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Have you heard of this company called ACN? Well if you are like me I never heard of it. One day from nowhere a guy contacts me from myspace. It was a guy I kind of knew from highschool. Well he starts telling me about a jobs hes in, hows hes making good money part time, stuff like that. I ask him what is it, but he bypasses the question by telling me other facts about it. Than he tells me I can go into his office and he we talk about it. (as you can see from the other posts, I'm the type of guy that wants to find ways on generating income, get rich quick.. etc .. :) I decided to go to his office. He told me he wanted me to meet some very successful individuals and to come dress in professional attire. Hearing all this I was interested to see what this company is all about.

After arriving, I noticed there were more people just like myself there young kids in suits hyped into the ideal of making huge amounts of money. He took me into the office where I met my friends mentor. Smooth talking fellow. My friend told me how successful he was, buying his dream car at age 20, etc.. that made me more interested. The told me what the company was. They were a phone company like att, verizon.. etc. also with new technology like voip and video phones. Well I thought that was interesting.

After I talked to the guy I was escorted to a room with a screen. I was about to see a presentation on the program. Was looking around and the people already employed were so excited and hyped up while the program was showing. *note the talker emphasize that only a select few will have the opportunity to join. Which is a bunch of B&%#S$%&. I guess thats a way to make you think your special. The program showed money making potential, with residual income. Similar to burnlounge, you make money off your referals referals customers.. etc. They focus on getting people to join and to help them get more people to join. By doing that you help yourself out and them. Also helping the people that were so excited because there are above you. Well after a few minutes.. the video says to get started it will only cost you 500 dollars. So I know why the guy didn't want to tell me from the beginning. Well after the video was over I was brought back to the office.

Thinking they will interview me to see if I i'm the "few" that they were going to hire that day, but instead the guy just asked me If I liked what I saw and would I be interested. It all sounded good, and the guy that brought me told me its not to hard to get people to join and stuff. I kinded wanted to help the guy out even though I havent talked to him in a while. So I dished out the money, and then they started to congradulate me. They told me to write down all the numbers from my phonebook. They told me to call people up and tell them of this opportunity. The thing that made me get out of the program the next day was I wasn't confortable reading the script, telling them about it, not mentioning the price sort of lying to them.. " few positions open" etc.. they were persistence that I get some call done that night but I didn't want too. but they kept on being persistence about it.. so I gave in and called a few people. I just didn't feel right calling up friends telling this half lie about this great opportunity and inturn put them on the spot to join the "team".. So the next day I asked for a refund. Another thing I didn't like was going into it I thought the focus was on this new technology about the video phones and stuff. but during the whole program, the main goal for them was to recruit referals to join the team. They spend very little time focusing on the point at hand the tech.

Hope this write up gives you some insight on the ACN program


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Anonymous said...

I really did wanted to know your experiance with ACN and three things. You seemed pushed into it and you did it to support. That is a big no no...you should have done some reserch wich I did for over 4 months...how ever long it may need for you to make the personal decision for yourself. Another thing...it is not a get rich quick thing...and if that is what you were told...that is very wrong. The products are real and you do match or beat the prices. And it didn't seem like you had the support you needed and the lack of excitement in your voice was projected to when you were tring to promot your product. I must say that everything that could go wrong was going wrong and I would have quit if I were you. Thank you for sharing your experience and for not just writing bitter comments but pure honesty. I hope you are on to somehting that believe in and that you love. Have a blessed day:)


Blogger Agent 001 said...

Thank you Maria for your comment, Yeah it was sort of like I was pushed into it as you say, because they won't tell you nothing, there concept is say little and let the presentation speak for itself, also the price is another factor they don't want you to say anything until you see the presentation.

Maria said...

I see exactly where you are coming from...I am learning a lot from people like yourself help me have a better method to my recruitment...Again thank you for sharing your experiences with me...I really do appreciate it.

Darren from Aus. said...

I wenr to a presntation last night. I am still in 2 minds about it but am willing to give it a shot. However I will not be a robot and follow a script my friends are worth more to me. I will tell them the truth if they are interested then great if not then who cares.

Anonymous said...

ACN?? Wow...never mind that..there's so much i can say. MY family told me not to join...and i had to learn that the hard way. All i will say is that MY REp. Person...has my money and she never submitted my paper work and...just kept lying to me..that she will submit it and never did. Now she's have a difficult time responding to my emails/phone calls. She cannot pay me my $499 and she is supposedly making good money. What does that tell you.Another thing people should observe is...how down where i was recruited...there were mostly people...who come from another country and who...are eager to make fast money. It's a shame. Oh and another thing...one must pay $10 for every meeting you attend if your entered into the system that is.

Anonymous said...

Can any one help me...?? i do not know who to turn to. I do not want this lady to go off with my money even though its not much...she betrayed my trust.

Anonymous said...

I went to an ACN meeting tonight and it was dejavu for Amway. The main speaker who was an RVP was a very dynamic speaker who said nothing. I told this to the person who invited me. People in this day and age are looking for high speed internet and these people are still only offering dial-up and premium dial-up. The "Pavlov's dogs" which consisted of several young men in the back who kept clapping and agreeing was annoying. I will do much more research on this product before handing anyone my money. Also, the technology that they base their hype on is not even available until mid April, which I find strange. The bottom line is that they are still looking to turn land based phone users to use them. I did know a company years ago called LCI which I used because a friend asked me to and I actually did save money on my long distance.
They do have VOip and when I asked if they have these items available for business use they said that some people just take their home device and plug it in at work. Not the highest in ethical planning, but that is just my opinion.
Thanks for your input.

Blogger Agent 001 said...

Thanks for everyone that replied to my Blog, To the one anonymous person I'm sorry that the person took your money. That is not right. She way you said it did you pay with cash? Or some other form of payment? If you paid with a credit card, your in luck just do a chargeback. Another way is to skip that lady and go straight to the company. Give them a call and tell them your situation, maybe they can help you out.

kasia said...

Hi, I am from Holland. I am an ACN rep since July,2006. And probably I am very unusual case, because nobody had to force me to become an rep by ACN. I believe in MLM marketing, I think it is a great opportunity for making money. For a very long time I was looking for a MLM company without products only with services and I found it. I met the owners, I met de most successful ACN reps. , I found the sponsor that I wanted to work. It was my own decision.
I liked what I saw.
You can work in your own tempo and decided by yourself to be successful or not. It is just the attitude that you have to have and the perseverance. If you doubt about the company and you don't like the MLM formula you shouldn't do it. And don't blame other people, the company or the products for your failure. Just accept that the emotional roller coaster is a part of MLM business.
Don't expect quick money or quick succes. If you want financial freedom from your ACN business, be prepared to work with consistency for 3 to 5 years.
I really like the company, the products and the owners. I think they are honest, they have a good philosophy, they really work hard and think about the future, they are busy with developing new products.
I travel a lot, meet lots of people around the world and ACN is already in 19 countries. You can do the business in all the countries, it is great. I love it. I meet and met wonderful people from different countries, I have clients in all the 19 countries. While travelling and staying in USA or England, I find clients and earn money. It is a good business and a wonderful opportunity for everyone who wants to join a nice group of people and a great company for anybody around the world who wants to earn money.

Anonymous said...

Hi!My name is Jean from Sydney Australia.I signed up as ACN rep since feb 2006.Does it work??YES..YES..YES.I achieved my TC position in 5 months,and I cant believe the money that ACN paid me for helping my team is phenomenal.It does work for me and my family.Since 12 months I was with ACN,I believed in every single word they told me when I got started.I believe in their vision.ACN system help a lot of reps in my team.I didn't have any network backround,no experience in telecommunication,but what I loved,they trained me and helped me for my success.Here I am as a fulltime business woman,I resigned from my 17yrs nursing career.I love my new career as an ACN rep.If you want to become success with ACN,you got to love what you're doing and believe in yourself you can do it,and don't take any negative from others to steal your dream.I love ACN,is an honest company,and I thank God for the co founders and all the leaders(SVPs,RVPs,TCs)from the 19 countries for helping others for their success.If you ever want to success in life you got to listen to the successful people,do what they do and listen what they say.God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jean glad to see it has worked for you.. but as some succeed most will fail. Probably in your market theres not to many competition right now. When I attended the office, all I saw was a bunch of highschoolers in suits at that time they were honoring the new members that reached a "certain level" Idk how your area did it but they use deceiving tactics for you to recruit others.. glad it helped you but for many it has fail. Along the way losing friendships ... etc You can check the forums and other ACN stories, I'm not just using one case there are many instances of this.

Anonymous said...

I love the benefit that I recieve from ACN,I signed up as a customer since July 2005,they offering free calling minutes to their customers for their local and national calls.(ACN 2 ACN free calling minutes).I signed up all my family and friends and they are very happy that ACN help them reduce their phone bill.If people think that ACN is a scam,that is not true,ACN is in 19 countries,they should have do something or shut down the company.Now ACN is become a number one fastest growing company in the world in telecommunication.hello,what are you talking about,people fail from ACN,they think they will get rich tomorrow,i'm sorry it doesn't work that way,be prepared to commit to ACN for 3 to 5 years and you will become rich.I believe in ACN,and I don't take any negative from others.

Anonymous said...

