about how great this company is, and how much it has changed my life. Alls I can say is contact me at Kaiden3@aol.com and let me show you what ACN is really about and not from uneducated people. After I show you, like I said you can make an educated decision. If you find it's something for you, then we could have a competition. This will show others the truth about ACN!
You ask why most people haven't heard of ACN? It's simple. Instead of spending billions of dollars in advertisement, ACN bipasses all that and saves people money on their services and allows you to position yourself to make more money. That's a short version of the why. Like I said, contact me at Kaiden4@aol.com and let me educate you.

Tiffany (a correction) said...

Kaiden4@aol.com Sorry, I started typing too fast when I got fired up when I read someone slamming ACN, when they either have no real clue and are uneducated about ACN, or were uncoachable and didn't do what was told to do in order to succeed in this business. That's the key thing being "coachable".
Like I was saying, only you should decide on what is right for you. Don't let someone else influence you on what YOU want to do. That's letting "them" being able to "brainwash" YOU. Get educated on the whole thing. ACN is a very simple business. They provide services that you and your friends and family use everyday anyway. So why not "refer" your friends and family to services that not only will benefit you but can save them money as well. It's like this, you go to a really good movie, that you love, wouldn't you tell your friends and family that they "have to go see it?" You just refered them to a movie! Did they go see it? Probably yes! Did you get paid to do that? No! It's the same concept here, but you get paid for the same thing, over and over and over. So much more to learn on the concept. The best way is to show you and let "YOU" decide and not allow others to decide "FOR" you. Stand up and make a decision for yourself! Don't let others drag you by a leash and lead you on how YOUR life is going to be. Do something for yourself, Lead your own life!
I'm usually not this aggressive, but it irks me to see or hear someone slandering ACN, or any company that they have no clue about, for either being uneducated, or uncoachable.
Thank you, I'm going to go have some coffee and relax! :)

WaveWalker Charter's Tiffany Bacon said...

ACN~ Let's see if this gets posted on top next to Rick from florida's. If it doesn't then it just show the "integrity" of the host of this site. Let me tell you my story and what ACN has done for me. Hi I'm Tiffany Bacon deckhand aboard Captain David Bacon's Charter boat WaveWalker. When I first heard about ACN, I was in poverty, struggling to survive in life. My husband was undergiong surgery and could not work, I was on bedrest (4 months into pregnancy), how were we going to survive? A friend had me take a look at this business and it made perfect "common sense". I'm really glad that I did, because of ACN I'm able to do the things I couldn't ever do because face it, being a deckhand doesn't make a whole lot of money, but I love it!
Now I get to travel, and have fun with my (now 4 kids) and spend the time with them and do the things I want to do, but never could before because of time and money.
ACN is a SOLID company. I read Rick from Florida's letter and he is completely wrong and totally off base. There is always two sides to this story. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings here, but I'm going to be blunt about it. Maybe it will help you understand better, and maybe show Rick the difference. I'm sorry if this makes anyone mad, but you need to hear the "other" side of the story of why he may have failed?? Your just hearing it from his side. He may have been involved with ACN, but not "completely involved" Questions and comments he said like why don't the higher levels tell you what they make? It's simple. It's NOT about what they make and what THEY are doing with the company, it's all about what YOU can make and what YOU do with the company. People's income needs vary far and wide. If you tell someone you make 3 grand a month, and they need more, they'll probably think it's too little and not realize there's more that can be made. So we don't like to tell people what each of us is making and rather you make what you need or want to make. Like I said, it's all about YOU and what YOU can do. If you bought a million dollar company and the first 6 months only made half a million and someone else bought into the same franchise and made 2 million dollar profit, do you quit? NO! You keep on tracking. If your goal is to succeed 10 million and because your not there yet in a year, do you quit? No! You keep on tracking until you acheive your own personal goal.
Another thing brought to mind on Rick's "report" How is it possible to be that far in dept? Obviously he didn't utilize his time and money. This is a business. Keep all receipts of what you spend on and for ACN, as in with all business, it's a tax write off. Rick didn't mention that part. No offense, but as in ANY business, even the VP overlook what their "employees" are doing. If your company isn't going anywhere, then you need to find the source as to "why" this is happening, before it happens. There is tools for this easy step. As with any business~ if you have an employee who isn't doing their job, what would you do? You fire them, or do you keep them and allow your company to go bankrupt? I think not. When you fire someone, don't you hire someone else? Of course you do!
ACN is NOT a head hunting trip. It's not a "get rich quick" scam either. ACN only wants people who are serious about changing their life and REALLY wanting to succeed. You don't have to be a rocket scientist in this business. ANYONE who really has the desire to succeed, will. ACN also only wants people who WANT to get the job done, as with any business does. And YES it can be quick, if you follow the leaders. They will show you how. If you don't, then you won't. It's that simple. It all depends on how YOU utilize your time. If someone in your own business quits, do you? NO! You find someone else who is cut out for the position. I won't bring ANYONE aboard who isn't really serious about making money.
The $499 is a small price to pay for a business. This is not kept a secret. You are told about the $499 when the business is being shown to you. It's NOT a secret. It's a small price to pay when you think about how much it costs to start up your own company. The amount it costs to hire an accountant, payroll, accounts receivables, accounts payables, managers, licenses, and then the employees for the business itself. It costs thousands and thousands of dollars. My dad spent a little over $100,000 to start up his. So $499 is nothing expecially when your given the opportunity to get that back plus a bonus from the beginning. If you were serious enough and did what was told, you would of made a profit in the first week! The $99 is a for your renewel of licenses and all the other stuff that goes with owning your company, except you don't have the bundles of paperwork to complete and many other hassles to be done like many business owners are well aware of. THAT yearly fee is not kept a secret either. It IS explained at your first meeting when taking a look at it. You must not have been listening. Nothing is kept a secret at all. There is NO deception at all. I remember my first time taking a look at it.
You talk about a Pyramid Scam? Far from it. If you look around at ALL business's it's set up the same way. You have a president/CEO a VP, secretary, corporate manager, Corporate Sales Manager, then into the office manager and down to the employees of different departments etc etc etc. Sound complicated? It's really not. It's how business's are ran. It's a fact. But the way ACN is set up, it's simpler then that, less headaches too, if you do it right. That's a fact! 6 years into the business, does not qualify you or anyone to be able to bad mouth a company with the entegrity that ACN has. You were just not coachable and probably tried to do things your way. You could of been RVP or SVP and kept the money rolling for yourself if you had utilized your time, effort and payed closer attention to what was happening. You do the work one time, you should of followed up on everything at least once a month and been able to save yourself from failing. Don't mean to sound mean, but it's a fact. Take a look back and find the mistakes you made and realize it's NOT ACN's fault you didn't succed.
Rather it was from lack of leadership from your part or you didn't try 100% the way the system is designed and didn't put "real" effort into it and not half fast. Okay, so you only made $400 a month Residual. Did you cash the check each month? How much was your bonus's? So that's proff that there is money here. So how is it a scam?? It's not. You made some $ and a profit too. You paid $499 but were making $499 a month for how many years plus your bonus's? YOU made a profit. YOU could of done way more than that. Did ACN put a gun to your head and make you NOT check on your "downline" Did you find something NOT happening in your downline? Did you fix it? If it's not working, why didn't ypu put effort into either changing the approach or going to your upline and tell them the problem so they can help you fix it, so you could of gone higher then you did? Are you a team player? Everyone on ACN is.
I can go on and on about ACN and the people who didn't succeed in this business. ACN is not a parymid scam. Itf YOU don't succeed then they don't succeed. YOU can have all the reps in the world! But if you don't have people using the services, then noone will make no money! ACN wants more customers then Reps, that's a fact! Isn't someone who failed at ACN more because they didn't do what they were "supposed" to do? Were they uncoachable? When you become uncoachable or unteachable, then you fail. That's NOT ACN's fault, but your own. Same with any business. I'm not a quitter. It's been proven to me by my own checks, as well as others I've seen in ACN that the system desinged to "win" in this company "really" does work! But ONLY if your coachable and "really" follow the system. If your a Team Coordinater, Regional Vice President, or Senior Vice President, you should check what's going on in YOUR OWN company and see what your people are doing and fix the problem if there's a problem and the minute something seems wrong. It doesn't take that much time to do that. If you have a computer, it's one click away!
If your a CEO in a coorporation, or even a small business owner, do you check with your people here and there making sure your company is running smoothly? Make changes or corrections needed for your company or do you just quit because something isn't going right? If you quit, then your not cut out to be a business man. If you stick around, fix the problem that was starting to occure, before it occured then you would of been fine!
I hope this doesn't offend YOU or ANYONE else. It's just a fact of the business world. If you nip it in the butt from the get go, then there is no problems and it doesn't get this complicated. Be coachable and follow directions and ACN is a very simple money making business. So if you know a friend in it, check it out for reals, if it's not for you, do your friend a favor, try the services for them. To SLAUNDER something your not "really" qualified to do!
One last thing! ACN does have a HUGE opportunity for you as well as the adverage Joe! Check it out!

Anonymous said...

Why wasting your time to think about it???ACN is a proven system.it does work for those who has a willing heart to succeed.Acn is looking for the right people with right attitude and mind set,also people with passion and big desire.Don't waste your money to join,if you doubt about it.You're not a right person for the business.Thats all I can say.Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

If you really want to make a different in your life no one else can do it.If you fail,its yr fault,if you success,its your fault.Successful people they do whatever it takes..Donot waste your time to listen to any negative people,guess what!they don't want to see you as a succeeful person.ACN is about choices...Go for it and all the best.

Anonymous said...

I become ACN rep since Dec last year,and now I resigned from my 8 years full time job last Friday.ACN has given me the time and the money.Now I have the time to take my children to school and pick them aftr school.Thank God to ACN.

Anonymous said...

ACN is a rock hard 14 year company with a proven track record. It's funny to hear some of the people who "failed" because they tried to "redesign" something that already has a proven track record. Why try and change something that works? When you do, that's when you fail! Most people who do it the real way, are very successful! The ones that are what I call the "redesigners" fail. The smart ones realize it real quick and get back onto the track that will lead you to success and not steer onto the track that leads you to disaster! It's plain and simple! You have to be a real dummy not to figure that one out!
As far as this Florida person, wow, his statements are far from the truth! He started going down the wrong track but didn't see all the people and flags telling him to turn right instead of left! His fault for NOT renewing his license at the end of the year. He had to of missed two years to "lose" his status! I forgot to pay mine and I called in and had it renewed after a year and a half and didn't lose anything! There's no hidden things said, it's all up front and open. He just got mad and quit and threw everything he had behind because he didn't renew his license. That's the $99 a year for license renewal fees. Just as in any business, you have a license, you have to renew it each year! You don't, you face seriouse fine. With ACN there is a grace period you have (which This Florida guy did not say because he just wants you to believe his story, "which is all it is 'a story'" on how horrid this company is. That is a FLAT OUT LIE! If your going to beleive someone who DID NOT follow the "proven system" and failed from his lack of doing, then your not cut out to really do anything and have no back bone! I suggest you really take a look at this for what it is, and not judge it by someone who is a failure. Take a look around at all the succuss that people on here who truly "are" successful because they followed the system the way it was designed and ignore all the people who are simply failures because they figured they could do it their own way and failed! Or simply "forgot" to renew and two years later found they didn't have a business because they lost their license due to "non payment" He never complained when he was making bonus's and did infact have a residual income building. He could of done a whole lot more. But no, he quit because he lost his license and ignored the numerous letters sent out reminding him of his license and what would happen if he didn't renew it. Same with any business. He did not complain when he took the check to the bank and cashed it right? There is money! He already proved that fact! He already proved it's not a pyramid scam. Simply by you get paid rather you use people as leverage or not. You can make money on services alone. Wouldn't it be easier if you had a few people working with you building your residual and bonus's for you? That's what the CEO of any company has! People building his business for him. Same concept! It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. I'm sorry he failed and has to make false accusations to justify why he quit. When the real reason he did not say! It was for his own stupidity. He through everything he was making and what he could have made because he went two years or more without paying his "license renewal fee" That's a fact! Question you need to ask yourself, would you be that stupid??? Look into the real facts of things, not someone who failed because they were stupid.

Tom Gilfillan said...

It is a sad indictment on people in general that they remain closed minded and prefer to live a poor life and throw stones at anyone who is successful in anything. People just love to play the victim.
In this age of layoffs and company closures, mounting personal debt and many other social problems ACN gives people an opportunity to break out of their current life cycle, and through hard work, create a new reality.
Yes it takes HARD WORK but what have you ever achieved that was easy. More than just work though, ACN provides a platform for personal development. Imagine being able to be involved with very positive people on a daily basis...how new would that be for you.
Don't be a victim....look outside your reality and do something good for yourself. Maybe ACN is not for you, thats fine, it doesn't matter.
I live in Australia and we are in a position to take advantage of this opportunity in the Asia region over the coming years. I am excited about that, I am like a dog with 2 tails, I don't know which one to wag first.

