Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Has anyone heard of burnlounge? My first encounter of the name burnlounge was in a Myspace business forum. There was someone trying to get referals. The concept of burnlounge is to be able to be part of the music industry. You will have your own music store. After doing some research, you are able to make money with this program, but not from what you think. You would think having your own music store you will be making your bulk income from selling songs. Well the truth is you make a nickel for each song you sell. The way you make money will be mentioned later.
There are pretty much three level of plans you can choose. free, exclusive and vip. price is off but the exclusive is about 135 and 8 something a month, vip 500 and 8 something a month. Well with these plans comes other things special items for each level but i'll get right into things. The bulk of the money is made from referals. In order to profit from this you need to be and exclusive member or and vip. In order to maximize profits you will need to be in the mogal program. Which makes the total monthly fee to be about 13-15 dollars a month. Well the concept is you refer people and the people they refer, you make a percentage off them and so on. So 5 cents from your direct referals and 2 cents per song from the other referals. If you think about it that won't make too much money and you would have to get a whole lot of referals.
Instead the profit comes from people that you refer that sign up for either exclusive or vip. The more the vip sign ups the more points you get. That equals 50 dollars after a certain amount of points accumulated.

I guess one good thing about is if your a new upcoming artist that wants somewhere to sell your music you can do it there. I believe they give you more than half of the profits coming from your songs.

Theres not a really good way to promote your store because under the terms of conditions you can't advertise your burnlounge store. Also its not a independent store.. ex (..www.mymusic.com ) its burnlounge.com/name. So there are thousands of stores that have pretty much the same music for sale.
The music you download is not compatiable with Ipods. Now and days I can't think of anyone that don't have one of thoses.

So does Burnlounge work?
Answer: Well there are some success stories out there, I don't think its worth trying. You will pretty much make nothing with the free plan, and signing up for the packages you would have to do quite a bit of work and get lots of referals plus count in the initial fee and add in all the monthy fees. Do that and you start to think the way I do about it. But this is only my opionion. If you would like to try it for yourself go right on ahead. Good luck.


fuzzwuzz said...

It works! I should know!!! Just watch the commercial!!


Blogger Agent 001 said...

ok it works right? what plan did you choose and how much exactly have you earned??

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