ACN donot convince or force people to sign,they share an amazing business opportunity to people, I like this company,it is not a product,it is a service that people use everyday,and everybody has a phone.When was the last time you convince somebody to use the phone???I like the idea of getting paid when somebody use the phone,not only that ,you get paid when you talk on your phone or your mobile.(get your own commision from your phone...what an opportunity....We can't wait to use other ACN services in future.

Anonymous said...

If you are thinking about joining ACN, I would recommend Doing some research. It is a pretty big investment. I have read some facts from the previous site where I came from, and looked around. This blog was very helpful as well, Glad you didn't just bash on them. The "business opportunity" might sound good in the beginning but give it some time and think about it as I did. With all the stories ive read, I'm glad i didn't go into it.

Anonymous said...

i just started yesterday and as soon as i paid the 499 everything they were telling me seemed so shady. i just want to know how to get my money back, i paid with a credit card. i just feel so bad because i got people to do it that are in major debt as it is and had them go over there credit limit to join.

Anonymous said...

I went to ACN meeting today,and I never come across with any business opportunity like ACN.Very simple,you just talk to people,and you get paid.The leaders are great,they donot convince anybody to do it,by the end of the day,its my own choice.Please donot accuse the company,they are people with good heart,good enviroment with positive people...
If you really serious with your vision,ACN is the answer.All the best.

Anonymous said...

ACN made me and many of my friends very, very wealthy. The only ones that cannot succeed are the ones that will be working for a boss their entire lives. The Lemmings.

They are told when to get to work, when to go home, when to take a break and how much their worth. What a pathetic existence. But some simply don't have the skills to make their way in the business world. best of cuk to you and hopefully in the future....you develop yourself to a point to want more than a paycheck.

patrick said...

there are people who do this business right and people who do it wrong if you were tricked into it your probably easily suckered on get rich quick schemes money just doesn't fall into your hands hey I was a sceptic at first and it did take me a long time to look over the business which is what you should have done hey i didn't like the scrips either but if you talk to other people in this business they will tell you other ways. The trouble is you don't like to ask your friends for help do you .Well They can't ask their current service provider to help them next time their in a jam .But they will certainly ask you .All you are doing is offering them phone calls at a discount rate (letting them know they are being ripped off) gee I'd say thanks wouldn't you.all acn is doing is instead of big telco companys paying their executives masive amounts they are spreading it around the people like you and me.if you don't spread the word and work then you don't get paid so they don't have to still pay a wage for all the people who slack off. when you buy the business you are buying your own telcomunications company. The whole company is owned by the people who buy the business. a company inside a company if you were going to buy a franchise you would check out the books and know all about it before you put out your hard earned for it right. wouldn't you well this is the same and acn will allow you to take your time the people who you saw won't stay long in this business because see. You pulled out. Maybe they might trick a few but how strong is the business they are growing, going to be if everyone thinks they've been tricked.The people who have not been tricked believe in the business and the lifestyle that comes with the business maybe if you keep your phone hooked to them and see how you can save money you might want to spread the word and get paid for it. Just remember there is a telco that is honest the founders who started this know we are hooking our friends up so they design the products for us they know if we rip off our friends they'll leave and they will have no one they rely on me just as i rely on them because they are growing their business as i'm growing mine.Take a deeper look talk to people who are in this go to some events really see if it is for you if you can do it but don't dispell it if you don't know anything about it that just makes it hard for all the people who believe in it to make it even the people who hate it and don't want to know about it today might change when everyones into it for them it'll be probably too late but the world only keeps getting bigger and the possiblities are endless the next generation and so on all i can say is to really have a look at this take months years but have a good look before you dispell it

Anonymous said...

My friend bought a massive house last year from all the money he recieved from ACN.I couldn't believe it.I got in straight away.My first week,I hit my first position,second week I got my payment into my account.I'm telling you right now,I am so blessed that I made a right decision.Two months since I joined I resigned my wife from her fulltime job.Yes!the money from ACN is real with honest people and a proven system.Our 3 months in the business,I bought my wife a laptop,she is now fulltime with ACN helping our business partners to build our success.Thanks to my friend for sharing us his success.

Anonymous said...

What a crock this is. Half of the "pro ACN" posts on this site share the same spelling, grammatical and lexicon errors. This leads me to believe its just a plant pulling some rah rah routine. Listen I've seen the house the guy who tried to get me lives in. I've seen his car. So yes there is money to be made. However you have to step over all your friends to do it. How come I cant advertise to cold customers for the phone service but I can cold call prospective team members? Because all the income for the entire company comes from people giving their 500 plus the assortment of fees every year/month. For every one rich guy theres 500 that lost money. The mathematical rations necessary to sustain this company are absurd and completely unreachable. Total BS....and stop with the "isnt the company you work for now a pyramid?" No its not...simply because a company is hierarchy does not entail that it is a pyramid. I am not paying my company to be employed. I am not recruiting so that other people can pay their way in. Its a crock.

Anonymous said...

I agree with that last bloke who posted their comment about acn being a crock of bs. Its true, i've only heard of this so called "opportunity" a week ago and that was enough time to realize from other peoples stories all over the internet and my personal judgement how ridiculous this MLM company really is. Only $495(in Australia), yeah right!!

Being young and all, this is the first time i have ever heard of these types of money making schemes and instead i would rather get an education and real job.

Anonymous said...

There are good leaders and bad leaders in every company...ACN does its best to weed out bad practices and to train its leaders. If you were brought in the way you said, I would say they were not the best leaders. I have been to many "business opportunity" meetings, and none of them were presented the way you described. No one forced anyone to join. Period. Now, if you have a buddy who literally twisted your arm...some friend, but not company practice.

Of course, they don't want you to see the price until you see the presentation... If you don't see the big picture, you won't ever see the value of the $499 to buy a business, because that's all you'll be thinking about. Duh.
For those of you bilking at a $499 fee, how many businesses can you buy the right to for that price? Get real. No one hands you a business for free in life. If you go out and start up your own comapny from scratch, I guarantee you it's going to cost you a whole lot more than $499, and not to mention all the mistakes you have to learn on your own dime.

The company has proven successes in their practices, when followed. However, if you were asked to call everyone the day after you joined, I think you had some bad leadership. I was trained before I called anyone. The problem is that when we are excited, we tend to say too much, and that's why they have suggested scripts. Most people won't listen if you call them up and say, "Hey, man, I just got into this cool network marketing thing and it costs $500. How about signing up?" Pretty silly, but you'd be surprised how many people come close to that. I personally would rather hear the opportunity first, so I can see the big picture. When I listened to it the first time and then they told me it was "$499", I said..."that's all?" I saw the big picture and I loved it that the little guy could get a piece of the utilities. I worked for a major utility co my entire life and was let go through downsizing after 27 1/2 years. I saw it as a "sweet" opportunity, and it is...but I let it go to do what I am more passionate about in life.

Someone mentioned "young" people in suits... I have personally met some of those former young people in suits who came to a meeting, saw the big picture, had to do whatever they could to round up $499, and then they blasted their way into the business. I mean some of them are making seriously big bucks. ACN is not a scam. It involves hard work, tenacity, commitment, being coachable, and integrity. If anyone asks you to say things that go against your grain, find another way to do it from someone who is successful, or maybe it's not right for you. Don't ever do or say anything that makes you feel uncomfortable inside. I wholeheartedly recommend you extend your research to those who have made it, and not just listen to the bitter quitters on message boards. Although, misery loves company...

To the lady who paid and her paperwork was never turned in, you need to contact ACN headquarters ASAP if you haven't already resolved the issue!!! Go to their website for numbers.

Kevin said...

I agree with the previous comment regarding the difference between good leaders and bad ones. As hard as they try to avoid it, many companies have a few bad apples in their bunch. That's human nature.

Overall, ACN is a company of integrity. The founders are very genuine people who truly aspire to provide hard-working people with a platform for success. Their integrity filters down throughout the organization. This is a large part of the reason why ACN is doing well, globally.

When I first saw the opportunity, I asked myself a few questions:

If I do what it takes, will I get paid? Yes.

Is it possible to do this? Yes.

Can IIIIIII do this? Absolutely.

Whatever your ideal income is, with ACN, you can see EXACTLY what is required to earn it. At my last job, if I wanted to make $100,000 per month ($1.2M/yr), there was no clear-cut way to make it happen. Essentially, I'd have to figure out how to uproot the CEO. However, with ACN, not only can I see the path to a $1.2Mil income and focus on it, I can PULL ASIDE SOMEONE WHO HAS DONE IT and learn directly from them! And, if I don't like their methods, I can model myself after a different successful person. All I've been doing is learning from others and my business and income have both been substantially increasing each month.

Imagine you are shown the path to success. Then, you walk it with your closest friends. Once you make it, how confident will you be in your ability to help a few others? How excited would you be to have the opportunity to free the ones you care about most?

Just having that ability, alone, is priceless.

Just last week, I saw my close friend, who is a single mother of four, get promoted and by the end of this month she will be able to stay home full-time with her children. That has been her dream for 10 years. She never was even close until I introduced her to ACN several months ago.

There is nothing on earth that can compare to the feeling of helping others achieve their dreams--especially your close friends and family. For that, alone, I wouldn't care if it cost 10 times more to join the business!

We each deserve so much more in life than what the average job offers. So all I care about right now is getting better and better at ACN so that I can help as many people as possible make it. I'm not done until we're all done.

To me, it's never about the money. It's about growing as a team and as a person and helping others do the same. If you're reading this and you have any ACN-related questions, feel free to contact me, anytime. My contact info is listed on the site linked at the top of this comment.