Don't be a victim...get out and have a go at something to change your life.

To other ACN reps out there....keep having fun ..it is a great adventure.

Anonymous said...

ACN is an excellent company! I am an ex-rep and can still say that. I have met the founders of the company and was very impressed by them for many reasons. They have built their company from scratch with integrity and hard work. As far as the people who lead teams or reps, you will have many mixes of personalities to work with. When it comes to company practices, ACN is contantly weeding out bad eggs with zero tolerance to practices that lack integrity, keeping company standards high. I was blessed to join under some dynamic individuals who made it very exciting. Maybe you didn't have the best leader, or maybe you just weren't committed enough, or you couldn't get past your own fears, or listened to your "broke" and negative friends and family. If you didn't make any money, I'd be willing to bet it was for one of the above mentioned reasons.

The reason I quit was because my heart wasn't into it, even though I saw the opportunity and was very excited about the company. My passion lies elsewhere in a God given talent, my mission in life, and that's where I am putting my time and energy. I may or may not make anywhere near as much money as I possibly could have if I hadn't quit ACN, but it was the right thing for me. Network marketing is not right for everyone, though anyone can do it if they are coachable. I did all the things right, but it simply wasn't what got me excited when I woke up in the morning. I believe we should all be doing what we love. Now, just because it wasn't my niche, I can't blame the comapny or my Team Leader for that. You need to be more honest with yourself as to why you quit and stop acting like a "victim" (as previously mentioned here). Quit blaming everyone else for your lack of success in life.

darnell said...

I was approached about joining ACN over 2 years agao by a friend that I respected of a spiritual nature. I went to a seminar and a couple of meetings (It took that much for me to even consider). By the second meeting I thought, "What the hec... I think I can get a couple of few people to be reps and sign up the required number of customers to at least get my money back.

As I was working on budgeting the money to pay the $500, I was discussing it with some friends and got some negative responses from the same people that I intended on making reps from. As I came to my senses, I realized that not only that it would take a LOT of pestering people to either be a rep or a customer but chances are, I won't even be able to do it in time to get my money back.

When I decided to tell "them" that I really didn't have the money to spend on this opportunity, I was pressure sold into how great it was. My question was, "If it is so great, why are you having to convince me so hard? People should be lining up for this!"

That was 2 years ago. Today I was told about this great opportunity that will allow me to retire within 3 years by a really good friend of mine. This was after they were asking me if I was happy with my wireless carrier. I said, "Yes, they are not the cheapest but they are a solid company (Verizon)." Because I was just laid off from my job, she said that it would be perfect for me because I would have the time to work it and make lots of money.

She spoke of all the great services and the services that were coming in my area by way of utilities (Electricity) where if I got in early that I would be in position to excell ahead of everyone else. This sounded very familiar. IT WAS ACN, AGAIN!!!

I thought ACN (according to 2 years ago) would take over my market! I remembered that they didn't have utilities then...

I have made up my mind that I wasn't going down that road. ACN will NEVER take a market share in my market, with all this competition... definitely not enough for me to make any money from it.

I remember how I felt with my friend from 2 years ago. I went out of my way to avoid him because I didn't want to hear anymore about it... I don't want to be that person that people go out of thier way to avoid...
By the way, I ran the numbers roughly and realized that I had to bug thousands of people to just scratch the surface of earning a living, let alone, retiring in 3 years. There is only a population of 800,000 in my area.

Anonymous said...

It sounds good until you recognize the fact that you have to recruit your good friends to be reps. Your friends trust you and they will probably become reps. so they throw down $500 plus the cost of the video phone. Now they are going to need to find two reps, but if their social circle is the same as yours they will have trouble because you already called everyone you both know. Now your friend is unhappy with you because he wasn’t able to find two reps and earn back that initial investment. So you feel obligated to help him find those two reps in 30 days, which will be difficult. If your buddy isn’t successful, it seems like a quick way to lose a friend(s).

Anonymous said...

yeah some people are that hardheaded that they don't care that they are being ripped off and you can explain it in black and white and they still don't believe you these are people that you don't want as reps just as customers to use the service but they say no they'll stay with their current provider but they've never even bothered to check others to see if they are getting ripped off serves them right and they should pay for their ignorance.Of it wasn't for acn reps making them aware of it they wouldn't know.Just because you see an advertisment saying you get cheaper rates meas that it is the cheapest and the best

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Sterling said...

I just came from a ACN recruiting session as a guess of a friend. As I sat and listened to the presentations and testimonials of how much money can be made with little or no effort and the concept of residual income; I was reminded of what my third grade teacher once told me: "that to measure the success of a man is that he wears shined shoes." Not even one of the "Reps" wore shined shoes. I didn't stick around for the question and answer segment.

ibuy said...

All i can say is a, scam is a scam. No matter what its look like, it's the same type of getting money from simple people,like you and me. Because they will tell you how to make easy money, but the reality is they are robbing your hard worked money and you have to get the money you put in. you would looked like stupid in front of your friens , that you are trying to convince them to be a part of the scam. in reality ou are not helping them , because you want to get your money back . And tghe story will go on and go on until the head of the company are getting richer and richer and you are part of their victim. dont go or dont you ever dare to fall into this business. 500 dollars is a big amount of money. think about it.

kwaytiau said...


i want to know?

is there any maintenance fee every month or renew fee annually?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like everuone on this blog is looking for a get rich quick scheme knowing that everything takes time to build. I have been doing corporate sales for 9 years and have built my own companies from the ground up and evry sales opportunity regardeless if its mlm or not. Needs recruiting. For example do any of you know what it takes to become a REALTOR. First try $450.00 just for school enrollment. Then take the State exam for another fee, then try Being a memeber of the board of REALTORS. Close to $700 per year for mls fees and realtor fees. The average Realtor sells 2-3 homes a year. WOW. Even when the markets hot. Even when your a broker you go thru more salesmen than anything. Now I just want everyone to understand it is what it is. Nothing is for free, 20% of the people do 80% of the work with any opportunity. What sucked for me was that everything I was building was only as good as it's last day. I have been hustling my whole life and now I can build something even if my whole downline quits, that will take care of my own dreams. I didn't tell them to quit. ACN is going to grow with or without any of our comments. I tool a look at ACN in 1997 and everything they say they were going to do they have done. I knew some old Circle of Champions members and a lot of them just moved on and spend there time with there families. Some quit for other reasons, but the ones who built it still get residuals. Everyone should not look at ACN as another MLM. Everything we do is MLM but it's is perception that determines everything. But there will always be those who have something to say and you know what, there always will be. ACN does work if you build it correctly.

Anonymous said...

ok..i went to an ACN seminar and already was coming to thinkning that it is a pyramid scheme. I went because my friend asked me to go support her.I said ok..i will do because you are my friend. The seminar started at 5pm, I was there 5 min til 5. No one from ACN was there. Ok..a few other people came and NO ACN rep. Finally at about 6:15 a gentleman from ACN shows courteous of my friend's mother. The ACN rep has no car!!!! Ok...so he starts explaining it the service and how much money you can make. He says ok..."I make $7,000 a month with ACN. I am allergic to W-2's. WE can continue to be slaves to our company if we want to..and so on and so on" Now by this point I am upset because he would make such a comment. He asks if any one thinks this is a get rich scheme and of course I raise my hand. He gets extremely offended by me questionning him. I ask a few question and say all you are talking about is making money. Not so much the service. I asked him who the President and Vice President was and of course he could not tell me. I was totally turned off. My friend I guess was not pleased at the way I was questionning. But..If I am going to give $499 I want to make sure that it is right for me. ACN IS A SCHEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Estou na ACN desde que entrou em Portugal e estou muito satisfeita, porque já conheço multinível há + de 1o anos e é uma indústria que pode gerar muito dinheiro desde que se trabalhe e goste do ramo.Telecomunicações é sem dúvida um negócio de grande rentabilidade que deixou de ser só para o grande capital. Qualquer pessoa pode fazer o seu próprio negócio que terá o rendimento proporcional ao trabalho de cada um .Só quem sabe de Multinivel é que tem a certeza que não se trata de pirâmide,Eu sou o exemplo disso.A pessoa que me patrocinou não conseguiu ainda a minha posição e claro nem os meus lucros.Só chamo a atenção de quem ande a procurar diversificar rendimentos que há na realidade falsos profetas e pessoas menos sérias, mas ouçam, estudem bem,o plano de negócios, junte-se com a pessoa certa e vai ver como é ganhar dinheiro.Nem todas as pessoas têm as mesmas profissões, daí os que dizem mal, porque não gostam e ás vezes nem são capazes, porque tem de se ser muito humilde para fazer multinivel.Ajudar os outros é a mais valia.Bom êxito para todos estejam onde estiverem

Anonymous said...

I decided not to join ACN and I lost My family! My Daughters joined My Wife of 22 Years left Me,It almost killed Me.Its an evil Cult of Money lust.Oh and by the way ,Don trumps Father was a Billioniare.Someone in a earlier blog mentioned He started from humble beginnings,thats not true

potrzebi said...

I am in Australia, and ACN is going like wildfire here after 3 years. I joined Dec 31, 2007 and working part time I already have 27 reps and 250 phone customers in one downline. As soon as I have another strong downline I will be making good money. I plan to be one the 2% who don't QUIT! Contact me on tomtobey2003@yahoo.com if you want to know more. If you are in any of the 19 countries(!) ACN is in, I can sponsor you as a rep. By the way, I plan to trravel to the USA this year, a tax deductible expense of course. Tom

Anonymous said...

I attended the Sales event in Baltimore as a guest. I went there with an open mind determined to learn as much as I could. Yes ACN is not for everyone, but if it is you can make it a career. I've read all the blogs and not once does anyone mention a career. Does ACN offer the best prices? No , not on all products. They do on some others. ACN and it's founders have something I look for," Core Values" INTEGRITY, FAMILY, PRIDE, INNOVATION and SERVICE. That's what builds a good company. I did sign up, I will give it my best. If I fail at least I tried. Once again it's not for everyone, but if it's for you. WOW !
Carlos Y.

Anonymous said...

U are all suckers if u think this will work! Come on people, I do not know what world you are all living in, but I live in the real world where u get up go to work and get paid! Yes there are millionaires in the world, people who are successful and do not have to work and people who have worked who get to be wealthy. I've been to the ACN pep rally/meeting, and did u notice they spent more time talking about getting rich than their product itself! That is the game they play. There is no doubt that ACN is a real and legit company but think outside the smoke and mirrors for a second and ask your self a few ques? Like #1 Why would a 500 million dollar company that is so successful and has enough money that they do not even offer stock options, need 499 dollars from u to get signed up to sell THEIR PRODUCT?? #2 Did u ever hear of ACN before someone told u about it? And I bet they told u about because they were trying to recruit u, or sign u up! #3 What type of world wide business that is worth 500 million dollars does not advertise their product? Come on people! If they spent a few million in advertising they would probably reach close to 7 million peolple across the US to join up to their great phone service. BECAUSE IF THEY DID THAT THEN THEY COULD NOT HOLD THESE SEMINARS ALL OVER THE WORLD AND GET 500 DOLLARS FROM 10s of THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF! Do the math do not advertise and save money, or hold bull shit seminars and charge 500 a person to sigh up. If they got just 50,000 people to join, and you know they got more, they would make 25 MILLION DOLLARS on just sign up fees. Now u wonder why this company has been so successful... #4 And ACN knows 9 out of 10 people who do sign up and try this will find it is not for them and will quit after a month or 2. They will just chalk it up as a loss and say they tried it! So that 1 person who is making it work probably will get his monthly payment, but look at the big bank it is coming from> NOT PEOPLES PHONE BILL, BUT THE BIG 25 MILLION DOLLAR POT THAT WAS CREATED BY U PEOPLE FROM SIGNING UP TO A FAR FETCHED DREAM! #5 Do u really want to try and sell a phone service to the public that NO one has ever heard of? Do u think that that will be an easy thing to do? Come on, people don't want to switch the kind of socks they wear let alone swith phone service to a 500 million dollar unknown company! And u would think that after being in buisness for 13+ years they would be more well known by now, DON'T U AGREE? #6 And that great video phone they offer has been out for a few years. It was not mass produced because it was a flop and only 30% of the public showed interest in it, thats why they do not advertise it world wide and that is why they are having people like u try and sell it to your selective group of new customers! JUST BE REALISTIC, IF YOU HAD THE SO CALLED NEXT BIG THING OF THE FUTURE, NO MATTER WHAT IT WAS, WOULD YOU HOLD SEMINARS AND RECRUIT PEOPLE TO GO SELL IT OR WOULD YOU ADVERTISE WORLD WIDE AND DO IT THE RIGHT WAY? U ALL KNOW THE RIGHT ANSWER! Look I could give u plenty more reasons why this is a real company and a real service, and a big reason why they are making their money is because of people like yourself, but just wake up to reality. There is NO ONE in this world who is going to let u in on how to get RICH, UNLESS THEY ARE GETTING TEN TIMES RICHER FROM U...................... FOOD FOR THOUGHT! ANY COMMENTS, I WOULD LIKE TO READ!

