Thursday, June 26, 2008


Thanks for everyone who gave their opinion, and experiences on ACN. I have not been checking up on this blog, but to give some news I've learned, The "friend" that got me into this, the one that was trying to convince me into joining, which I did for only a day. But I was fortunate enough to find websites that gave me more insight into ACN. Well to make a long story short, the guy, who believed that ACN will make him a lot of money, looks to be the same to me. With all the promises or dreams of a fancy lifestyle, the riches to be made, million dollar homes, the "friend" well still drives the same old car, still living with his parents, and was told by one of my other friends, tried to recruit him. Luckily I informed everyone of my experience with the company.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Great new Video site

Hello everyone, with this site you can view all the videos from everywhere like you can see all the videos available from google, you tube, and all the other places.. all here :)


Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm glad a lot of you guys read my recent blog on my experience with ACN. I'm glad to see and read some comments left on there. I encourage current ACN reps and EX reps to comment. I want to know the reason they quit, and maybe tell a little about their experience with the company. Also if you were thinking about joining but decided not to..It would be great to hear what changed your mind. Thanks everyone. Have a good day

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Anyone tried other opportunities?

Hello everyone If you have tried a business opportunity and would like to share your experience with them, feel free to send me a email with your experience, name of company, still employed or not, and your name to snowboarder001@yahoo.com

Note please don't just write so you can get referals. Just give your experience and facts about the company. Thanks

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Have you heard of this company called ACN? Well if you are like me I never heard of it. One day from nowhere a guy contacts me from myspace. It was a guy I kind of knew from highschool. Well he starts telling me about a jobs hes in, hows hes making good money part time, stuff like that. I ask him what is it, but he bypasses the question by telling me other facts about it. Than he tells me I can go into his office and he we talk about it. (as you can see from the other posts, I'm the type of guy that wants to find ways on generating income, get rich quick.. etc .. :) I decided to go to his office. He told me he wanted me to meet some very successful individuals and to come dress in professional attire. Hearing all this I was interested to see what this company is all about.

After arriving, I noticed there were more people just like myself there young kids in suits hyped into the ideal of making huge amounts of money. He took me into the office where I met my friends mentor. Smooth talking fellow. My friend told me how successful he was, buying his dream car at age 20, etc.. that made me more interested. The told me what the company was. They were a phone company like att, verizon.. etc. also with new technology like voip and video phones. Well I thought that was interesting.

After I talked to the guy I was escorted to a room with a screen. I was about to see a presentation on the program. Was looking around and the people already employed were so excited and hyped up while the program was showing. *note the talker emphasize that only a select few will have the opportunity to join. Which is a bunch of B&%#S$%&. I guess thats a way to make you think your special. The program showed money making potential, with residual income. Similar to burnlounge, you make money off your referals referals customers.. etc. They focus on getting people to join and to help them get more people to join. By doing that you help yourself out and them. Also helping the people that were so excited because there are above you. Well after a few minutes.. the video says to get started it will only cost you 500 dollars. So I know why the guy didn't want to tell me from the beginning. Well after the video was over I was brought back to the office.

Thinking they will interview me to see if I i'm the "few" that they were going to hire that day, but instead the guy just asked me If I liked what I saw and would I be interested. It all sounded good, and the guy that brought me told me its not to hard to get people to join and stuff. I kinded wanted to help the guy out even though I havent talked to him in a while. So I dished out the money, and then they started to congradulate me. They told me to write down all the numbers from my phonebook. They told me to call people up and tell them of this opportunity. The thing that made me get out of the program the next day was I wasn't confortable reading the script, telling them about it, not mentioning the price sort of lying to them.. " few positions open" etc.. they were persistence that I get some call done that night but I didn't want too. but they kept on being persistence about it.. so I gave in and called a few people. I just didn't feel right calling up friends telling this half lie about this great opportunity and inturn put them on the spot to join the "team".. So the next day I asked for a refund. Another thing I didn't like was going into it I thought the focus was on this new technology about the video phones and stuff. but during the whole program, the main goal for them was to recruit referals to join the team. They spend very little time focusing on the point at hand the tech.

Hope this write up gives you some insight on the ACN program

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Has anyone heard of burnlounge? My first encounter of the name burnlounge was in a Myspace business forum. There was someone trying to get referals. The concept of burnlounge is to be able to be part of the music industry. You will have your own music store. After doing some research, you are able to make money with this program, but not from what you think. You would think having your own music store you will be making your bulk income from selling songs. Well the truth is you make a nickel for each song you sell. The way you make money will be mentioned later.
There are pretty much three level of plans you can choose. free, exclusive and vip. price is off but the exclusive is about 135 and 8 something a month, vip 500 and 8 something a month. Well with these plans comes other things special items for each level but i'll get right into things. The bulk of the money is made from referals. In order to profit from this you need to be and exclusive member or and vip. In order to maximize profits you will need to be in the mogal program. Which makes the total monthly fee to be about 13-15 dollars a month. Well the concept is you refer people and the people they refer, you make a percentage off them and so on. So 5 cents from your direct referals and 2 cents per song from the other referals. If you think about it that won't make too much money and you would have to get a whole lot of referals.
Instead the profit comes from people that you refer that sign up for either exclusive or vip. The more the vip sign ups the more points you get. That equals 50 dollars after a certain amount of points accumulated.

I guess one good thing about is if your a new upcoming artist that wants somewhere to sell your music you can do it there. I believe they give you more than half of the profits coming from your songs.

Theres not a really good way to promote your store because under the terms of conditions you can't advertise your burnlounge store. Also its not a independent store.. ex (..www.mymusic.com ) its burnlounge.com/name. So there are thousands of stores that have pretty much the same music for sale.
The music you download is not compatiable with Ipods. Now and days I can't think of anyone that don't have one of thoses.

So does Burnlounge work?
Answer: Well there are some success stories out there, I don't think its worth trying. You will pretty much make nothing with the free plan, and signing up for the packages you would have to do quite a bit of work and get lots of referals plus count in the initial fee and add in all the monthy fees. Do that and you start to think the way I do about it. But this is only my opionion. If you would like to try it for yourself go right on ahead. Good luck.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

post number one

Hello I would like to welcome everyone to my blog page.