Anonymous said...

dude, i'm totally being recruited.

thanks for the heads-up, buddy. my friend had acted like he was hooking me up with a job, as friends do, but yeah...

...with friends like that, who needs friends?

olivacnrep said...

I am from Portugal, Sorry my english or my sppeling....
I am a rep since 2006. I have paid 485 Euros for my license to be a REP and i already paied 185 Euros in 2007 to renew my license for continue operating as ACN REP.
My vision is for the Long Term. I believe this is the best business opportunity i ever seen in my own life.
On my first year i don't have done much work...so i do not make any money...and if we want make money we have to do our work... that is wy we call this network.

Afterall i am working for myself, only on my spare time... so i did'nt make money as many of others do here in Portugal...There are others that are not doing their job and quit...so they don't make money ever.
I am a non quiter...so i decided that i only need to find 3 others (that don´t quit) and teach them to do the same i am doing, ...slowly i will get there (like on a maraton - it is important not quit in order to get to the finish).
ACN is the best system for network marketing.. and the custumers still be our customers for long time, because we only ask them to try our services, and they have a chance to see for themselves how much their phone bills is lower on the end of the month. We are helping people (customers) to spend less on their phone bills...and we are helping people (ACN reps) to make a residual income too.
ACN was build by 5 mens with a lot of experience in mlm, they build an mlm company because they were tiered of working for others that didn't know nothing about mlm. They are tiered of the mlm mistakes of the companies they work before.
So together this 5 mens with a lot of learnings about mlm success and mistakes decided to build their own company (ACN). They founded a vision about mlm that works and it will still growing for years.

So ACN is working very well in spite of some reps that quit and it is here for growing even more.

I like that kind of a vision for the future an so I am in... and i will never quit, by choyce.

I am building my team slowly with people wanting to be serious about making a choyce to their lifes.
If they are comited to find and help 3 new likeminded ACN REPS (witth some custumers each of course) i will be comited to teach them what i am doing, and i will help them to succeed in this business.
As some said we are in 19 countries... but ACN will expand to 60 contries soon in the next years.
ACN will be growing and groing on the next years...
Wy would i think that ACN is not working, if the company is on this Planet for making the diference?

Some reps will quit... but i will not... this is a personal choice...
Only 5% of the population controls 80% of the economy of the planet, the rest of us (The 95% of the guys that are in the base of the society piramid, we are only take care about 20% of the economy)
I believe that ACN is making a diference, we are changing the world.
We will change that ratio on the top of that society piramid (5% controls 80% of the world economy).
And by doing this ACN Business we will change that ratio on the base of the piramid (95% only controls 20% of the world economy).

Anyone could do this business...
if they choose to do it

ACN is working???
Is this the right question???
The right question must be:
Will I make ACN work??????

I will do...What about you?

If you chose Yes - this is good for you.
If you choose No - this is good for you too.

When we have to make a choice we chose what we thing or believe is the better for us. And as we learn we will choose better later.
That is how we build our future.

So chose what you want and go for it, dear reader. You are in the best position to decide what is the best for yourself.


Kind Regards from Portugal

Anonymous said...

FACT:In life 95% of people from the age of 20 years old to 65 years old, retirement age are going to be Dead, dead broke or still working for a living. 4% will be well to do...these people have worked there whole life and made enough money to retire with say a freehold house, good retirement plan, nice car and have 2 trips a year and money in the bank. 1% are considered wealthy, My advice to you is, find something you are passionate about, find some good people to help you archive your goals....and get on with the job. It seems alot of the stuff I've read tonight are from the people who are in the 95% bracket, there are 3 types of people, 1, these people make things happen. 2, these people watch things happen, 3, these say....what the hell happened.
Fact: which one are you?

good luck, moeman, nz

Anonymous said...


Wes said...

You got to love the integrity of the ACN reps who are "anonymous" I would like to hear of their anxiety and guilt when they try to convince friends and family to join the team. Wes.

Susan Aceron Gray said...

WOW! If you joined a gym and never went to the gym would u call the gym a scam??? 20% of people who join actually follow the system and succeed with ACN. The other 80%just love to make excuses why it won't work.I choose tb in the 20%. I am about to hit TC and it has been quite the journey! Those that quit will fail those who work succeed. That's all I have to say!

Daniel said...

ACN will bring out one of two persons in you, one who fails or one who prevails. It's up to you to decide which one you choose. Furthermore, ACN is a business, therefore in order to be successful you must treat this as business. Stats show that 90% of businesses fail within the first 2 years, MLM is no different. This goes to show that it is really up to the business owners ability, passion and commitment. So if your not putting time and effort in expanding your ACN BUSINESS, then guess what, you'll be lumped into the 90% of people that fail in business.

Is ACN a scam? well if it were a scam people would not be making money, whoever individuals may have been scammed by a misleading reps, in this case it is the rep at fault not ACN. Make sure you trust your rep and ask him/her questions.
As an ACN rep I outline all the cost involved and the commitment required, after a discussion I ask people if they are interested. If they hesitate, I rip up the agreement in front of them, thank them for there time and move on. I am not looking to recruit everyone or force people into joining, I am only looking at focusing on individuals who posses GENUINE interest. anyone else would be a waste of my time, unless they want to acquire ACN services.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing ACN for about month now and I can honestly say that im having a blast doing it. With excellent upline reps who have been more than helpful and non pushy whats so over. With a great team who i all knew since junior high. True, it does matter on who's helping you out with this business as far as upline reps and resilent people who are willing to put their heads down to take the time to make this work.But As far as the script goes, just use it as a reference. When you meet with some one, just talk to them casually. Like having a normal conversation with anyone you know. The business will eventually be brought up eventually. If they're down they're down. If not, oh well.

Anonymous said...

i signed up for acn a few months back.it's to bad that my up line is an older man who knows nothing but thinks otherwise. so maybe i wouldn't have had such a bad experience if i had a better upline. i have in the past month actually changed my services back to another provider due to the fact that acn's service is NOT reliable. in fact my service kept being inturupted as well as suspended due to a modem that they say they sent me that i was charged for. a similar thing happened to a customer of mine, since she didn't send in the modem before 21 days they charged her for it on her credit card(over 100$) for something she doesn't even have anymore. her voip phone and internet service is always down, and she is losing patience. maybe it's just me but so far i have been charged for things i never received, for a company that is unreliable. and i have to say they use bell for the internet service. now we all know how slow and shit bell is. and even my upline is telling me how great acn is but in actually his internet is down on a regular basis. oh and don't get me started on the customer service.... wow.... maybe a bit of training would help them. besides why pay outragious installation fees when other companies with better over all service don't charge for it. so just to say for anyone who's thinking of signing up, please do ur research and make sure you have a good upline. and don't get your family involved, i feel very bad around my X sister in law right now. since it had been 2 days she doesn't have a phone and they won't refund her for a modem that they sent her that didn't work.and i'll say it's not the 1st time her phone doesn't work. it happens on a regular basis. good luck !!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok.. So I have been an ACN "rep" for like 2 months now. Ive gotten two checks.. one for $50 and the other for $100. Not much, but it's something. I'm sure if i worked a little harder on it I would make more money but i havent really been motivated.

I don't think its right for them to charge money to do this (expecially $500!) and also to go to meetings is like $5 or $10 every time. I dont go to meetings b/c thats bulls*&t for them to charge.

BUT the services are actually pretty good, and alot cheaper than other competitive companies. The unlimited local and long distance for home phone is only $39 a month, and before I changed my parents phone bill to ACN they were paying like $75. So i really have helped many of my friends and family have cheaper bills. They have 24 hour customer service, and they actually are really helpful.

I dont like forcing people into doing things, thats not me at all. And i don't like to lie. Ive noticed that with doing this kind of thing you have to be good at doing both.. so we'll see what happens. If i make money, COOL. If i dont, oh well i tried, move on. Thanks for reading.

...... said...

Any Successfull ACN Rep that is willing to give me some good advice on how to grow my businees fast

Anonymous said...

i think that different eople do things the right way or the wrong way. ok You know what i went to the opportunity and they didnt seem pushy, these people tilol this day have mentored me and my buisness is a great success and am doing trumendously great money im a single mom and this has and is taking me to where i want ti go....

sindy said...

yes to has success quick you should go to training, talk to friends and family you dont want sell ACN all you have to do is to put this opportunity in front of more people as possible. Thier is something you sould know!!!! Dont ever convince someone to get in ever.... because if you have to convince them to get in you have to convince them to get qualified to work to go to training and it only gives you head akes... Something else think of it like this.... Thier not doing you a favor you are doing them a favor. Acn is not made for the chosen few, but with the few that choose... Listen to billionares. Acn is endorced by DONALD TUMP,,,,come on before he endored it he actually studied it with 138 of his best Lawyers, Acn has been issued for the passed 3 years in SUCCESS FROM HOME magazine not broke at the office, Take edvice from someone that is more succesful than you, if you buy into your friend or other failures in ACN opinion your buying into thier lifestyle. Which is broke or paycheck to paycheck...... You know something else Acn has reputation for success, people dont see that because they look at stupid websites like google where even i can write anything on it!!!! When i went to the meeting the first time the leaders that were giving the presintation said I dont care if you start with us we are not here for peoples opinios we are endorced by a billionare that knows how to make money and we are in 20 countries now, 20 different goverments, do you think those goverments didn' do thier reaserch come on... The company has 3 atturney generals on thier staff..... come on.... if OSCAR DE LA OLLA can join you can also.