Anonymous said...

ACN is for those who want to take action and have only one goal and this is financial freedom, I have been in acn only three months now and have made ETL in three weeks and yes I have seen good checks.
I was skeptical at first until I have seen a friend make some serious money. This company is Network Marketing not Notwork, you have to be coachable and have patience some make it fast others slow, and it really depends on the person. 499 are really nothing compares to someone who started a traditional Company, you invest into your future, lastly I have met the founders one night at a restaurant in Detroit and they are man of integrity. Remember some will, some wait, and some wont, so what NEXT

Anonymous said...

Here is the truth of the matter in regards to ACN

Reasons why it is not for you:

1. You are not a motivated individual who wants to change your future.

2. You are a lazy individual who, regardless of the opportuinity, will never get off your butt to do any work to get it done.

3. This opportunity is not a "Get rich quick" scheme. If you want to get rich quick, go get a lotto ticket.

However, if you are motivated to change your life, willing to put in the work, and know that it will take some time, then ACN is for you.

Pessimistic people will always look for the challenges in any opportunity.

Optimistic people will always look for the opportunity in any challenge.

You decide where you fit in.

Anonymous said...

I went to an ACN Seminar today. Sorry Juan not for me. At least we can stay friends.

I said...

Here are my reactions to some of the things I've read in this long line of comments.

I just cannot understand why ACN and its reps imply, and some even flat-out state, that they are better than everyone else because they have vision and drive and everyone else is stuck in an office and broke. Or that if you fail at ACN then you "have no back bone".

E.g. "It is a sad indictment on people in general that they remain closed minded and prefer to live a poor life and throw stones at anyone who is successful in anything."
Why do you assume that anyone who isn't interested is poor or lazy????

"You are the only person that can 'brainwash' yourself."
Nonsense. Reconsider before making sweeping statements like that. This goes well beyond the boundaries of ACN and is thoroughly offensive.

"When you become uncoachable or unteachable, then you fail."
Do you mean when the brainwashing wears off? I don't ever want to be coached by anyone. I have my own mind and opinions, and I want to make my own business and my own decisions, thank you.

"Donot waste your time to listen to any negative people,guess what!they don't want to see you as a succeeful person."
How dare you say that??? Those negative people are your loved ones and they don't want you to get hurt. I speak from experience.

"...However, if you are motivated to change your life, willing to put in the work, and know that it will take some time, then ACN is for you."
And so is any other employment. Time plus effort is what earning an income is all about. Wake up to what you've written!

And from an ex-rep: "Maybe you ... listened to your "broke" and negative friends and family."
I'll ignore "broke" and skip to the part about negative friends and family. I thought that the friends and family were the customers... but why are they negative? Can you hear the alarm bells ringing?

"Pessimistic people will always look for the challenges in any opportunity."
Looking for potential problems is also called caution. Or looking before you leap. Or common sense.

Anonymous said...

As interesting as your comments are, no one has mentioned the math figures for how it works. I've seen the formula and it doesn't really make sense how you can earn so much residual income on 2%. If the average bill is $38 and you had 20 customers the total monthly is only $760. And 2% of that is only $15.20 per month. If someone has some more insight on how the money is really spread out besides the $499 I would love to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Why would Donald Trump put his name on ACN if it was all BS...

Anonymous said...

ACN. Is a solid company. The question is that if it is a good company or not is truly up to you. I've worked on most of their products including their video phones. All have passed, but their method to show themselves is sketchy. For one reason yes everyone can take a chance with this company and two things will come out of it. Either they make it or break it, but it is not for everyone. Becuz if everyone becomes ACN reps then well you could figure out the rest, just no good business like that. Not to mention even if the money is good, but is it truly what your heart desires.

Also like in every business their are those people are a truly a bad seed to the company, but they are good. Meaning they are only lookin out for themselves only like my partners. I was a former ACN rep, at first it was tough but later on my partner wanted to be 'nice' and gave me a few of his customer. I refuse becuz I told him that I'm only in it so I can make some money for college to become an electrician. Needless to say the few customers he set me up with were no good. He signed them up without their consult and I was nearly closed to being sued for thousands of dollars. Lucky they found out that I was not the one who signed them up, but in the mist of it. Since I was not a 'full' supporter to ACN they cut me off just becuz I wanted to become an electrician. Even though I was doin good for the company. So my advise is if you wish to try it then so be it, just be careful of the partners and make sure it is truly what you desire.

Anonymous said...


This should answer most of your questions. ACN at first was a solid company until it made some wrong turns. Now its a company for real but a very risky one indeed.

Anonymous said...

Here is something I saw about ACN over the internet, I just copied and pasted it, but I thought that it was very interesting because it broke down everything, how everything is calculated, and now its for you to decide if it's for you. Since I copied and pasted it, some of the chart did not come out right, so to see it you can go to http://users.tns.net/~mpat/scam/
Good luck

You Won't Believe This Opportunity!
Passive Residual Income from
deregulation and long distance phone service
The money dries up when the recruiting stops.
This site isn't about telephone service, Internet or utility deregulation.

The information is for illustration, and it
1.) applies population, statistics and math to one MLM,
2.) exposes a recruiting game and its odds of success,
3.) shows that Customers are merely tokens for the MLM to access recruiting money.

scam: fraudulent or deceptive business scheme. To swindle.
fraudulent: deceitful
swindle: to cheat or defraud of money or property

You've been introduced to a recruiter minion1 and this character will tell you anything. The minion's duty is to bring you into a recruiting session to meet the boss with all the knowledge, the Closer.
(Most of the characters in that meeting are working from a script.)

They promise great wealth in Residual Income from a huge customer base.
They say it's a retirement program.
It will cost you dollars to make mere pennies per customer.

Click here and read first.

Powerpoint Users, click here to download brainwashing material:
ACN_Mindset Team Etiquette
US_24Hour Recruiting - Edification

Residual income -
income from efforts which continue to generate revenue over time without requiring additional effort (for example, a stream of future royalties from a book).

Usually secured by copyright, patent or proprietary license. ACN doesn't inform you they have absolutely nothing proprietary and they are only a reseller. They don't inform you that deregulated utilities require constant marketing efforts because of competition by those that actually own or produce the product.

If ACN has enjoyed such huge success for so many years, why then are they unheard of, except in those closed backroom meetings and MLM circles?
- "A serious question to answer, and may save you from the scam."

The age-old technique of "con men" is to create "confidence" in some otherwise dumb idea by diversion of thought, bait, or force of personality. The victim gets confidence in a bogus plan, the con man gets your money.

(1) min·ion
Pronunciation: (min'yun)
1. an obsequious follower or dependent; a sycophant
2. a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power
3. a subordinate or petty official

" The overwhelming majority of people who come into the network fall by the wayside. What's more, the company knows in advance that they're going to fail. It's a matter of statistics. It's part of the plan."
— By Norm Brodsky
Multilevel Mischief, Inc. Magazine, June 1998

" 98% will drop out immediately" — Scams & Frauds Exposed

Will YOU be the 1 in 50 that hangs in there?
Or the 1 in 1,000 that makes some money in MLM?
Read "What's wrong with MLM"

The ACN recruiter wll take $499 from ANYONE. There is no aptitude test or qualification criteria. They never turn away a prospect and they tell everyone they can be successful.

Summary Shortcut

Does ACN work?

Rick's ACN story in 2006

Cap'n Arbyte
Into the
ACN Scam

False Profits

10 Lies of MLM
(2 Mb PDF)

Black Book of Scams

ACN Energy
Not for California



Must Visit
Scams Exposed

Australian Communications Network
Goes to Court

Case Won
Against ACN

MultiLevel Mischief

THE MONEY - proposed revenue
Customer Commissions
The table (Pyramid) to the right illustrates customer billing and bonuses paid from 7 levels in your downline. A customer bill of $30 returns 60-cents, but after a 30-day bill followed by a 30-day payment cycle.
This is the Residual Income.

The "Reps at $499" column shows the Rep enrollment fee totalling $254,000 which is more than commissions for the entire year.
This is Bonus money, and is distributed when that new Rep is qualified.
This is NOT Residual Income. When you sign your quota of customers, the Customer Acquisition Bonus is paid before any new customer ever uses the phone. The IDEAL Pyramid
Number of
Monthly Bill
Based on
$30 ea.
- -
= $254K

THE ENROLLMENT FEE - Paid by New Recruits

This money is the life blood of the system. This comes from new Reps, NOT from commissions.

The enrollment fee of $499 is divided among the up-line as bonuses. This money is cleverly disguised as a Customer Acquisition Bonus when that new Rep becomes qualified.

Qualifying releases bonus money to the up-line with no money collected from the new Customer.
Customers are acquired to permit distribution of recruiting bonuses.

A "Generational Customer Acquisition Bonus" increases with fewer Reps between you and the recruit.
Downline Commissions
Few recruits understand the variable commission rate at the direct level.

Minions lead you to believe that 8% is easily achieved.

COMMISSIONS - From customer billing

This they call Residual Income - you believed this to
join the program. But it isn't quite like they promised.

Here's the math to calculate a $100K annual income:
Assume each customer has a $30/month long distance bill,
$30 x 12 months = $360 annual billing per customer

Direct Customer Commissions:
Direct Total
Monthly Billing
Your %
$0 - $1,999
$2,000 - $3,999
$4,000 - $5,999
$6,000 - $7,999
$8,000 - $9,999
$10,000 - $12,499
$12,500 - up
HYPE ALERT - shaded figures are not likely attainable.
Insist on documentation.

Take an example of 20 direct customers. Your Reps sell the dream.
You will have one Rep for every 20 customers.
With your direct billing at $600 your commission is 2%
Commissions are 1/4 of 1 percent (0.0025) on your downline's customers 5-levels down.
(That's 7½ cents per customer!)

Calculate the balance of customers required in the downline.
$100,000 - (20 x $360 x 0.02 = $144) = $99,856 income required from downline.
$99,856 ÷ 0.0025 (1/4 percent) = $39,942,400 annual billing.
$39,942,400 ÷ $360 = 110,951 downline customers

Long distance packages from SBC, Sprint, MCI, etc.
are 500 minutes for $10
(2¢ per minute).
How many customers will you sign up for a nickel a minute?
Test #1 Can you 'make money' without signing up Dealers?
Essential reading material: "How to Evaluate"

Your $100K annual goal requires 4,630 direct customers, or,
110,951 indirect customers through level-5 EVERY YEAR

Answer #1 NO.
Test #2
Did the recruiting presentation emphasize the importance of signing up dealers?
Did the presenter show charts of exponential growth and geometric progression?
Did they show vast wealth in short time?
They talked more about wealth than product?

Did you answer YES to any of these?
Tests #1 and #2 describe a legally questionable Pyramid

Is this a futile effort?

Who's making the money, who's being made a fool? You buy a Distributorship for $499 and begin making 2% on customer sales. By the time you earn back the investment (net), The Company has gross sales of $25,000. How much has that cost you?

To match a minimum wage job at Walmart, an ACN Rep needs about $13,000 per month in direct billings,
or about $350,000 in billings from the downline.
At least Walmart has benefits!
Put this in perspective.
You've seen the math, try it out.
The RVP that's showing off the new car, the new house & the vacations....
If those expenses are paid from service billings, then
Calculate the actual customers that he/she requires monthly.
Use a realistic closing rate and calculate how many individuals were approached to obtain those customers.
Are there enough prospects left to provide wealth for all those being entertained?

Hint: Long distance billing didn't pay for that car, that house or those vacations.
Those that make big money will make it from others that lost theirs while trying.
How did ACN get so large?
Most service product companies spend lots on marketing, plus, they pay sales commissions.

ACN pays only a sales commission to the MLM.
They don't pay for Marketing,
YOU do !
Today's customers select long-distance providers to save money, not to do someone a favor. In the US there are many providers charging less than a nickel per minute.

