Monday, April 30, 2007

Great new Video site

Hello everyone, with this site you can view all the videos from everywhere like you can see all the videos available from google, you tube, and all the other places.. all here :)



Anonymous said...

hey i have just been introduced to the company. and he ask me to join for only $499 and i signed the application already with ss and signature... but did not give the 499. what should i do? plz comment back

Blogger 001 said...

hello, you posted your question to the wrong section, and looks like i'm answering this question way too late. But what I did was I called the company directly and got a refund. If you read the paper you signed, I believe there was a 15 day return or cancellation policy.

XE7EN said...

don't do it. they use soothing words and assuring talk to get you feeling great about the opportunity, making money - which I'm sure would get just about ANYONE feeling great about anything. Pay attention to your feelings, and what's causing them to fluctuate. These meetings go fueled on emotional momentum, to the point you feel the urge and need to spend your money - same as a parent feeling the need to spend money on food for their daughter or son, or to pay a bill.

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Isaac DAILEY said...

junkzone no more

Isaac DAILEY said...

junkzone no more