People say i would rather pay to go to collage for 2 to 4 years and graduate for a piece of paper to go and look for a good job.

job stands for::::
J ourney
O f the
B roke

Poor stand for::::
P assing
O ver
O pportunities
R egualarly

Rich stand for:::
R isidual
I ncome
C omes
H appiness

Broke people see an old building burned, tore down and all they see is obstales. "It would take to long to reconstruct" " Its to old to clean" examples....
but a billionare can se the same exact building and the see over the obstacles they see opportunity. "More Jobs" " more money"

Broke people work for money, billionares build a future, build assets. Mindset is everything in ACN!! If you think you cant guess what? You cant!! If you think you can, You can!

Dont buy into anyones opinions, not even mine if that helps. Read books on billionares. And build your own mind set and own opinions. If you have a job and you see people older than you and have been in that same job that your in today!!! and they are debt free and have all you wish to have.... THan stay where you are at!!! Be like them in 20-30 years. Is sad that we as americans we let oriental people show us what an opportunity really is, and all we do in america is look for a good job that will pay us enough to buy food, rent and car payment. The worst is that are checks are the same but rent has doubled and gas has tripled can you. I look at Acn Like a spare tire.....

Anonymous said...

All I can say is do your research online before shielding your money for ACN (google is your friend):

March 23rd of this 2005 the Australian Federal Court, found ACN to be in violation of the trade practices act of 1974




ACN Canada Charged with Deceptive Marketing, Operating Illegal Pyramid Scheme
November 25, 2002

Canada's Competition Bureau has charged ACN Canada with eight violations of deceptive marketing. ACN Canada is a spinoff of ACN, headquartered in Michigan. The Canadian headquarters are in Halifax, NS.

The Competition Bureau claims that the company operated an illegal pyramid scheme by paying bonuses for recruiting. The Bureau also claims that ACN Canada recruited new participants by providing misleading income claims, and by not disclosing the income of a "typical" participant.

Anonymous said...

Does ACN work, well its in 19 countries and they are getting ready to move into the 20th. In australia they are getting ready to release a videophone product. In the US they have 8 products now. In Germany ACN was the most expensive company in the Telco game, but also the biggest and most successful. Why? Because it does give people who have vision and a work ethic the chance to build a company that will create them a future based on residual income in an industry that is recession proof. If you have looked at the ACN opportunity and decided its not for you. Good on you for making a decision. Thats probably the most honest choice you have ever made. They have a system that is simply based around repitition and that is why people with no business experience at all can become very successful. If you are looking at ACN as fast overnight money then forget it. Go buy a lotto ticket. Its a 2-5 year program to get to the big money in most cases and that is why most people can't hack it because they havent got the vision or they havent got the work ethic. Its hard to keep getting a no followed by a no followed by a no. If you can hack that for 12 months then you will most likely succeed. It takes courage to keep doing that and it takes belief. Most of the negative comments I see on this forum give me the impression that those people making them are all fairly short sighted and would prefer to work for somone else in a job where they would rather have the security of getting a pay check every month.You would rather not have to think outside of the box and would rather not have to call on courage of conviction to get them through tough times. If you get 50 no's but hang in there to get a yes, that takes courage. And in any network marketing business only 5 out of 100 people have that kind of courage. Not just with ACN. Now what does that say about people in general. Nothing good in my mind. The people in MLM's making the big coin are the ones who have the guts to hang in there and go after their goals. Whatever they are. So...my negative friends who are probably cursing me for being this honest. The next time one of your friends, family members or work collegues invites you to take a look at a business opportunity like ACN,perhaps first take a good look at yourself and ask if YOU have got what it takes to do ACN or ANYTHING that requires courage to step away from the crowd.Sure, do your due diligence on the company you are there to see. God knows you DO need to be careful,in ACN's case they actually go to the nth degree to make sure they are legit in all the markets they work in.In the telecommunication industry the are quite a few companies who don't really give much thought to their customers. They are only interested in looking after their shareholders. (Trust me I should know.Its an industry I have spent years working inside of.If you think ACN is hard try working 12-14 hour days for somone else's dream and then going home to your family. Money isnt everything.)

When you have done this checking out of the company,then figure out if YOU are good enough.Because it is YOU who will make a difference in your life and the life of your family. YOU.... God bless you all and see you at the TOP.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I joined ACN in Feb of this year. I was very excited at that time about making a difference in my life and in the lives of my children. I have a special needs child, so extra money would be great.

Well, I paid my entry fee and went to meating and had a few PBRs and I could not get anyone to join not even for service.

I began to think that this was a scam..

BUT... I attended the Conference in New Jersey in June 08 and it changed my view point. I now understand that my RVP was week and could not lead me into the direction of good fortune.

Donald Trump who was the Keynote Speaker at the Conference, stated that success is made one mistake at a time.

Since the Conference, I have had the pleaseure of inviting 15 new Reps to share the ACN Experience.

Though not all are qualifies as of yet, they are on there way.

No I have not made any money as of yet, but I can see the potential of possible earnings if I apply what I learned to what I already know.

Leadership is KEY and without it you will go now where in ACN.

Find a Good Mentor and follow their advice.

My Wife and I share the Video Phone with everyoen we meet and most people love the technology.

Sure some people will decline but some will love the fact that with hard work and determination, the ACN Opportunity can be a reality.

Good luck and God Bless.

RVP in 12 months... With any luck.:)

Anonymous said...

Acn reps. You are still counting on Acn to bring you long term wealth. If Acn was was to fall so would you.
I rather be in control of my own company.
You can't advertise Acn products can you?
What kind of business does not adverise products?
You go to seminars with pro speakers who hype you you up. That is all very well. Be hyped up and start your own company and control your own future, you are are still placing yourself in Acn's hands.
If you don't have your own plan you are part of someone elses (acn directors).
You are willing to sign up friends and family knowing that most of them will fall off.
The main focus of acn is to get you to recruit more reps.
What a concept Acn has. Lets not market our product but have reps pay for the privilege to do so.
Ask to see checks from the person signing you up or there mentors of proof of income. How much of the incom will be from recruiting.. Most of it. Residual not much.

Luke said...

Good decision you've made! Very proud that you did not get imensely involved in such a scam. I can't bring myself to endorse a scam to friends and family. Also, I felt the same way as you did as far as the lack of focus of the so called "video phone." In REAL business, it's the PRODUCT/SERVICES that generates and dictates profit comming in and not recruiting unsuspecting individuals of their money. I'm glad you recognized the unethical motivation behind this scam.

JOE said...

The one thing in the presentation they say is being coachable.. If you were someone who turned it down awsome but dont say no cuz your affraid to read a script. some people cant explain it and actually everyone when they first join cant explain it. Also noone lies, ACN tells you and everyone has the opportunity to say no. Big a big girl or boy and just say no. Not to be mean but i am willing to bet everyone on this blog does not live they way they really want. Why not try it.. DOnt assume to know the company and what it can do for you until you actually try it. That guy who bought the car was real i knew him high school and i didnt join either but when i saw that i joined and my life is way different. Dont be a follower and make your own desicions. Hope you are doing something better then this and find a way to make life better.. THANs.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank everyone who has posted comments with regards to ACN. I currently am being sought out as one of those selected few to jin the network. I have already seen the same story over & over from searching the web. The introduction of ACN was proposed to me in a way that I almost felt like I was given the opportunity to be involved in an investment that compares to being included in an insider trading scheme.

I decided to research on my own out side of the ACN website with Donald Trump endorsing the company & WOW!

You gotta love the internet! I have decided not to endorse nor involve my self with ACN.

For those who believe in this company & have joined I sincerely wish you well with your endeavors & may you find prosperity.


Matt Jaeger

Branden S. said...

My name is Branden

I have just resently entered into a business
relationship with this company, for what I see as pennie's! I see people waste time and money on things every second, of every minute, of every day. Things like smoke's and beer, and gambling! Those who quit so soon are selling-out way to fast!! "LOL" you people fail before you even get started. I see young people waste thier parent's hard earned money, in amount's of 50,000 dollar's or more on college educations that they never use!! Drinking and taking advatage of the one's that love them the most! "I hope this hit home with all you quiter's out there!!" You think you are helping your friend,
"I would rather try and fail then never try at all, and always wonder, did I really give it all I got!" If you don't want to be a rep. in this company just support your friend's new found business, and buy a cool phone from him/her, or just get a great deal on a new cell phone. Try to be positive. Why? Cause he's your buddy and he's your friend!!
Did you ever think maybe if he makes some money, he will take you out for a nice dinner, and share some of his hard earned cash on you!!

Ellie said...

Pyramid Schemes have been around forever.

The scary thing about this one is that the fine print is the proof that you're getting into something deep, but they won't show you this right away.

I went to a meeting for this and it was a friend of mine, and three of her friends. The leader of them was this kid, 20 years old, who was smoking a blunt while telling us of this ridiculously exciting opportunity. They drove all the way to detroit from Portland Oregon to go to this convention. It wasn't like any business meeting they had ever imagined, it was set up like an exciting rave, because that's the sort of thing that links in the young kids.

They werent aware of the monthly and annual fees that I found out about later. They had been talking to the "top dogs" or rather "dawgs" all day, talking like good old buddies about what promising young kids they were. They were the first to bring the business to Oregon apparently, and were promised they'd be rich.