Free calling within ACN
Ironically they promote this business as one with residual income, then to be competitive, they entice what should be your largest customer base with free in-company long-distance.
How can that make any sense?

Once you are in the door you will learn there is no money in billables so it matters not what they give away. The enticement is merely to sign a customer.

Your MLM income will be stifled by the success of ACN.
stacked pyramids
Minions foolishly compare MLM to a corporate structure.
Perhaps the "infinite downline" escapes them.

Every MLM is a pyramid, that's a fundamental reality. Every pyramid is not necessarily a scam or illegal. The Minions wish to convince the prospect that regular businesses and corporations are also pyramids. The regular business model, or non-MLM may appear as a single pyramid, and that's as far as it goes. MLM is a vertically growing stack of pyramids, and in theory may grow until population runs out. The reality is, however, that most will drop out of the deal, and another batch of prey will come along to keep the upper wealth flourishing. Not to be confused with vertical integration, each MLM pyramid is above or beneath another pyramid.

Admire all that theoretical money, but there's no climbing upward.
You can only build your downline and everyone in that room is your competition.
Don't overlook "market share" and "closing rate." These factors seriously reduce the pool of available prospects and customers. You aren't the only game in town, and not everyone will be your customer or Rep.

True or False?

* You want all your Reps to work and maintain this business? True
* You expect they want to earn a similar income (that's what you said to get them to join). True
* Their success requires that each has their own 5,000 customer network? True

Pyramid Scheme Alert Logo
Given these truths, a 5,000 customer network must be replicated 250 times.

That's 1.25 Million customers so that every Rep (member) in
your network can make $100K

With 2% market share......

Your personal $100K annual commission requires a population of 63 million.

Sales Commission Income
To make $50K per year on 8% commission, you require 86,800 population

That's if the BEST you can make is 8% on a customer's phone bill.
$50K ÷ 0.08 = $625,000 required in LD Billing.... divide by $360 = 1,736 customers
If you have 2% market share 1,736 ÷ 0.02 = 86,800 population for that one income
United States population can support only 2,000 of these type salaries of $50K
What if you are only making 2% ? Answer: Don't even consider it

BEWARE If there really are millionaires, and they're selling this dream in hundreds of cities,
the money is coming from somewhere other than services rendered. Answer below

How many people do you know that can or would promote your business?

One out of fifty? ...One out of a hundred? Let's use a figure of one in fifty (2%).

You've seen that $100K requires 1.25 Million customers... there's a Rep for every 20 or, 62,500 Reps.
62,500 ÷ 0.02 = 3.125 Million applicants must be screened to build your sales staff.

Recruiting Income
Where might all that money come from? Simple. You ask everyone to enroll with $499

Let's say that 2% (more or less) may put their $499 in to join this business. Didn't you?

3 million X 0.02 X $499 = $30 Million... Fact: < 20% of those will work toward bonuses.

$30M X 0.80 = $24,000,000 to go around the club WOW! Let's recruit even more!

IF you qualify early enough, your enrollment is refunded, i.e. enroll $2,000 from Reps in 2-weeks, you're refunded that $499 enrollment. But here's a catch: IF everyone complies, the total of promised up-line bonuses exceeds the $499 enrollment fee. What makes up the shortage? Simple.
Most that join as a Rep are doing so merely for the promised residual income opportunity, and will not work toward their full bonuses. When they learn the magnitude of the challenge, most will walk away from their $499 and chalk it up to experience or foolishness. The significant money going up-line in the MLM comes from new recruits that fail. The MLM is gambling. You are gambling.

The plan inherently requires that more Reps fail than succeed....
A zero-sum game.

They said: "Make your money by recruiting, and if you get a Customer, that's good too."

Compare your effort to TV advertising by the "big" phone companies.
IF a single 30-second prime-time TV ad will reach 7.5-million viewers on an average airing, and
IF that ad costs 3-million dollars to produce and air 5-times: the cost for your competition to reach a potential customer or to reassure their existing customer is less than 10-cents each.
Your competition is speaking to each one of your customers every evening.
Long distance packages from SBC, Sprint, MCI, etc. are 500 minutes for $10 (2¢ per minute).
Many offer unlimited minutes for about $25/month.

ACN doesn't advertise. MLM sales staff charges Reps $499 for the privilege of promoting ACN.
Reps actually pay to promote, they may then fall out while their customer may remain.

Today's typical long-distance consumer will switch providers every two years.

The customer commissions in this program are merely a cover for the MLM structure.

Anonymous said...

2006 Screen Name: Rick A. from Florida

I will add my voice to this mess. I do not know if it will make a difference but if I can help even one person avoid what I went through with ACN it would be worth it! First let me start off by saying there are several ethical and worth while home based business out there not all are scams. I make my living working from home with an ethical and honorable company. Unfortunately I had to spend 6 years with ACN before I found a real home based business.

I was first introduced to ACN in March of 1995 by a very good friend. At that time in my life I was looking for something. I had been running a successful business in retail and manufacturing for 15 years and had accumulated a good sum of money had no debits but was ready for a change. 6 years later I had alienated some of my closes friends almost got divorced and went into debt to the tune of 200,000.00 Now before you jump to any conclusions let me explain how ACN lead me down this disasters path.

1) I did achieve success with ACN. I earned the 2nd highest level with the company in less the 18 months time and I had a few months where I made thousands of dollars. But that was almost all bonuses. This article (web site) is 100% accurate about the residual income. For 98% of those who join even those who work really, really hard even to the point of achieving a higher status then 99% of the people that join THERE IS NO MONEY on the residual side. Unless you have 10 of thousands of customers. You have got to be honest with your self how may people can build a business of 100,000 or 200,000 customers??

I had at my peak 15,000 long distance customer many of them where even using internet and energy services When I was getting paid my average residual check was 400.00 My friend who introduced me had almost 40,000 customers and his residual check was never more then 1000.00. and both checks drop like a rock becuase so many customers would switch off the service.. Here is the point to why ACN is a scam and how someone like myself could end up loosing hundred of thousands of dollars.

Here are the facts over 50% of the people who achieve the positions of RVP which takes a huge human scarify and is promoted as a life changes position with the company because of the income have left the company.. Think about that if RVP is such a gold mine why over the last 12 years have more the 1/2 of the RVP'S left the company. Many of them recognized as top money earners in the company. I will tell you the dirty little secret here it is that even with tens of thousands of customers there is NO MONEY there! Over 90% of the income even at that level for most of the reps comes from the bonuses and that means no matter what level you are at you need to recruit, recruit and recruit and if you ever stop recruiting bye-bye income!!

Here is another ugly truth when you go to the ACN conventions (and there are 4 a year I will share more about these in a few!) the "co founders" claim ACN is a level playing field that anyone who has the desire can be successful A LIE most of the top money earns in the company today where PAID to come on board or given sweet heart deals which unless you are bringing a huge group from another failed MLM company then good luck to you! Since leaving the company (in 2002) I have been made aware of dozen of these deals which all they did was enrich the owners of the company (ACN) and the one person getting all the perks the rest of the folks get to be out 500.00!!! What a lie when they tell a single Mom of 3 that she can become financially free at ACN and it is simply up to her desire to change her life.. I feel terrible about that one because I told thousands of people I spoke to across the USA and Canada as I built my ACN buinsses. If I had only known that it was not a level playing field! I could go on and on about the hype, the lies, the lawsuits but who has the time. You may ask how did a successful business man loose so much money in ACN. I guess many of you could say it was my own stupidity and I could not argue that part of that maybe true but my real mistake was trusting people. I work directly with several of the so called " top money earners" I worked with and was coached by some of the Co- founders of ACN and they told me over and over again that I just need to work hard talk to more people and I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams. SO when they said you need to quit your job and focus on your ACN business. I did! (my bad!) When they told me that the only way to make it to the top was to be at all the conventions because that is what all the top money earns did ( I of coarse did not know at that time about all the sweet heart deals they give those people) So i did I went 4 times a year.. Atlanta, Columbus, OH, Long Beach ,CA and the list goes on and on and on each trip costing 900.00 or 1000.00 or more! Yes I did make tons of good friends and boy did those pep rally really fire me up and make me feel good only problem was while I was feeling so good and buying into all the hype I was going broke because the harder I worked the less I earned. I guess many of you can ask why did I keep doing it if it was not working. Call it pride, I believe what they told me , ego. Who knows all I know is I am not alone. I left in 2002 as I have come in contact with dozens of former ACN followers including my friend who introduced me I found out all of us where in debit most had not lost any where near the kind of money I did but many only now in 2006 have been able to pay off the debits incurred during their ACN experience.

I could go on but what is the point. I have moved on and am slowing building back my savings and getting out of debit. At this point all I can do is hope to save others from this nightmare!!!! If you are in ACN or thinking about it ASK tons of questions.
You have a right to see peoples checks (do not buy into that garbage that reps can not show their checks that was another lie!)
Ask what happened to all the old RVP and Circle of Champions why did so many work so hard to get to that positions just to leave the company.
Ask about the sweet heart deals.
Ask who really owns ACN?
Ask what the average income is for all ETT ( they will never tell you that one!)
Ask what the average income is for all the TC ( good luck!)
Ask what the average income is for all the RVP ( Not just the top 10 money earners!)
Ask why are so many RVP fall out of qualification and why have so many been deactivated and last but not least when the company deactivates someone one and they have done that to hundreds of people over the years what happens to the income that the position that person spent years of their life building.. I will give you a hint it goes to ACN (or the 2 people who own 90% of the company...) I made my biggest mistake in life with ACN .. I hope I helped save at least one person! Some ACN people will say this is sour grapes I did not due the right activities long enough or hard enough. If that where true why have so many of the "Big Money earned left"??? Try to see ACN for what it really is It is all about the owners becoming richer and richer and richer..

Good Luck..

Rick in Florida - Contact: ab122297@yahoo.com

ExACNrep said...

I joined ACN in July of this year (07) after I was laid off of my job. It gave me hope and what was presented to me appeared to be a vehicle to create financial freedom. I grew to love the network marketing industry as a result of my involvement. I went through the effort of switching all my phone services and buying video phones so I could create more customer points. When I asked my friends and family to do me the "favor", I was told no and I alienated some very good freinds. They started to avoid me because I was too painful to be around. I was told by my upline to make a list of 100 people and was given "memory joggers" to help me to come up with those people. You are forbidden to market the phone service and acquire phone customers to a "cold market". Those customers are to be your warm market, only. On the other hand, you can offer the opportunity to anyone you may run across, so in that instance it's okay to approach a total stranger. So, you recruit others into the business and you have to pay 500 dollars, plus the renewal fee, plus monthly fees to keep your website and business running. They hold conventions every 3 months and while your at the convention they shove the registration form in your hand for the next one. The income made from your phone customers is next to nothing. The only way I made money was when I recruited people and so did my upline. As I mentioned before, I love the network marketing industry. However, I am very glad it took me only about 3 months to see that ACN is more of a pyramid scheme then a real business opportunity. I have since then joined other direct sales companies and am paid after I sell a product instantly. I do not have to build a downline. The only good thing I can say about my ACN experience is that the "entrepreneurial spirit" in me was unlocked and I was able to grow personally and my business also improved, not because I stuck with ACN, but because I left and stopped wasting my time and money. The ACN model may work for some, but not for most. I prefer to be myself and not have to stick to a script and use words like "help, favor, try" and play on other people's sympathy.

Anonymous said...

I've never read such grmatically maligned prose. Sadly, it's as if most, (but, thankfully, not all) contributors to this column struggle to write even at a grammar school level. The writings speak volumes about the writers. Please at least proofread your stuff before submitting it.

Anonymous said...

I have joined ACN and quit right away, something told me about this company that it was not right..
quick money and hard work some times do not go hand in hand..I also did some research about the way ACN pays its reps and and found this website..it is for information purposes only..


Thank you


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could post your year-end earnings (ACN only) and how long you've been with ACN?

After reading such a slanted view against the opportunity, it would be interesting to see how many different people really have found success - and how much of that comes from the recruiting bonus vs service residuals.

dd said...

ACN is a must do. i have been in the business since sept 2007. i am making over $7,000 a month. you have to work it like it is your own business, it you don't the money won't come. i am so tired of these negative people that probably, at most, sat on their couch or on their computer and expected the checks to come rolling in. i'm sure that they didn't. nobody said that it is not hard work, but it does pay off, if you work it. i am so glad that i didn't read some of these blogs or the negative articles before i signed up, because i wouldn't be able to spend more time with my children and grandchildren if i did. FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems as if all the pro-ACN comments are from people that are relatively new to the business. Would be interesting to see how much money they're making a year from now, or even 6-months from now. It is obvious that most people can not succeed at this for a very small percentage of people to make the big bucks!

Mad Hatter said...


I must agree with the posting on Dec. 26th that commented on the LOUSY spelling, grammar, and sentence structure of many of the blogs. I also wonder how many writers graduated 8th grade, and if they did, why they did not use the editor's simple spell-checker?

I wish to state that I knew nothing about ACN before reading this forum - however, I sold other MLM products and services when I was young, and it was embarrassing!! Yet, I have been a very successful custom software sales woman in my 30 year career. Try selling an expensive ($3-8M) commodity that doesn't even exist yet, and may take 2 years to build! No, I am not old - just experienced, and I love what I do.

One very common thread I see from those who are committed to ACN's community is the word "Hope." The dictionary notes that hope is both a noun and a verb. When used as a noun, it is a "feeling of expectation and desire - aspiration, wish, expectation, faith, dream" to name a few.

Hope is something we might "feel" from a doctor or perhaps, our church or close family. When we ask a corporate entity to fulfill our dreams, or happily hear promises that they Will answer our desires, it should send chills through the sensible person. Why? Because it often means that we are not in control of our own emotional situation, and are depending on someone or something else to save us when we ourselves cannot.

Whether someone is "coachable" or not often depends on that hope. The more hope we need, the more likely we are to disregard our other experiences, other people's advice - all those "negative vibs" we feel - and accept what we are told as unquestionable fact because it gives us Hope. Unfortunately, this applies to many other parts of our lives as well. Our fear, lack of self-confidence, or reliance on what has "always been" often undermines our ability to see things unemotionally. It is this very thing that MLM companies, car dealers, politicians and advertisers count on - our feelings and our fears.

Yet, these are the very situations where we need to stay focused and rational. We don't want to vote for the person with the best suit, nor buy a car we can't afford just to make us feel happy for a few months, and we certainly don't want to work where we must depend on "soft" relationships to earn a living based on HOPE. We'd need far too many agreeable relatives and friends to make this commission structure profitable month after month, year after year.

If you do the math, it's easy to see that making more than enough for a car payment a month is difficult, except for those at the very top of the pile. When the numbers don't work, neither will you. And those at the top aren't willing to share much, otherwise they won't stay at the top. This is as true at ACN as it is in corporate america, and is why they are 15 years old, making $500M a year, and still a privately held company. Unless it needs financing, it won't go public or offer stock.

One more thought (sorry this is so long), some bloggers say it's like a franchise, which is why it costs about $500 to buy-in. Every franchise I know offers the "owner" a territory - an area that is protected and belongs exclusively to them - an area where no other member can compete. (You don't see 3 Mickey-D's in a row!) Based on what I've read, this is a dog-eat-dog relationship where someone else can recruit your mother if they convince her first. That's no franchise!

I assume that ACN also helps its members to learn about all the local, regional and state licenses, fees, zoning regs., permits, etc. that members must have to sell goods and services from homes or businesses. I would expect that during business training, they also teach bookkeeping and accounting classes, how to track expenses and income, and the basics of tax preparation. None of the bloggers spoke about these realities of self-employment.

For those who find ACN agreeable, cheers! BUT - everyone - please have the maturity and self-confidence to be kind to those who disagree, and ACN'ers must understand that not everyone who leaves ACN or does not join is a lazy, worthless, couch-potato loser!! Cold-call sales are tough enough, but soft selling requires a person who can convince people they know to believe in the same dreams, and then find more dreamers to hold up the next levels.

Please - Give thanks for your blessings, Share them generously, and above all, Be Kind! We ALL have far more serious issues to debate. (Write me if you really need a list.)


Anonymous said...

There are so many people angry with ACN or so defensive over it. Both sides seems to have a lot of very passion behind it. My friend took me to one of the meetings trying to get me to join (which I didn't after research and a little math. They say that you make money through a percentage commission of the customers mouthy bill. Let me show you the numbers behind the business plan. In order to make, $35,000 a year, thats about average full time job. Based on their highest percentage of monthly commission which is 6% (level 7, which means you must of got around 256 people working under you as sales rep) of the customer's bill, the amount of customers you need to make that much money is 1,620 people paying $360 per year which isn't a lot if you already have 256 people working under you. But the thing is you're pretty might up on the top and you are only making $35,000 a year. I even gave them the benefits of the highest percentage. That would translate to 4,860 customer that is your direct customers. Or 38,888 indirect customers up to level 5. So it is true that you can make money off of it but the numbers tells us that you need to be doing a hell of a job, (Which is about 14 new direct customer per day for a year in order to make around $35,000 per year at the end of your first year). If you want to break even (the $500 that you pay to get in), you need to get around 70 direct customers for one year. Thats to just break even!! Chances are many of us are on the bottom and the source of new customers are already drain.

Also I big issue I would like to point out (this is through my understanding of the company so far). A lot of companies help customers save money by cutting out the middle man (the ones reselling the product and adding on an extra fee for himself). I don't understand how ACN would be able to save the customer money by reselling services of other big name companies (version, At&t... etc). I view ACN as being just a middle man, and its reps being a lot of middle men also, making money through commission of the customer's monthly bill. The percentage of a customer's bill at goes to different sales reps equal to around 10%, and thats just for sales rep. How much is it to ACN? Please e-mail me with an answer if someone knows more about this, I just dont understand. My email is blue2soccer@yahoo.com thankyou

Anonymous said...

I was in ACN. What a HUGE mistake. I worked my %!! off for many months, let alone the travel back and forth to Detroit. My direct upline she is a multi-millionaire. There service totally embrassed me in many ways. It sucked! On numourous ocassions ACN would totally screw up my "customers" orders. It isnt easy asking people to trust in another utility company, and once they decide to trust you ACN would leave my customers hanging sometimes days without long distance. DONT do it. ITs not worth the embrassment let alone the hope in something make believe.

T said...

So came across this website


Read it and then try and convince yourself that this being a part-time job will make you wealthy. if you work part-time, you make part-time. Good Luck

jenswippy said...

think of it this way, this company has been around since 1993, that's a long time, if it was so great and worked so well, everyone everywhere would know what acn is and be in on it. I had never heard of it until some lady I work with was telling me about it (she's an IR for acn). I asked people I knew if they had heard of it, they hadn't. One of my friends said "sounds like amway, beware they're like a cult, them people get weird, I should know my aunt and uncle would never shut up about it" haha anyways that's just funny but hey there is information on the web you can access to find out if it is in fact a good way to invest 500 of your hard earned dollars. I myself have drawn the conclusion that it isn't, it would take far way more work it sounds like, breaking even of the $500 "signup" fee not to mention the $149 annual fee cost plus $5.00 monthly fee, you'd have to be swindling lots of people in order to get that money back, no thanx. It's a pyramid scheme, maybe not illegal because they actually have customers but when it boils down to it they don't want customers, they want new recruits, that's how the money is made

Jay said...

First off, this has definitely been an "eye opening" topic. Personally, I've had nothing but highly disappointing experiences with, MLM, pyramid schemes, get rich quick schemes, or whatever you want to call them. I come from a working class family and as long as I can remember, my parents have attempted a ton of these "businesses". When times have gotten tough, and it was difficult to make ends meet, my parents have looked to these "businesses" as solutions. I know its exactly all the reason not to do so, but sometimes just the "hope" of success was just enough.

Their latest venture is the "infamous" ACN MLM. I'm old enough and knowledgeable enough now to distinguish what initially appears to be an innocent ray of hope from a road to a dead end. From my research, it looks like a dead end.

This site in particular comes to mind:

I know it has been referenced a few times already and has broad and maybe even biased statistics, but for the most part it gives you a general idea of how things at ACN and most corrupt MLM schemes work.

The thing that annoys me the most is the vague details of the ACN Independent Representative business plan. And no, being an ACN Independent Representative does not mean you're an employee or even a shareholder for that matter of ACN Inc. You're basically a middle man's middle man. Regardless of ACN's past, present, or future success, it is important to focus on the effectiveness of the MLM side of things. Other than the hard work, relentless optimism, and joe-shmoe dedication mumbo-jumbo, an upfront business plan with reasonable expected numbers crunched is not blatantly present and shouldn't be seen as an outlandish request. Upfront business practice is what separates a legit, promising MLM from just another pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, all the $500 dollars gets you is a vague promise of "financial freedom" and the limited personal experiences and knowledge of your "upline".

After browsing both the success and failure stories, it's apparent that strong views and varying personal experiences have skewed some points. But by far, the success stories have been less than useful. Most just spout the same old generic "business" success story that was due hard work, sticking to the "plan", and believing in the business and yourself. No statistics on earnings, actual time worked (put aside), reps gained, points, position, future, drawbacks, or struggles. The essentials aspects of any business venture. Everything always just seems hunky-dory. And please don't give me the ol', "It's not a get rich quick scheme, its a solid 2+ year plan." When reps are not the major source of income, I'll think otherwise. Until then, I'm callin' bull.

If anyone knows some links to any unbiased ACN experiences that don't "cleverly" try to solicit ACN, please send them my way.

Anonymous said...

I read through many blogs for and against ACN and what I found is those against is have too much time on their hands. My husband and I just got started, have already been to an international event and met the co-founders of the company. Never once did I hear any reps or say or imply you can make a lot of money fast. I'd rather make money slowly then never at all. As for the $499, it's a small price to pay for a million dollar opportunity.We have had several businesses and have yet to find one that compares to ACN.

To all responses against ACN, quit being a dream squasher. I suppose playing the lottery is a better option...? I'd rather take a chance on hard work and effort rather than blowing hard earned money to some gambling vice! Or maybe going to school for 12 years is a better option? I'd rather work hard for 2-5 years then be a slave to education and debt.

Keep the dream alive no matter what your goals in life are! A quote I love,"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually who are you not to be? . . .

Anonymous said...

One more thing...if ACN is a scam and a pyramid then so is Mary Kay, Jafra, Isagenix and so on...

Anonymous said...

ACN is a scam! Donald Trump is in on the scam, FCC regulators in 19 different companies are in on it too! The only ones not involved in the scam are the ones saying it's a scam! Is my point clear?

Anonymous said...

FCC regulators in 19 different countries...

Jay said...

"To all responses against ACN, quit being a dream squasher. I suppose playing the lottery is a better option...? I'd rather take a chance on hard work and effort rather than blowing hard earned money to some gambling vice! Or maybe going to school for 12 years is a better option? I'd rather work hard for 2-5 years then be a slave to education and debt."

12 years of schooling? I hope you are referring to primary and secondary education. Anyone with half a brain can state that hard work is the key to success. Anyone without a brain would claim "hard work" through ACN is a better choice than "education and debt".

What is your definition of hard work? Is it building a customer base of over 5,000+ people just to make that of a part-time burger flipper? Or is it to build a downline of 100+ reps each with 10+ customers so you can earn your "bonus" money to make that of a part-time burger flipper? If that's your idea of hard work, than I completely agree.

If "bonuses" is the main income and not the advertised freedom of "residual income", than it is not MLM, it is a pyramid scheme!

As I already stated, like most previous ACN supporters, your comments are so vague and redundant to the point of being nothing but a waste of space. How is ACN going to be a reliable income solution in 1 month, 1 year, 3 years, heck even 10 years from now? Whenever allocating your time and money into a business venture there should be realistic goals and futures down the line.

To end with a quote, from me... "Steal $499 from a man, your rich for a day. Teach other men to steal $499, your rich for a lifetime."

Marnie said...

Jay, I honestly feel sorry for you...I personally have seen a check for $250000 from our coach...You can stay a POW (prisoner of work)if you want but I choose freedom.

As to hard work...it may take me 100 people to talk to to find one that will do the same thing. That is hard work...it's an emotional roller coaster!!! But the rewards are worth it!

As for the pyramid scheme...if it were one do you think Donald Trump would endorse the company? Also, why would the publishers of Success magazine have a cover page of ACN on their magazine if it was illegal? I suppose in traditional business it's not a pyramid? Who gets paid the most...? That's right the people at the top...CEO's ect...Whatever your personal issues are leave them to yourself. You really don't know what you are writing about. Why not inform Donald Trump,FCC regulators in 19 countries, all the wireless companies we network with, such as At&t, Sprint, and Direct TV that they may be illegal and supporting an pyramid scheme!!! I think not, they would laugh at you!!!

Marnie said...

One more thing...my own father said the same thing about 3,5, and 10 years from now and you have got to be kidding!!! Any company can go under...just look at Enron and the fragile mortgage industry. With all the out-sourcing to India, no job is secure. I'd rather have a few fun years with ACN then the normal grind of $60,000 a year.