I have yet to see if they'll become rich and it's a very interesting thing to watch. I wish I could get my friend out of it, because I don't think she realizes where it could go. They honestly don't think they'll ever have to work again. I really strongly believe we'll hear a lot about all of this later on, especially since they don't have laws against this specific scheme because they don't actually promise income and the fees are also included in the fine print.

This 20 year old kid was so excited, saying that he drank with the big guys while filling out his forms, stayed in the hotel free, and was given gas for the way back. In the script the people, the "big dawgs" "accidently" slipped up in almost telling everyone how much they make, but stopped themselves and said that they can't actually tell anyone how much they make. To everyone else this seemed to make it for sure that these people are rich rich rich and that they are also their friends, but to me, as a theater actress, I could see all of this just written in their scripts.

I really hope that my friends make money, and I'm sure they will for awhile until it all dries up. Until then, I suppose everyone has to make their own decisions. But since I understand pyramid schemes and impressional young kids, I'll keep working a 9 to 5.

I won't lie and say I know all the answers, because I don't, maybe this really is the dream-
and maybe as long as people don't RELY on it, they'll make money.
BUT I really have a strong gut feeling that this whole scheme relies on the failings of others and the money they've already put in.

Jonathan (Sydney, Australia) said...

Wow, I have not read so many "opinions" in such a short period of time.
I would like to start of by saying yes, i am an ACN representative and i am excited!

My story goes like this ... Im 22 years old and im starting my future with my wife to be in 6 weeks, about 1 year ago my brother came up to me and told me about this opportunity, being young i never thought big of it because my brother and i just started a business together in Graphic Design and I.T. and i didnt have "TIME", which i think now is a load of crap because we all have the TIME but we just dont organise and prioritize so there is no excuse.

Im currently working my 9-5 job as well as my business in Graphic Design plus my ACN business so my days are 16 hrs long, now the moral here is that i was VERY and i mean VERY NEGATIVE towards ACN.

Because my brother and i were in a partnership for our business, he decided to sign up and by default i signed up as well. We reached ETT in a couple of months but then we sotpped, we got de-motivated, we werent focused and plus having negative people around you and haivng a weak mindset as well as posture in to what you are doing.

It wasn't till about 5 months ago that i decided to say to myself, im getting married in 6 months, i have seen my parents work like slaves for years and i dont want that for my future wife or my family, i took a stance and said I WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN MY FAMILY TREE.

My brother and i attended the July International Convention and we were SWITCHED ON. The way i see ACN is like this, It's a personal development course, attached with a residual income.

I noticed a few people were crying and whining about paying $5, $10, $495. Guess what, it's a business and these costs should be looked as "INVESTMENTS". Do you seriously think if you were to buy a Mcdonalds franchise and they had a system that worked and oyu needed to attend a special training which costs in the thousands but you knew would be significant i your ability to expand your business, would you think twice? if you do then you my friend are not an entrepreneur and need to work on your goals and values.

I have turned many people down in my organisaiton due to the fact they didnt have the attitude and commitment that i need in my team, i am VERY and i stress the word VERY selective on who will run my multi-million dollar business. I tell you, its very very stressing knowing that i have some sleepless nights because i know that everytime i fail, or someone rejects me i know im getting closer and closer to my next position.

Now ACN is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME, its a GET RICH SLOOOOW SCHEME, which is better than a GET RICH NEVER SCHEME, you know what i mean?

Now regarding money in ACN my RVP upline is a Presidents Council Member, Circle of Champions member and i work directly with him, he is teaching me everyday via phone, email or person how to be like him and i asked him to show me a bank statement and he brought it one day and showed me and i could not beleive my eyes, i saw about $24,000 IN BONUSES (in 1 month)+RESIDUALS!!!

So i know there is money to be made, but what we need to do is not focus on the money, we need to focus on helping other's achieve their goals first and the money, by default, will be coming in.

So to the skeptics out there, thats fine PLEASE dont join ACN, do you know why? because if everybody joined ACN then who;
would cook my dinner at a restaurant,
who would fix my car when it needs to be tuned up,
who will drive the taxi when i need to go to the airport,
who will cut the ham at the delicatessen? etc ...

If oyu look back in history everyone that has suceeded whether it be pianist, artist, inventor, entrepreneur, philosopher, they all did one thing in common, they NEVER QUIT.

Just remember, ACN is going to be the WORLDS LARGEST TELCO COMPANY IN THE WORLD whether you like it or not, so you will be saying 2 things in a few years time, "Im glad i got in, i am now financially independent" or "I fucked up!"


"The most expensive thing in life is a closed mind..."



Jonathan (Sydney, Australia) said...


Microsoft has made over 16,000 Millionaires, so yeh you just got owned.

By the way did you know ACN's first 15 years in business, compared to Micorsoft's first 15 years in business, ACN is winning the race, ACN in 15 years time will be bigger than what Microsoft was in their 30 years in business :P.

I'm EXCITED!!!!! :D!!!

Renee said...

I support ACN 100%. Yeah, I paid the $499, the $5, and whatever I paid to get training from the best of the best. I been to a convention and listened to testimonials of people who owned businesses of their own and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and never had the time for their family or their own personal life, but since joining ACN and following and using leadership skills they've been able to live the life they've dreamed of and kids in their early 20's or 30's won't be working till their retirement age of 62 or 65 to get their pension. Taking money from your relatives or friends? Well, who is getting that money when they pay their phone, internet, or TV? Who are you paying? I don't mind helping my "brother or sister" in this time and age when I pay for my bill. I joined ACN to make some money and help other people. I don't want to be rich rich..just enough to spend more time with my family, watch my children grow as I grow oldr with them..its the quality not the quantity. ACN works..it is a company of integretiy..and to the people with negative comments..it probably means you aren't a coachable person and do not have a positive mindset of success. This is your own business that you paid for and you should learn and go to trainings to make your business work for you..a business takes commitment and knowing how to make your business succeed even in this time and age. Like any other business..it is a roller coaster ride..but stay focused and positive and you'll succeed.

Anonymous said...

Hello and I am sorry,
it looks you join in for a wrong reason.
If you would be excited about this new ACN product, be happy to save on your telephone and TV bills and also help others to save plus to get a new video phone...what on Earth is wrong with that?
I don't understand people who pre-judge and even hate business like people just because they are doing MLM.
What on earth is wrong with MLM?
Isn't everything MLM?

I'm so tired on negative people get upset and even mad when they see MLM.
So many people I know make good money with it and it is helping our economy.

wake up ...and if you don't have anything good to say about what you have experienced.
THIS IS NOT A JOB ...In MLM people have to take their own responsibility and lazy and spoiled people won't do it but blame it on others.

DO WE NEED more negativity ON INTERNET??


Anonymous said...

Lol i'm always amazed to see how the ACN guys come from everywhere when a Website present the company on a negative aspect.

Since this Blog is the number one for "ACN doesn't work" on Google i'm not surprised by the huge amount of comments. And it's like that in every country, and they always have the same argument. Every single ACN rep is a copy/paste of another disregard the continent... Sounds too weird for me.

Anonymous said...

ACN is at Business what scientology is at Religion.


Anonymous said...

gday people... im from sydney australia. I love people bagging out things they know know nothing about. its pathetic. basing negative post on no facts. the facts are out there that acn works. MLM works and if you do it right you will succeed. ACN allows you to research as much as you want and base your decision on what you find. if you were to spend alittle time going to events or training just to see what acn really offers you as a rep then you will truly find out if it is right for you.. after your research you find that it isnt for you then dont sign up..... its that simple. but dont go around putting it down because ill tell you the truth. its not for everyone. and to the people who failed in acn well i just have to say the company didnt fail you. you failed yourself by giving up. becoming sucessful isnt easy. it requires alot of time, effort and commitment (HARD WORK) and if your not willing to apply any of those factors into acn then you of-course will fail as with anything in life. ive been in the company a few months now and i was very skeptical at first and i search the whole internet to fidn a reason not to do it and i found no real strong evidence not to do it. so i looked at it differently. its only $500 and i think thats a cheap investment into something that is now changing myself, not just finically but personally with the skills i am building through training and experience. to be honest ive blown more than $500 on a weekend partying it up, getting drunk. tell me whats a waste of money?? growing as a person and helping other achieve their dreams or getting shit faced? you decide and thats the best thing about this business.............. its all up to you. you decide if you want to do this. you decide if you want to be successful. and for the those people who think its a scam then i guess im going to send the money back to acn which was deposited into my account last month. and when i get the next deposit i will send that back aswell... just to prove you negative, lazy people that its a scam.

my final words are... dont let negative people make your decision on something that can potenially change your life. go out and do cold hard research for yourself and base your decision on that.

and to all other acn reps out there, ........ dont give up. i wont and i will see you at RVP Retreat.


Jim said...

If you are interested in ACN and reading all the negative things about it. Just try and ignore them.

For Example:
If someone has been a mechanic all there life and they say don't do it then think for a moment.

If you take there advice then you will end up like them. If you take your own advice then you control where you will end up.

Its all up to you. And no one should force you into it.

Ive been with ACN for 3 months now and Ive already made my $495 back.
So what I earn from now on is just profit.

Anonymous said...

Bigger than microsoft, okay, whoever believes that, you are an idiot. ACN recycles ideas and sells established products, microsoft is just about the whole reason you are on a personal computer surfing the internet. Anyway, network marketing is network marketing, if you are passionate about your product, you will make money. Me, I could care less about telecommunications other than using them myself, so I wouldn't sign up. Stop trying to get rich, and concentrate your time on being happy, with whatever you are doing, and money, whatever amount you are meant to get, will follow. If you don't know what you are passionate about, figure that out before you decide you want to be rich. Being rich will NOT create your happiness.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the people who did the meeting totally ruined it for you. A few people can join...huh?? They obviously didn't get mentored by the right people or didn't go to an ACN training event(acn trains you). I know a lot about this and they, obviously didn't have a clue. And ahem..if I've got to wonder, why on earth would you want to join something if you thought it was a "half lie"..did you bump your head?? It's not a lie, but if you thought it was and didn't want to make phone calls to people THEN WHY DID YOU JOIN!!!? Get a clue man, if you were unsure of it, you should have at least investigated more instead of taking those morons word for it. They were wrong in a lot of ways and you don't even know it. I feel bad for you actually, because they really did ruin it for you.

Anonymous said...

My name is emilie and I'm an ACN rep for about 4 mounths now. I wanted to tell you about my experience so it could help you and others!

First, I havent been push at all, A really honnest guy shown me this opportunity and it change quite a lot of things in my life. He didn't try to make believe that it will be easy, I knew I will have to work hard but who doesn't work hard in an everyday job that doesn't pay much at the end of the week! I've star doing this a couple of hours a week (4-5) and I found very interesting to feel surronded by winning people, good energy and ...succes. By succes I'm not only talking bout money but also the achieving of yourself in a way you can't imagin!

Whatever who you are , where you are, your condition.. you can succed if you really believe in yourself, succes is energy and there's succes OR there's excuses

Much love!

Anonymous said...

dude.. I'm from Toronto, and I was introduced to ACN by a friend of mine back in October... guess what, I was a huge skeptic at first(not openly), but i did what most ppl do. I typed in ACN in google LOL! trust me there was enuff negative stuff out there.. and guess what.. I actually work for a Telecommunications provider, and according to some people, we scam them out of their money by charging them ridiculous rates.. if you type in our company name in google.. guess what pops up as well...

my point is, you can buy into somebody else opinions about how ACN will not work for you and you will fail.. but be prepared to also by into their lifestyle, because that's what your doing...

To be honest, I don't force ppl to join ACN.. if they don't want to, why would i waste their money? and waste my time working with somebody who doesn't want to do anything???.. doesn't make sense.

Lastly.. do you man.. because if you believe u will fail in ACN don't do it.. because ur probably right.. but if your a go getter, congrats, you'll be very successful. This business isnt' for everybody, and the scripts are just there as a guide and not unethical or anything.. Your simply leaning on your friend to support your business.. whats wrong with that?? I'm glad my boy invited me to see this, cuz if he didn't, i'd still be in the rat race.. and so what if he makes money off my success... doesn't ur current boss?

Howard said...

STOP STOP STOP HATING PLEASE! Look This business is not for everyone, but so is car sales, or a 9-5 in a cubical. For the people who have done this, "ACN" and not found success ultimately has to do with their own drive. Just like with anythong else in life "you get what you put in to it." Don't look to get rich quick, it's actually better to look at it as get rich slow. And that's what I love about it. Yes, I am currently a rep and have found success, but it was "me" or my drive that did it. Make your own destiny, you'll never make it listening to people who have failed. Good luck future ACN reps, make your own decisions and don't anyone steal your DREAM!

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend just joined ACN and I have been familar with the company for years. I used to coach some reps for the older company that did the same thing I think it was Excel, that was 6 years ago. There are a lot of people who have made good money but I would think about 80% of people don't get their $500 back in income and I would think less than 5% really make good money from something like this.

For me it is not something I would be interested in selling. The problem is that this form of network marketing is not about the product but the army of schmucks that you can get to sell selling nothing... I am inpressed that Trump is endorsing them and if their actual products work effectivly, save money and are user friendly and appropriatly supported than maybe I am wrong.

If I am going to put energy into marketing something I want to believe in the product. I am hopefull but do not think that I? will be delightfully suprized.

Chris Wess, Fl. said...

After having heard from a friend about the ACN-Opportunity and having seen one of their presentations with all those motivated Reps with fancy cars and lives, i did some major research...

Remark: During the presentation, one of those hugely motivated speakers said it very clearly NOT to go on google and check the ACN's networks reputation... I wondered why he kept on saying that for at least THREE or FOUR times... That was reason enough for me to do exactly what they told me not to do!! Google! (I recommend it to anybody out there!!)

One can say what he wants about MLM, but it only works for those who own the company... Those are the ones who tell their success stories... And for those who join in a very early stage and do not have any ethical issues with the fact, that they do business with their own folks... It is not about selling the product, but about recruiting Rep's, that will spend the 500 Bucks... It might work to get Reps recruited under you, but only if you rip them off like you were ripped off. And you don't want to rip of your relatives or friends, don't you?

After all this I came to the conclusion: I will NOT join ACN. My research and my feelings about that company just scream: Don't do it!

By the way: Did anybody realize, that every positive comment about the company begins with: "Anonymous said..." I wonder how many different people really typed those messages? Or was it only one who wants to make sure, that there are at least SOME positive reviews about the company... Or is it a shame to set your name under those positive comments, because they only tell lies as a part of the scam!

James Callahan said...

Read This.....
I was invited to an ACN meeting at a friends house last night. I was under the impression that he was going to have me go over his business plan and offer suggestions and critiques. Un-anounced to me, I was in a room surrounded by this cult of ACN reps trying to get me to drink the Kool-Aid. I had no idea what this was..never heard of ACN! The situation was quite wierd. My friend had obviously been brainwashed somehow because he was definately out of character and fully believed ACN was going to answer his problems.
So I sat and took in the sales pitch from the "wolf mother" (the one that recruited these other kids including my friend and some other reps present). I watched the success stories from ACN reps, watched all the lovely propganda about making money, then looked at my current financial situation and wondered why my friend even wanted me to join this scam? I'm doing just fine right now! I have a house, a car, a trailer, a boat, and I'm 25! I did it through normal means of investment, not by cheating my friends and family.

Regardless, the pitch given to me was based more upon how much money I would make if I joined and how it was the wave of the future. than the product or business plan itself.

The world is not going to embrace landlines. Cell phones are becoming the primary means of telecommunication and people will eventually dump their landline service. The growth in the video phone industry is also going to be negatively impacted from computer programs such as skype and appletalk. The business plan for ACN is one of recruiting people into the scheme. The sales alone will not support you nor make you enough money considering the fact that you are jeopardizing the trust and friendships that you have taken so long to build. Ultimately, you will end up working hard, hitting the pavement, and siging people up so you can put fuel in the guy at the top's Yacht.

ACN also acts as a liason between other services and the consumer. They are trying to convey the message that they "cut out the middle man" but in reality they are a giant middle man that is getting paid commision from these service providers for selling services. Making people sign 2 year contracts with ACN and not getting any special benefits from it is not int he best interest of your friends and family (your potential underlings in the scheme).

Overall, I have lost my friend to this scam and I am sure a lot of other people have seen this happen before. Most will go along with it and invest time and money but in reality if they put this much effort into other facets of their life, they would be doing far better.

It is insulting to have been invited to this meeting. I can't believe my friend was trying to capitalize and get me to sign up so he could score a bonus of $50. This is one company that will fail. It doesn't matter if Donald Trump backs it or if it is blasted all over the media, it all boils down to the fact that it is a PYRAMID SCHEME.

PS: If it is this easy to recruit mindless un-educated peons to give you money in hope of glory and wealth, then I am tempted to start a pyramid. The only time it is viable is when you are on top. Unfortunately, I am not spineless enough to steal peoples money legally.

Norman said...

Hey James, your friend has a dream or believed in something right?.. i think you lost a friend because you didnt believe in him/her..

I understand your happy with what you got and where you stand so, the least you could do for your 'Friend' is help in any way possible. Who knows what an impact that would of made on your friends life.

As for the company, after all these years, ACN would of failed by now.. obviously not, set up all over the world, i'd say that ACN is achievement..

Personally, I think ACN is a 'shortcut to freedom'..

Growing up in the troublesome streets of South Auckland New Zealand, we all want to be ON THE SPOT rich, and turning to illegal activities was and still is an option. I was surrounded by this so my way out wasn't ACN, it was to move to Australia where theres alot more money and better paid jobs, sure its better but its the same freakin thing but just abit more money to spend. I thought and thought and thought some more, and i said to myself "go back to school". lol, i thought that if i studied more, i'd get the big money jobs like a doctor, lawyer etc.(it doesn't matter what job) and i will get paid more.
Three weeks later an uncle who i havn't seen or heard from for 19 odd years calls us at home and we talk and i tell him what i have planned and stuff and he says to me, "What if I gave you a shortcut?" .. are you kidding me?, I thought he was trying to bring south auckland to brisbane, aus. I said "come on, i dont want to go to jail". he told me "this is 100percent legal, just take that long distance dream of yours and make it a shorter distance and pull it towards you with ACN"

Ever since then, its been unreal because these opportunities are blinded from alot of us due to the lack of exposure to success and are often turned down because everyone you know are in the same boat as yourself and no one wants to go for a swim because of the fear of drowning BUT if someone surfaces then the next man will jump in then the next, before you know it, everyone jumps in without thinking. I maybe alil big headed but i feel like i was the 1st one in.