Jay said...

Your remarks humor me. I would say I feel sorry for you, but I don't. I do not know you. A few blog posts does not define ones character or life for that matter.

My posts are blunt for a reason. They're to get straight to the facts to inform others reading, hence this being a "blog". You can take or leave my advice. I'll loose no sleep over it.

I completely understand your points. I come from a low-middle income family of the hard working class. My 48 year old father makes $12.00 per hour for goodness sake! My parents make a combined $55,000 a year. That's with overtime, relentless hard work, and little vacation and relaxation. That hard earned money went toward mortgage, bills, unexpected events, and to support a family with 4 kids.

Unfortunately, desperate measures call for desperate times. My parents have fell "victim" to many business ventures. Amway, Alpine, GoldQuest, you name it, they've pursued it. Although my parents have great family and friends, they are all easily swayed to take risky "business" ventures. Granted, my parents knew what they wanted and were not giving away their money blindly, to an extent. When you put in 40+ hours of hard work a week, with low income, and a family to support, any business touting "financial freedom" will of course look like an almighty answer to your problems.

Have my parents been financially ruined to a point of no recover by these ventures? No. Have they truly enjoyed most of the experiences including time with family and friends, and the hope in its self of achieving success? Yes. Have they succeeded to the point where the return in income was worth the effort? No. Could that money and time spent have been "invested" or used elsewhere? Perhaps.

There is no doubt that my parents enjoyed most of the experiences. Heck, just the thought of an actual alternative to a drab 9-5 job alone may have been worth the investments. Does that mean the only answer for hope is to throw your money at networking marketing businesses?

To quote the Donald himself, "Know your business." The problem isn't that people are signing up as ACN reps not knowing that it will take hard work. The problem is that majority are signing up without being informed of the extent of hard work that is required. Knowing that ACN is a reputable distributor of wireless plans, digital phone service, local and long distance calling, and DirecTV is not enough! That is not the issue and should not be the focus of an ACN rep. I cannot stress that enough. Of course you want to know the product your promoting but you want to know the internal business structure as well. Basically you want to know how you are going to get paid? How much money is expected to be earned? And, how much time's needed?

For example, lets say your applying for a new job at Target. Since you already know Target's a reputable company and the products they sell, what else would you need or want to know? The rate at which your are going to be paid of course! You'll also want to understand the requirements and expected work from the position. After obtaining all the required information, you would determine if the position was for you. How would you decide? I would compare the earnings to the work load requirement.

It's baffling to realize how many people sign up for network marketing positions and disregard the fundamentals they've applied to jobs their whole life. Sure, I know their are reasons for everything. It takes research, both internal and external advice and experiences, and most importantly time. Not everyone has the knowledge to research or completely understand how everything works. Not everyone has the time. So if you don't have the knowledge, what do you go off of? Trust, hope, and desperation. It's sad to say, but that is part of business. People take advantage of that. I know that is not always the case, but for the most part it is, especially in network marketing.

The ideal case would to be well-informed of the ins and outs of ACN from the start. Before investing, yes investing, your time and money, you should "know your business" from the start. If you are blessed with the time and resources to research or have an informative upline, then you should be better off than most. If your upline is not well trained or better yet, "bonus" hungry, your most likely to fall by the waste side or even worse, develop their bad business practice. But business ethics is another whole story in it's own.

My solution is to inform ACN members and those interested in ACN how exaclty, unbiased, everything works. I plan on putting together a collection of information like:


Honestly, that page of information is insightful, but too biased and ignorant at points. I will explain the ins and outs of ACN, it's MLM structure, Compensation Plan, commission, residual income, etc. It's really inconvenient, even sad for that matter, that ACN does not provide you with blatant samples of expected income returns. I will be sure to include well detailed sample income projections including time/money invested versus return. By simply providing a variety of different projections of realistic cases will help not only current ACN members what's to be expected, but to inform those thinking of committing their assets to ACN or any other MLM.

Thankfully, although my parents come from the working class and do pursue these side-businesses, they have their heads on straight. They've instilled the importance of a higher education to provide me with hard work ethics, knowledge, strong character and a broad horizon of career opportunities.

When ACN promoters state that hard work is the key to success in ACN, it's not only naive and misleading, it's ignorant. I know what hard work is, I've been blessed with two of the hardest working people I know. Most people commit to being ACN reps are indeed hard working individuals. But for the most part, they are also misinformed, mislead, and/or improperly trained. Providing someone with the "opportunity" to work hard and be successful is useless if you never provided them with the tools to succeed in the first place.

Marnie said...

Jay, I completely agree with some of your comments. We focus on the compensation plan when we tell others about the opportunity. I agree that some ACN reps have not been improperly trained and have led some down the wrong path. I have good friend who joined 10 years ago and basically was left by herself to work the business. But I have seen too many success stories to believe it won't work for the average or even below average person. There are lawyers, doctors and hamburger flippers that are doing ACN full-time now, so it does work with the right training, determination, and tools.

Anonymous said...

I have just joined and after reading this I am fearful and confused. Would you enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

Check this out, I am in the insurance business and I received a referral to an ACN Regional Vice President. After I wrote him a policy I he began to go on about how much money he makes, picture of his private jet, his Black Titanium American express card, his statements that he makes $180,000 per month, which ironically I astonised by because he was giving me a hard time about a $350/month health insurance premium. Anyways, he is a very good salesman, but so am I. ACN is a joke. I couldnt get him to give me any straight answers about any of the details. He kept trying to get me to sign up. Anyways, I am smart enough to see through the B.S. Everyone Beware!!

Anonymous said...

if was so easy to make money we didn't spend our time to work and if the acn services and customer service was so excellente everybody wanna work at ACN. you have just looking google who many person wanna work in this co.

Anonymous said...

I was a rep and felt something wrong with it. It was kinda cultish, and the answers to my questions never made sense. Not that it matters much or makes me biased, but for myself, my upline screwed me out of customers that I obtained and put them under some one else to get their bonuses.

The main thing people should understand is that 95% or so in it never make any money. Are you willing to screw over the majority of people out of $500, plus an additional 150 or so every year, like a single mom struggling? Yes, yes, its up to her right? Well, it still comes down to the statistics, you can't change that, 95% won't make money, will lose 500 as well as their respect for you. Ask them where the money for the bonuses come from, the answer, the recruitment fee of 500, which is correctly defined as a pyramid scheme.

Besides, one correctly implemented good idea can make you way more money without losing your morals or becoming an ACN clone.

Anonymous said...

I joined ACN on july 2006. After 6 months I quit my mortgage broker job. Last year working ACN full time from march to december, I made 97 000$.

I am at the level of TC and very close to RVP 3 stars now. My residual income is now over 1000$ per month and it is growing of about 50-80$ per month since the last 6 months. Wich means I will be making over 3000-4000 residual in less than 12 months from now.

This is a great company but you have to be a winner and work hard.

Anonymous said...

I am from Quebec Canada and ACN is apparently sweeping across our country. I have a brother in law and my mother in law who have joined this supposedly wonderful company. (They have joined every pyramid you can think of including AMWAY) (Never made a cent) They came to our house to show us their product. I would like to know why the reps can never disclose what it is they want to show us over the phone. It is such a huge secret. I'll tell you why....the elelment of surprise. Because if they tell you what they are selling before they get to your house and you have a chance to look into it before they get there...you will have too many questions they they don't have the answers for. Because my husband and I didn't buy into this "business opportunity" we have been cut off from the family. Even missing her grandson's first birthday. What kind of opportunity is this if people are willing to give up their friends and family. They attend weekly meetings and a special monthly meeting for ACN. They are completely brainwashed. What I can't get over is that on the ACN site the diagram is clearly a pyramid. I understand that everyone is looking to make money....but trust me this is not the way. They talk about job security...what happens to everyone once ACN has all the customers they need....what happens if the top guys decide to pull out....everyone under them will have worked their butts off and have nothing in the end. I have to say that some of the entries on this page suggest that if you do not agree with ACN that you are some kind of uneducated person. I think that it is the opposite. I think that it is the uneducated that are more likely to sign up in this scam....because once you take your blinders off and you really add up the figures it is as plain as the nose on your face. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Quebec, you are harsh! I'm from Orange County and I am not an ACN Rep, but am considering it. This opportunity is like any business venture~a roller-coaster ride. And, yes it may seem like a slap in the face to your in-laws that you are not interested in their venture. You could have just accepted the product/services since you spend money on phone/internet services anyways. (You typed in this blog using the internet didn't you?) It's not like purchasing something new that you would shove in your cabinet until you threw it away because it expired. I am certain that ACN wouldn't condone their behavior as far as "cutting you off from the family." This is their personal choice so I think that there was some emotional baggage prior to ACN. (Get a therapist.) Your statement, "I think that it is the uneducated that are more likely to sign up in this scam" is outlandish. I have my bachelor's and a master's degree and work in education. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who already works full-time to begin a part-time job starting with a few hours a week. Rome wasn't created in a day. It just goes to show that you are afraid of hard work and afraid of success.

F Acn I said...

ACN has taken my brother and my best friend from me. They have been brainwashed if your thinking of joining ACN don't do it you will lose all your friends and family. I'm not saying ACN can"t work but only the top 1% make it. It takes a special type of person and take a closer look at the numbers and you will see it takes alot of hard work and lots of time.

Anonymous said...

It's me from the OC. You stated, "ACN has taken my brother and my best friend from me. They have been brainwashed if your thinking of joining ACN don't do it you will lose all your friends and family." I haven't joined ACN, but I find this hard to believe. Are they holding them in captivity? Did they threaten your brother and best friend? Did they sign a contract that they are to lose contact with all family and friends if they do not sign up with ACN? I strongly believe that this was their decision and they were not coerced into separating themselves from the people they care about and who care about them. If you care about them, you can wish them luck in their venture and let them know that you are simply not interested and are not the "networking" type. There are certain people cut out for certain jobs. They must be strongly interested in enterprising (persuading and selling), where you are not. However,in my research of ACN and my educational background, I find that the whole "helping others succeed" business of ACN to be a falsehood and extremely misleading. You cannot help others succeed in an MLM if they do not have the true interest in this line of work. One needs to gather more information about themselves (identifying their interests, values, skills) prior to joining. They need to ask more questions as well.

One of the previous blogs had great questions:
"You have a right to see peoples checks (do not buy into that garbage that reps can not show their checks that was another lie!)
Ask what happened to all the old RVP and Circle of Champions why did so many work so hard to get to that positions just to leave the company.
Ask about the sweet heart deals.
Ask who really owns ACN?
Ask what the average income is for all ETT ( they will never tell you that one!)
Ask what the average income is for all the TC ( good luck!)
Ask what the average income is for all the RVP ( Not just the top 10 money earners!)
Ask why are so many RVP fall out of qualification and why have so many been deactivated and last but not least when the company deactivates someone one and they have done that to hundreds of people over the years what happens to the income that the position that person spent years of their life building?"

Nevertheless, my interests strongly lie in helping others and being creative within a helping environment/setting, therefore I decided that I cannot be an ACN clone. I know myself too well and if I am going to own and run my own business, I will have to do it on my terms, my way, and not follow someone else's script or directions. It is too rigid and narrow minded for me. I have not come this far in my life with two educational degrees, a husband and kids, to have someone else dictate to me what I should and should not say. Everyday I have the opportunity to help people find what they are passionate about and gear them in the right direction. I help them find their dream job. I have found that this is the opposite of what ACN is doing. They are finding people to encourage others to go into business, where approximately only 15-30% of the population are actually interested in doing this and a lesser percentage are even succesful at it. I have decided that I do not have the time, nor the strong interest in exercising this networking experience, since it is more than just selling product/services. I am much more powerful than that while working in my full-time position. I love my job!!!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible company. I have an amazing residual income and my wife was able to stop working and stay home and raise our children. Best thing that has ever happened for us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Orange County,
I'll tell you why I did not sign up.....ACN is much more expensive than my current telephone and internet service provider. I say "Live and let live". If you want to join.....go ahead....but why do these reps have to continue to badger and pressure this service on others.

As far as your concern for our mental or emotional health.....everything was fine between our family and my husband's family. No therapist required...thanks anyway.

Do one thing for me....look into the figures of what you think that you will be making with ACN. Really look into it. We did because we really didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to make money. After completing our research and really adding up the time and the figures...its absolutely absurd. No money to be had here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on ACN I shall pass it on to all I know. Went to a meeting and asked many questions. They were having a hard time in answering many of them. In fact they seemed a little uncomfortable about the way they tried to answer the questions I asked. It seemed to me that they were trying to make you feel guilty about not joining in with their fortune. As I watched the video it only showed wealthy people working at this. It did not show were they came from and how they got to the place they are at this time. My question is how many of these so called ACN reps are wealthy from this company?????