Norman Marsters

XE7EN said...

Three words.

Better Business Bureau.

kontact me.

XE7EN said...

i have been there and done that. my upline failed me, and i never generated enough money to travel to and attend the "training conferences".

ever since joining ACN, it's always been 'take, take, take..." and no real help in understanding the business. i've asked my upline countless times what they've done to prosper and yet they tell me to wait until i reach a certain promotion level. i've researched the online document handouts they give you countless times, and watched their 'training videos' which do nothing except pump you up on a emotional high and provide a rough idea of what it's like to make it that far. they never go into detail with what you need to know succeed. like pitching skills. communicating with the other party. being professional and trustworthy. and giving valuable information. but instead they tell you what to say (or what is 'best' to say). because at the end of the day you still are working a "JOB" for these guys who make bonuses off of you and everyone you recruit for the CN business. and to make this perfectly clear; you are not a business owner. you do not own ANYTHING except a slot defining you as an ACN rep. everything else you bought is property of ACN and it's their legal right to come snatch all that stuff right out of your little hands. and they don't have to pay you back either. that also goes for your ACN membership as well.

so don't make me laugh by giving us the "enrichment speech". it's not like the people who join don't try to make money. they dooo everything within their physical and mental limits to make this thing work. but the reason there's such a small percentage of success is because there is a small percentage of luck. and with any luck, you'll be right on your way into the big bucks. but we all don't share the same luck.

do your research. find out what you can for what it's worth. and if it fits your lifestyle then good for you. not to mention though, but it's usual for people with lots of money to also have lots of [erm, disposable] friends. and putting up the 500 is nothing for them. heh, "sign me UP!!" as they most likely would say. why not? the rich stay rich. and those who are most unfortunate (unlucky bastards) will just be unfortunate.

you illustrate a false reality. who wouldn't get pumped at the sight of it?

XE7EN said...

and also Norman,

how much sense would it make if the 95% of people jumping into a lake drowned while 5% surfaced and succeeded to swim?

that's a lot of dead bodies.

it's important to see the long-term goal, I'll admit. but it's even wiser to see the aftermath beforehand.

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear that many of you were lied to about ACN. Where are ya'll from?? I was introduced to ACN about 6 weeks ago. I met with a friend of mine and they went over the 10 boxes. I was very interested. He then invited me to see a bigger picture at a presentation which was held in a hotel. He asked me to leave my credit card and money at home that he was not trying to sell me anything, he just wanted to share the opportunity. During this presentation I was told the three ways to get paid and how this was not a get rich quick deal. They said it would take about 2-5 yrs. They told me of the renewal fee of 149.00 annually and the $499 to start. They were very clear with all the details and I did not feel pressured in any way. They told me to go home and think about it before I made a decision. A couple days later they called me up and asked me if I thought this was something I was interested in. I definetly was. I have already received 2 checks in the mail and I only put in about 8 hours of work during the entire 6 weeks. My upline, actually really have helped out. It's true what they say your in business for yourself but not by yourself. I am sorry but I would rather pay 499.00 to start my business than to try and open my own business like a verizon and spend thousands of dollars to start and not know how I am going to do. Yeah I had to get two people and I did that in 2 weeks. and yeah I will help my downline to get their two people and continue on and on. There's nothing wrong with getting paid off of others customers. It's not hurting them because they are getting a percentage as well. " I would rather get a 100% of someone elses efforts than to give 100% of my own". Too bad ya'll were lied to because this is a great company. And let me tell you I would rather pay 149.00 a year than to pay a lease on a building for 1000-2000 per month. wouldn't you??

Norman said...

Hey XE7EN,

That simply means:
95% QUIT with bulls**t excuses.

Where do you sit?

My point is that there are opportunities out there, we either take advantage of it or we let it slip.
I mean, How are we supposed to know if we dont give it a try?
ACN doesnt ask, tell or talk anyone into joining, they simply show an opporpunity that works and its up to us to decide.

(love this quote)
"If Excellence is an option, how could you settle for Average?"

Everyone I know only knows one thing which is breed into us from the beginning and thats to "Get a good job to live a good life" not knowing that it really means "Being a Slave helps the rich get richer".

I dont know about ya'll but I aint no slave.

XE7EN said...

more fanciful garbage.

do you actually think people who join ACN put 500 dollars of their hard earned money into the hands of ACN just to quit?

you Reps are bozos.

I was a rep at one time, and while i was working the system - the residual income never sustained me. Soon after my warm market turned cold, so did my bonuses.

You must not have read a certain post here...

If you consider me a quitter because i didn't have enough friends and family to screw over, or that finding adequate business support was expensive and exhausting, that the 5% success rate isn't a choice - it's a matter of fact, then i implore you to look at yourself.

You aren't big time - you're a small, indistinct and unscrupulous minion. You work for your higher up, as he or she rakes in the sweat and blood of your endeavors.

Without rep acquisitions ACN would be nothing, you wouldn't get your bonuses, and the amount of dead bodies and blood on your hands because of your cultist beliefs will only ensure your place in hell. (and i don't mean after you die)

only 5%. if you make that 5 then you're lucky. if you were a part of that 5 you wouldn't be here trying to convince everyone ACN is the vehicle for you. You would instead prove to everyone how ACN is the number-one residual income job.

And I bet I can do a better job than you.

Want me to prove it? Ok.

Given the current compensation plan, base level commision (You) makes 2% commision on billings. Downline commisions levels 1 through 5 You make 1/4% commission total on those monthly commissions. 1% commission on level 6 and 6% commission on level 7.

The example.

Assuming everyone in your organization recruits exactly two Reps and generates and sustains 20 individual customer accounts with $30 monthly billing volume (12x30= $360 annually; which translates to 20x360=$7200 total billing volume per rep),

Your annual residual income, base to downline levels, is:

Base yearly commission (20 customers, 2% commission)
$144 annual salary

Downline Level 1 - plus base (1/4% commission)

Downline Level 2

Downline Level 3

Downline Level 4

Downline Level 5

Downline Level 6 (1% commission)

Downline Level 7 (6% commission)

$122,220 per year with a total of 510 Reps in your organization and 10,200 Customers with a total billing volume of $3,672,000 million dollars.

Note that this is with 100% success rate.

ACN basically screws you over until you muscle through to that fantasy 7th level.

Now you tell me where YOU sit. Norman.

Norman said...


If you read the very 1st post mate, It clearly says this aint a 'Get Rich Quick' business..

No need to explain to me how ACN pays reps, and yeah its shocking looking at a 1/4 of a percent for your 1st three levels. This is why ACN put Bonuses in place.
So if you talk to NO ONE, you get NO MONEY, talk to SOME, you get SOME, talk to ALOT, you get ALOT..

From the day you start, the best thing to do is to go for your Bonuses and make the bonuses your only source of income.
You shouldnt really focus on the residuals as they will automatically grow.
There is money to be made mate, just dont expect to get rich through out your 1st couple of levels.

You say ACN screws you(YOU) over till your "Fantacy 7th level".. come one man, put in the work dude. Work hard now and relax later..

And thats where I sit.

p.s. Thanks.

XE7EN said...

Dude, you don't make more than $200 a month within your first five levels. And your bonuses can't suffice for your lack of warm market. Even if you jump-start your career with 15 reps on your team, ALL of you will most likely drop out within the first year, or sooner because more and more people are saying no and wising up to the hype.

Wisdom is poison to the corporate community.

If you believe these people want to help you, then why would they starve your income (commissions below 10% ?? what?!) and force you to make your sole income based on how many reps you can get in? If it wasn't about the reps, then how can it possibly be about customer acquisition?

You see it for yourself.

This isn't a customer acquisition business. This is a scheme to make the big boys their money. It's either about the customer or it's about the rep. And last time i checked, it costs 499 dollars per rep? To make a six figure income you first have to make ACN 51 million dollars in rep acquisitions.

That's stupid and wrong.

If you've got the means and the patience to lose more money in a business you should be making money in, then be my guest. Don't say I didn't tell you. The proof is in the writing. and the math.

And once you get tired of all the hoopla, and constantly giving ACN your hard-er earned bucks, and stealing from your mom, and pretty much begging ACN to give you that big check - don't slap yourself too hard. The way this system is designed, you will ALWAYS work hard and NEVER relax later.

But you keep focusing on that Later.

Looks like to me you're sitting in the wrong place, my man.

Norman said...


Sure you will have reps who will fall out of your business along the way but you can only do so much and at the same time, you should have more joining.

If you really want your business to build, I mean really want it to go forward, Dont waste your time on a rep who is not putting in the effort. e.g. I wouldnt try and motivate someone if there was a motivated person avaliable. The best you can probably do is to do what ACN is doing right now 'Show it & Wait' Who knows, Maybe you failed your upline and not them.


The ones that make it in this business are the ones who want to go forward with the team not with the team on their back.

Jump starting your business with 15reps is possible, 20reps is possible, even more. If you run out of people to talk to, ask for referrals, ask referrals for referrals, teach yourself new things and make sure you really need to learn these things to go forward..
I dont know man, I know that if I didnt make the change, I would probably be like you & complain about everything.

Its simple, It aint impossible!