RecessionProof said...

I can't believe I sat here and read every post! This discussion is amazing...and passionate indeed!

I have been an ACN representative for 10 years this month.

And I must admit I am embarrassed by some of the comments that other representatives have made.

I'd also like to add that ALL of the concerns others who are against the company are valid.

The interesting thing is the same issues, as stated several times, does just start and end with ACN. Unfortunately praying on the weak has become the sales tactic for many other networking companies and representative.

I believed someone mentioned training (or lack of it) was a problem, as well as brain washing, and not asking "skills assessment" questions.

That is all true!

Put aside the idea of ACN actually being a scam (depending on your definition), the perception can't all be wrong.

Let me explain.

We present something to someone that is suppose to be "a great business" but are trained to use smoke and mirrors just to get people to "see the plan"... and there's definitely to much talk about the money and and about product for it not to be perceived as a scam.

Plus, with all the focus on recruiting we attract the "needy" instead of the business savvy that will not stand for the vague explanations and half truths of "anyone can do this business".

Thats why late last year I decided to stop going to any of the formal events including the almost mandatory International event where Donald Trump was the speaker (YIKES).

Although I still have a distributorship with the company I have stopped the madness of chasing my family and friends, the 3 foot rule of harassing complete strangers and verbally assaulting the people who don't join the business.

I realized I was giving others false hope and perpetuating a fraud by using the hype, "JACKED out of my mind" everything is "Hunky Dory") promises of big bucks.

Now I just tell people up front what type of person they have to become to get exactly what they want based on a personalized plan based on their skill level, time, money and mindset.

I've made every mistake that other well meaning but inexperienced rep is doing here in defense of my beloved ACN. I've sang that song for many a year until I found out the real problem:

Network Marketing is largely perused by people who don't know how to market nor how to network.

The companies themselves have nothing in place to teach it either... they know most won't stick around long enough to learn it many because many are on their last dime and don't have the time nor interest to learn it.

Then the reps are taught to strut around and vomit their "miracle" on everyone they run into regardless of whether that person is interested or even qualified?

How can you sell a business of any magnitude ,really, to just any Tom Dick or Sally?

I actually have more customers and sponsor more reps effortlessly when I stopped doing things the way I've been brain washed to by supposed well meaning uplines and doing the complete opposite... and I'm not alone.

Even though it's the same business (ACN) I no longer sell hope to desperate, nor do I insult educated professionals with "used car sales" antic nor insults to "nay sayers". Instead I market desirable skill sets to entrepreneurs.

I've educated myself on how to evaluate any business and learned real marketing, copywriting advertising, human behavioral skills, etc. Now I teach that to others regardless of what company or product they are selling, MLM, ACN or otherwise.

I mention nothing of ACN unless they specifically request to work with me because they have confidence in their own skills and believe working with me makes sense since I've already offered value.

A real win-win situation! I love it and I enjoy empowering people and not having to pressure anyone.

It's mainly because people now approach me and I can provide real solutions instead of just pitching a business opportunity which is usually just another problem when you aren't equipped to become successful in the 21 century.

And lastly, Jay, I hope you get this but I would like to help you with your project of uncovering! I think it's a great idea. The more objective we become the clearer decisions everyone will make because we can be emotionally mature and detached from the outcome.

Malika Duke

Anonymous said...

Dear Malika Duke,
I was wondering if you could explain to me why so many people have lost contact with their families over acn. If you gead my blog...I am from Quebec with the mother-in-law and brother-in-law who have completely cut us off from the family because we did not want to embark on their acn ride. They attend weekly acn meetings in our region. Again...I have to ask: "What kind of Grandmother turns her back on a 3yr old and a 1yr old because their parents don't want to join?" I don't understand what is so amazing about this company.
Why do the reps say that acn is taking over their phone company? I called my phone company and they said that they are in no partnership with acn. I just don't understand: If a product is so good, why do the reps lie, and pressure everyone so much. If it is so good.....people should be wanting to join.
Please shed some light please.
Angela from Quebec Canada

Anonymous said...

I too just sat and read all of the postings. Wow, quite overwhelming.

Go back and read Rick in Florida's posting on October 25, 2007. He influenced my decision the most. The most worthwhile posting within this grouping is his, by far.

I just signed up to be a representative yesterday, and I am mailing in my Notice of Cancellation today.

I was convinced into doing so much that I would never have done in my right mind. All I have to say is if you want to do this, be Oh So Careful that you are not conned into doing things you wouldn't have otherwise done in your right mind. Stay sharp-minded, and realize that these people who are "above you" most likely just want to make money off of you. The whole ACN opportunity seems like a great idea, but you really need to get into the right team if you do it. My team totally conned me. I was played. So make sure you get with the right people and that you trust them Without a Doubt! That is so important. Words can't explain how important this is.

This company teaches you to all think alike and head toward a common goal, but bottom line, there will always be greedy people out there who are absolutely only in it for their own personal gain. So watch out!

Many people told me that this is a way to work hard for a few years, and then sit back and watch the money flow in. Not true. If you really wanna see the money "flow" in, you need to make this your full-time job. I now see this, after watching how my supposed "team" worked things. If you have the desire to do this, and the will power to make this your full-time job, go for it. But I strongly advise against it if you even have the slightest doubt in your mind.

Anonymous said...

ACN is one of the Most TOXIC scam's on the planet! If You heard My story ,"It has Destroyed My Marriage and Family.richardcrafton@cavtel.net

Incognitio said...

I, too was tricked into this crap and by a friend who said this is great and I'm already making money. Later she slips and says, I haven't made any money yet, but we are committed to doing this. She buys a new car to look impressive and says ACN is buying it. She is loosing her house, but is flying to Detroit because she is told you must !!!! go to seminars and Sat. training. You must give up to get . I have now lost $ 500.00 and some friends who are affraid to talk to me for fear I might bring up ACN or are feeling akward because they didn't sign up and let me down. I never wanted any of my friends to feel that way. When I signed up I wasn't told until after I paid the money that I had to get qualified with points. I had cell in contract and it would be $ 200.00 to cancel it. So next it was buy the video phone and the Website Manager and switch Satellite service so I did.I had been a Rep for 1.5 weeks or so when the new phone was announced and realized I have just baught an obsolete phone. ACN offered different prices for ACN Reps based on howlong you had been with ACN. My price for thr up grade to the new Iris 3000 would be $ 145.00 after I had just spent $ 100.00 for the Iris 2000 I was pretty pist because I can't market an out dated phone and walking around with an obsolete product is just stupid. The phone was free to new customers and it should of been to new Reps if you havd just strated, I shrugged it off and started to talk to family and the "A" list which I thought was very to refer to people that way and degregating and then the "B" list was next. I followed the must duplicate like a pod person like in invasion of the body snatchers. I got no bites ! everybody was in contract and were smarter than me to see this was not a good or doable reality. And they followed what I have always followed until I saw the subliminal rope you in C.D. " Dont Do Business With FRIENDS" ! I signed up in June and finally got 3 cell phones sold 2 weeks ago but no partners and my husband wasn't going to sign up until I had at least one partner which I felt was fair as we just shelled out alot of money. Well no bites so my sponsor put somebody she ropped in under me and then said, okay I have somebody under you, now all you need is one more and she's already got people ready to go so get hubby on board and qualified so her people will make you money as an ETT. I told my hubby and he said, well, let's wait and see what she does. So much for 24 hours, it's been 3 weeks and she's not qualified has no reps under her and is evading the person who put her under me. My sponsor than says well get hubby going at least and I'll work on her. I reminded her that our cells are in contract for months yet. She said, tell him just pay the damn $ penalty and get going. Hell no ! ACN is not going to take us to the cleaners. It's coming up on the holidays and ACN is having an EVENT in Dec for three days at an early bird cost of $ 109.00 at Christmas time. Recently a Rep who is a TC in Northern california told a story about how he was brought in to ACN but doesn't know if she is still in the business. Huh, I thought he isn't even in touch with the person who gave him this wonderful OPPORTUNITY ? I thought that odd. These people claim they have more time with their families when ? during school they are in school the kids that is. Reps have meetings 24/7 usually 6/8/10 then you call on conference calls any given day of the week and usually about 10 at night. Sats are a must so that day is out for family so when do you have time for family.I at least had the sense not go to Detroit or any other seminars where more of our money is exponged from us. Some of the big wigs are doing meetings in Los Angeles and charging anywhere from 25.00 to 75.00 to hear them do a presentation. If they are so RITCH and they want their peons to help them stay ritch why are they charging money to hear them speak.They should be doing it for free as it's their lifes blood at stake. All I can say, is the Modesto isn't going to continue for long because people are dropping like flies. I only lost about $ 1000.00 when you figure in the Website manager. and if I add the cost of the video phone for the next 2 yrs. it will be more of course. I can't cancel because I will have to pay $ 200.00 deactivation fee. I am quitting this fiasco today and at least I know the so called friend who got me into this won't be getting any resdiduals the company will. Just don't believe this will be your salvation to riches and don't take your friends to the cleaners. The only realy way to make money is to stay away from ACN

Anonymous said...

I'm from Australia & ACN has been here for about 4 yrs. I joined ACN about 14 months ago. I thought it was a great opportunity to make some money & leave my job. I have learned alot about ACN since then.

ACN is not a scam its a legit company offering you money for obtaining customers & getting other ppl to sign up aswell. I do know that you have to work very hard tho to make money in the company. I haven't been able to get anyone to join ACN so thats means no money for me. I do have a total customer base bringing in about $200 per month. I have made about $8 from that in 14 months.

There is far too much focus on the ppl above you. Most of the money goes to them. If you can't find other ppl to join ACN the company pays you very little & as such you find yourself with very little incentive to keep going with ACN.

You have to pay $165 per yr to continue being with ACN. You have to pay $5 to $10 everytime you attend training. You have to pay to attend major events as well, which are very inspiring.

If ACN paid you 7% on your customer bills instead 7% to your up line you would be able to make yourself some visible money & that would be a great incentive to keep going. But its not like that.

I am not going to renew being a rep with ACN. I dont feel confortable introducing ACN to ppl when most ppl will fail. I dont like the annual fee & dont think I should have to pay for training when I'm not making enough money to cover it after 14 months. There are alot of ppl who make alot of money with ACN. If you have the energy & are prepared to put in alot of effort you could be one of those ppl.

I had alot of energy & time for ACN at the start. But with all the knock backs that faded.

I am now going to try something else but I am glad I did try ACN as its made me better informed about business opportunities. Its just not as easy as it looks.

If they remove the annual fee of $165 & get rid of or substantially reduce the start up fee of $495 then I could consider it again as I wouldn't feel bad to introduce it to others who may not do so well in the future with ACN.

From Australia

Eric said...

I was recently invited to a friends house for "An unbelievable financial opportunity", what is it? I asked, "You'll see when you get here" It was an ACN promotion, starts off with a video with Donald Trump endorsing, (oh boy) Then a woman speaking on behalf of the program, cover pages showing the levels of opportunity (very faded, could not be read) stating that a minimal $12,000.00 would be made every month, at the end of her spiel, I identified it as being a Pyramid and asked if that what it was, "Oh no! We consider it a spider web" I asked what ACN stood for, neither rep could tell me, OK lets see the phone work, they spent 30 minutes trying to operate it, total failure. Show me your checks! "Can't do"
My close friend and his wife were flabbergasted that I was asking all these questions that were never answered, cost of combining utility bills, how much do I save? Then the magic question, they needed $500 from me to get me going. (Hmmmm) Out of 15 people, I was the only one asking questions. They wanted me out, and a nasty phone call the next day telling me they didn't appreciate the badgering I gave to their Reps.
Its true, people are like sheep and will follow along even though their headed off a cliff.
I guess I have lost a close friend that I always admired BUT, I still have my $500, and want to thank the folks who contributed to this post, very helpful.
Eric Johnson

Anonymous said...

Watching the video/infomercial on an old friends MySpace, I was eerily reminded on a Evangelical Christian video for recruiting and retaining potential born agains. Utterly scary and sad. However, like religion, I imagine ACN has a place for those who are looking for easy answers to life's difficult questions.

Obviously, it is not a successful business strategy. If it was everyine would be doing it. It is, however, a place of community, guidance and unfortunately gimmicky mind control- Scientology, Mormonism, Johova Witness, The Secret, etc.

Besides, 500 is a cheap buy in in comparission to the others above...

Anonymous said...

I did a little inartful organized religion bashing in my previous post. Thus, I figured I’d make my point with a more simple and succinct example.

Rule Number One based on an empirical existence of the human species is “NEVER do business with family and friends.”

Rule Number One of ACN “Do business with family and friends, first and foremost.”

Get it, Got it, Good.

Anonymous said...

Hi my wife joined acn has a rep ....I juat want to warn everyone this has turned into a real nightmare..she signed up for a video phone and was billed three times for the same service a month ...to help her out i decided to get myself one also ,that was back in october after one month i finally recived my phone that was defective had to send it back called acn told me they going to send another still waiting for that one ..since october im being billed for two telephone connections and still no phone..giving them my credit card number was letting them open my wallet to take my money whenever they want... buyer beware ...Ive spent hours on the phone just trying to get this staightened out this is crazy...not to mention our family and friends have stop talking to us because they have similar problems..since my wife became a rep were under for over thousand dollars...they promised big bonus checks told her in a few weeks she would get a check for 3 thousand dollars what a load of crap the only one makin money outa all this are the ones at the top of the pyramid....ps do yourself a favor stay away from this croc company and keep your friends and family they dont deserve this trouble know one does. I regret the day I heard about acn...

Anonymous said...

I am being approached by a couple of friends in acn. I am still a little skeptical, that's why I'm doing research. I have one question; If ACN representatives make so much money, why aren't they willing to pay(loan) $500 so sign up their "friends?"

Anonymous said...

I went to a ACN meeting and was disappointed despite of the pretty video phone: 1-you must pay 500 dollars upfront 2-the model seems to recruit other people rather than just selling for yourself or taking pride in the product. It seems too money oriented and also i fear that the vast majority
of 'distributors' is just enriching the top players (500 dollard times n sheeps shall i call it)

Anonymous said...

ACN is a cult, plain and simple, there is no way around that. I see it from the minions posting on this blog, using the typical catchphrases and other BS people like Provenzano and Larry Raskin feed them. I'm not saying you can't make money from ACN, you can, but to me it's not worth it ripping off and alienating those you care about. If that's you than more power to ya.

I was an ACN rep in late 2004. It became huge in the Buffalo/Niagara area and one of the main targets was college students like me. I live in Erie, PA about 100 miles away. A friend from my gym approached me about it one day. It seemed like a good idea, i bought into it. I just graduated from HS and took a year off, so i had the $500 saved up and thought i'd get rich before i started school again.

The experience was embarrassing, my friend's upline was abrasive and annoying. He was a bad 80s movie stereotype. My friends laughed at me but I was resilient (sp). I even told them I would be "loaded" in 6 months. I wasted gas and money driving to Buffalo for "meetings" and having to spend $10 JUST TO GO TO THEM. The meetings were nothing but pep talks. My friend who signed me up for it was pretty much out of it after a month. He decided not to go to the national meeting cuz he didn't want to take time out of his real job which he loved to do.

I plopped down more money for the international meeting. That was when I saw what a joke this really was. The meeting was in Anaheim, we stayed in a nice hotel and had to eat at expensive places (I payed for my own meals, you would think my "rich" TC upline would treat, like in a normal business).

The conference was hell, I was literally freaked out by the behavoir of some of the people there. This was clearly a cult. They cheered Greg Provenzano and Spencer Hunn like they were some sort of God (I didn't even know who these guys were 2 months before).

The guy that really turned me off was Larry Raskin (I know I'll get sh-t on from ACN reps for this). His whole speech was about working "8 to faint" and "'piquing' 5 people a day to sell under. Wasn't the point of the company personal freedom. The pitch to me was that the company was "part-time" work and "home based." What a bunch of lies. The food prices were also outragoues at the Anaheim convention center. Also, at the hotel, my upline was constantly on the phone "piquing." What freedom?

I walked out of the convention before it ended and was disgusted. I hopped a train to San Diego to visit friends. A few days later my up-line called me and started hassling me about the national conference. I told him I would be back in school and not able to make it. He kept pestering me and telling me i was a bad person/rep for not going. And he gave me all these stupid analogies to try to talk me into it. I even had to change my credit card number cuz i knew he had it and didn't trust him. At least I got to see California.

When I came back I realized it was a cult and quit. My up-line still bothered me about it, I stopped answering...HE EVEN CALLED ON CHRISTMAS DAY. I hadn't heard from him in months and one day I was driving in Pittsburgh and he called me anonymously and I picked up, I got lost from the distraction and hung up on him.

Five years later, the friend from the gym STILL apologizes to me about getting me involved at ACN and recently he told me our upline went back to his old job (they are no longer friends). I'm glad he realized what he was doing was wrong. So, unless you like being in a cult of greed, please stay away.

JWest0926 said...

ACN is a decent system, however I do feel they are out of integrity about the income opportunity.

I am a full time Network Marketer, I also network market a cell phone opportunity where we give away free phones through a JV with Verizon's Network, we are the biller and do pay a 10% residual on personal customers, and up to 4% of your heirarchy 8 Levels deep.

I'd love to discuss the differences in compensation with anyone, give me a call, Jonathan West 702.349.4558

Anonymous said...

I have been reading all of the posts the past 2 hours. I have been presented with an opportunity to get involved with ACN, I am still not sure.
I believe in honesty and integrity along with dedication and hard work.
The reason that I am interested at all in this company is because of the challenge. I am not that interested in making a substantial amount of money, and I enjoy my occupation as a health care worker because I get help people every day.
After reading the posts, I noticed alot of ACN personnel sounded similar, and a little cultish.
Really, all I am interested in is an additional income oppurtunity that would help in paying off various debt. I would only be interested in pursuing this for about 1-2 years.
Is ACN for me?

On a side note, there was a comment about evangelical christians. I am a dedicated Christ follower, not because of what is in it for me, but because the Bible is the truth. Like everything I pursue, I study it and question it before I am "sold" on it. So, I would encourage that every person to do the same. Look at the history of Isreal, Look at Isaiah 53, the entire chapter speaks about Jesus Christ's crucifiction 700 years before Jesus was ever born.
Please, with anything in life, search out the truth, not just something to believe in.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



XE7EN said...

I.... don't know if this has been said before, but...

Many of the pro-ACN'ers sound like they're voicing the same thing. As if their personal perceptions of the company are duplicated and coached to say the same things and to not think differently. Like some kind of doctrine.

Kind of reminds me of Christianity.
They all keep telling you the 'same thing'.

Don't be a couch potato.
Be coachable.
This is a multimillion dollar opportunity!
- I don't know where they get that ideaYou have to be in it for the long run.My personal favorite
It's been around forever! If they were doing something wrong, don't you think some entity would have already come and stopped it? - Hah! And Corporate America want's more suckers just like You!

The reason you ACN'ers keep saying the same things is because that's what your uplines tell you to say. Duplication.

Face it. For as long as you are in ACN you will be nothing more than the next minion, spitting script for the big guy above you.

When I was a rep, it cost me an arm and a leg just to find out who my Team Coordinator was because my ETT and ETL decided to go AWOL. My Team Coordinator quit ACN just a few weeks after contacting him to join 5linx (another identical scam). Basically, i got left in the system without a team or anyone to talk to, a 500$ hole in my pocket, and no income. Talk about being heartbroken. And it takes about an 800$ budget to go to one of their international conferences to receive "The best coaching in the world." - another widely-known and duplicable prompt to convince Reps to go to the conference and again put your good earned money (which probably didn't come from ACN) into their pockets.

Most of you pro-ACN'ers are pretty closed-minded to open opinions and are quick to spit one of your lines given to you by your mentors. The only reason you are so Pro about ACN is because you need us. You need us to believe or else you'd be nothing.


And the math done analyzing ACN's payment scheme, which can be found here;
is deadly accurate.

Realistically speaking, you can in-fact work this business but you'll be working much, much longer than 2-5 years. Heh, if you did work this like any ordinary job (40 hours a week) it would take you approximately 20-30 years to even come close to generating the income Wendy's employees get every month - as soon as they start working!

Fix that hole in your pockets Reps, then come flex your biceps.

Remember, on a good day there's still an average 5% success rate. 95% of people fall off in the network business because of limited resources. 20% of people you talk to will be interested in learning more. the other 80% will either know better about getting into "da business" or just not want anything to do with it. and roughly 60% of pro-ACN'ers who hve commented here aren't well-off and doing well financially. (the other 40% are too busy trying to figure out what to do next.) And you will notice not one of them has a $7,000 check to show you as living proof - they'll instead reference some Exec who's making 250,000$ a month. Hmm, i wonder why you aren't making that much yet...

I only wish to help those understand that ACN is bad news from either perspective. And that those who support such an abrasive cause should realize the brainwashing that has them captivated.

Good luck to you all. Hopefully you find yourselves a good stay-at-home job. A Real job.

Anonymous said...

i recently approached by a friend to join the team of acn..but i did my research on acn..why cant we do it for free..instead of putting up the 500 dollars..why can't we just sale the phone company instead of the people..i think its a pyramid scan..this just started getting big 5 or 6 years ago..well see if this grows big..i don't think so..

Anonymous said...

there's a lot of things your uplines will not tell you. you can ask all the questions you want, they won't give an answer. and if they do give an answer, its usually something crafted to throw you off.

why do we have to pay 499.95 to 'get in'? i don't know. but i do know that someone is being made very very rich...

David C Beach said...

I have been in ACN for 3 years and love it. I have made alot of money. If people just fallow the ACN system they will not fail. ACN does not post minimums, the minimum income in ACN is $0. You get paid what you are worth, if you dont make money in the ACN opportunity then you are not fallowing the system. Good luck fellow ACN reps, and good luck to the other people who have not learned how to stop blaming and making excuses for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hi David, this is the same person from above your last post.

And my, what can I say? He follows the system. Has nice stats. 3 years in the business. Made a lot of money.

All makes this sound better than life itself.

So how much have you made, fellow rep? We all know the minimum income is $0. How did you manage to make it so far in your ACN career? Any helpful tips\strategies\schemes to make it big? What did you do?

$0 is the common return most ACN Reps see within their first years, but this means you're doing something right. We've all followed this system you follow and it hasn't worked for 90% of us. And don't say we haven't tried or that we're sore losers\complainers. So what makes you so successful? Please, do explain.

Anonymous said...

From what I learned from school, more people tell about their bad experiences than their good experiences. For example, if you go to a restaurant and get the best service ever, you'll probably just tip well and continue to go there often. However, if you get bad service, you need to vent so you tell your friends, your family, your mailman, or whoever will listen how bad the experience was. So in conclusion, most people will probably post the negatives and you'll probably only read a few positives so I urge you to actually speak to people who are actively involved and are successful so you can look at the bigger picture.

XE7EN said...

...increase your warm market resources because yours is getting cold? find more (gullible) people who indeed want to do better, but steer them onto the wrong path by telling them things about this company that are positive and only positive.

just because you tell someone something positive doesn't make it the truth. most of the ACN trainings just deal with ways to 'convince' your prospects that what you're saying is the truth, because it is so very positive indeed, and that it's said in an urgent pump-me-up type of manner.

that their window of opportunity is closing and they should 'trust' [in] you that this ACN thing works. just by following your lead, you have already deceived them. because anything worth needing to know should be able to be explored freely, and so that the positives and negatives of any entity can be known and judged by one's own conscience. and especially that, if you're going to invest something in it first??

Jeffersons Family said...

I'd signed up witn ACN in order to save money on calling my mom who's in a differnt state and also she can see her grandchildrend when we talk. Well, what a nightmare it has been. Their phone STINKS!!! It's sounds like you're underwater. It drops call 90% of the time. It freezes after you hang up, I can't imagine if I had an emergency and can't dial out 911!!! They want me to spend more money buying a router to fix the problem. Well, they should have mention that the quality will suck if you you have the right modem and list modem needed on their sight so we can check before signing up. It only tells you that you have to have internet service at a certain speed. Which we did.

Another thing is the phone does not support fax, and phone card and I did not see that in the terms and conditions as they say it's in. (I signed up on line with the rep. next to me and he didn't tell me either). I tried to cancel and they want to charge me $199 cancellation fee. I'm having BBB see this issue as what ACN is doing and what a bad bussiness practice they are conducting. Don't sign up for their service! You'll get NO SERVICE instead!!!

I went to the ACN seminar wanting to be involve in this new frontier communication system, THE "DONALD" endorsed so much. Well, I'm glad I didn't sign up and waste $499. I don't know how the reps are doing it with them having the phones themselves and they also say it STINKS!!!

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Thank you !

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Sadly to say, but alas worthwhile, this triumphant conversation has come to an end.

But I leave these words...

Stand up to the mighty Dollar!

What these words mean might vary for those who read it, but if not more importantly, don't let the big guys bully you.

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