Here in Australia, the ACN market is still young so we have an advantage on building a pretty massive team, and fast too.
I can only imagine what the U.S.A is like after the viewing of 'The Celebrity Apprentice' ft the ACN Video Phone. It'll rush across the country in an instant making it harder for new ACN reps to get started.

Anyway, being in Australia, I think im in the Right place.
At the right time too.
I know what needs to be done in ACN so theres no reason for me to fall out.

Its possible mate and you may think that it aint fair that the founders/ACN gets it all and you just get a cut, but what other company gives back to their reps like ACN?.
As long as I'm in a better position than what I was in, then Im prepared to make them millions. A good thing about ACN, is that it aint hard and that your income grows which is great because I was a nobody.

I gotta tell ya, everytime I read your comments, I think that your missing out or missed out on an opportunity which I think works. I also have family and friends who say the same things that you said and its kinda sad when I see them go out and work for someone who doesnt give back but a weekly pay slip with the same pay amount made the week before and aint gonna change.

If you think ACN doesnt work, you shouldnt be telling me or anyone else that its stupid and wrong when its a proven successful company.
That 'Relax Later' thing that Im focused on is coming. Its because Ive seen it and want to be a part of it.

Hope what ever you do makes you happy & that you find an income as high as the ACN founders. I feel more motivated than ever, especially when i read your posts or any negative threads I find.


p.s. Again, It aint impossible.

XE7EN said...

you'd do better starting your own scam.

seriously, though. it's the art of redundancy. you look up to these Co-founders like they're gods. You are trained to curse and purge anyone or anything that speaks negativity towards ACN, and are constantly constantly told to be duplicable - not enlisting your own techniques to improve self performance but instead doing things the 'traditional' way or the way of others. An Indoctrination of sorts requiring full faith.

It makes no difference what you say you believe happened to me and my upline. I won't lose sleep over what you think. And if you truly truly care that much to think I've failed my upline, you might have missed the update where i say they all ABANDONED ACN for 5Linx.

What kind of company pays their representatives better than ACN?? You really don't know? Any vendor or franchise owner gets paid a very very nifty cut of commission. Car dealers and their salespersons receive good percentages and are far more honest. Real estate brokers, debt Collectors, bank and stock Brokers, Accountants - all these being real jobs paying much more than ACN offers and all of it without having to screw one person over. All of these jobs demand high percentage performance for the type of pay you deserve. You work hard and are rewarded handsomely.

If you truly live on ACN's bonuses, then essentially you're living on broken investments and people's trust. Their system does not work. You'll most likely end up with three dedicated reps, with one or two personals themselves, and if you make it to the seventh level you probably will have only three or four who stay in. Perhaps an accomplishment of one or so many years and still not an adequate source of income. If you can successfully captivate some individuals into buying in the trick, then that puts money in your pocket so you can eat and look fancy another day (still not living up the reputation).

Honestly, your method of ethics is completely screwed. "Australia's potential", as you put it, is only a respective factor to the amount of people who buy in you'll allow ACN to extort. Even the for the scantiest of us, to make money is directly dependent of the total local population. And if you're given the gift of travel, well then you're basically poison.

Because you can't expect everyone you recruit to be fairly successful. You can't expect everyone to succeed the same way you do. You can't expect everyone to be as educated as you are. You must understand that people do not have the same opportunities and life standards (leverage) as you do. No two individuals are alike, and the same should be considered when ACN business ethics and methods are regulated.

Now before you write me (yet again) another "ACN fabulous" message describing your impeccable faith in the co founders/leaders/owners to deliver you from poverty and slim pockets to your fancy dream lifestyle,

I seriously hope for you the best if you aptly believe you will succeed in ACN, i will not be one to discredit you. But i strongly advise against it. The proof has already been given to you. The ethics and matter of business were discussed. You know the public eye's perception of your affiliation. And in two to three years, you will see for yourself - not for me or anyone else who has told you - the truth.

Anonymous said...

ACN is no different than any other MLM scheme. Yes the product is legit. Yes some do may a lot of money. But, at what cost? Any type of business that preys on friends and family plus with half-truths is not the type of business I want to make money with. I have a "friend" who is keeps bugging me about this "opportunity". He tells me he has made $1000.00 by signing up three people. How is that possible? I thought the commission was below 10 percent? Why is he bugging me so much? because he NEEDS me to sign up in order to make a dime. He tells me that EVERYONE makes a million dollars. Right. Any company that wants you to bug your friends and family constantly and promises you wealth, is no company I want anything to do with. I think part of the scam here is that those who are currently reps are told to tell people that they are wealthy because of it. The only people who are making a lot of money from this are the guys at the top.

No one cares about making anyone else rich. No one. They only need you to get themselves rich. That's it. So, if a person gets sucked into ACN or any other MLM you just blew your money.

Thank you for your review.

Anonymous said...

I just went to a meeting today the speaker was very good a down to earth guy, no pressure, people make money at this you dont have to scam into good money be honest its hard work and a team effort im 29 no education make 30k a year have a kid on the way the world is a shady place with shady people I understand that im going to invest my 499 and time to acn because it can be done turn my friends onto it in a possitive way be upfront about the cost and hard work meet alot of good people and shady people on the way and in 2 maby 10 years down the line i can be a success. To me its worth a shot because my 9 to 5 takes up my time and I have no retirement pay. You get out of life what you put into life its the same way in biz life I hear so many great thing from so many people about acn, and so much bad things from only 5 people about acn so my gut says acn will work for me in the long run if i work for acn now.

Anonymous said...

you know what? the first time i was introduced into the buisness i loved the idea of making tons of money but i couldnt start because of my age. So, for one whole year i did research on the company & i still love it to this day & when i turn 18 which will be in sep 11 i will be become the next youngest RVP. i think this is the easyest job EVER, beats working for someone. Well good luke man hope everything goes well for you

Anonymous said...

I have a close family member who dove into the ACN game head first and has yet to look back. He's pushing hard to "Make Big Bucks" without working hard in a traditional way. Don't get me wrong, he's one of the hardest working guys I know and he's putting all efforts forward into this ACN thing. He's making someone really good money. I fear that he's going to have to file for bankrupcy if he's not careful. The ACN effort is about getting the $499 from each representative.... there's little focus on increasing customer base, customer retention etc. Not to mention, the Video phone service is not reliable. I've had the service for 7 months and it freezes, it's choppy etc.. I will be canceling soon. I hope you have better luck wtih this if you decide it's an opportunity for you.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Great blogs by Norman and Xe7en. The straight forward approach with facts to debate this issue make blogging such a powerful tool.

TIME AND ENGERGY: one thing that's not discussed is the time and energey put forward... and what that may cost an individual. Or better bet, what an individuals time and engergy are worth.

How much time and effort will it take to reach level 7 with ACN, making ACN 51 million in in rep sign ups (per Xe7en)? 3-5 years at 30-40 hours a week, assuming a person has a job that actually sustains themselves at the same time. The payback is minimal at best... I could purchase a franchise Burger King and make more money in 5 years. Not to mention a reduced amount of risk.

Robert from UT said...

I went to an ACN meeting a few years back (7 or so ???). An old "friend" from high school contacted and invited me. (Sounding familiar, anyone?)

Well, they're baaaaaaacccckk (in my area). My brother just went to a meeting last night and came over to my house to tell me all about it.

A few hours before that... My neighbor called and invited me to come to a meeting at his house, regarding a "business opportunity" (he wouldn't say exactly what it was... but, I already knew.)

Anyway... I could go on and on...


This is how I feel (... you may feel differently):

ACN--and any multi-level marketing (MLM, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-level_marketing) business, for that matter--seem like SUCH a waste to me.

Here is my advice:


- Do what you are passionate about and get your family behind you

- Start very small. Grow it at your pace, if possible. In some cases, it can take a whole lot less than $500 to start a business--and YOU own it.

- Be friendly and willing to help others. You may be inclined to horde all of your "experience". Help others--they'll be more likely to refer others to you than become your competition.

* But... Don't allow people to take advantage (of your time, resources, etc), either. *

- Avoid debt at all costs. If you incur debt... Pay it back ASAP.

- Work hard and keep learning! Personally, I would much rather spend my time improving a skill and provide a good service than attending meetings, "schmoozing", and pressuring people into a business commitment they, probably, don't want.

I guess my "rant" is over. :)

Just be careful with what you invest in... Avoid anyone/anything that feels wrong or is not transparent about their intent.

Trust your gut!


Anonymous said...

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Eugene said...

People complain all the time that ACN is a scam. Remember, these are the people who worked for a couple of days, didn't make any money and now crying like a baby.

Folks, just like any other MLM, it works and could get you significant amount of money, but here's the catch.

You MUST work and work hard. Remember, this isn't going to make you a millionaire overnight, but if you work hard, stay consistent and persevere, you will earn soooo much money..money you never thought was possible.

How do I know? I've done it. Check out my personal site, www.eugeneg.com

XE7EN said...

Ok, I can't address every which argument since my last post, but you already know when something you've been working with for over six months has failed to work.

If you take some time not to read only the last post here, you'll see that the points I've argued are viable, and intelligently evaluated. And also, I punctuate my sentences. But, not to get besides the issue...

I wouldn't tell anyone not to spend their $500 bucks on ACN if i didn't know anything about it. For those of you following, you already know that I was an ACN rep at one time. And NO it did not work. I mean, maybe if my friends and family were stupid rich and simply just had 500 dollars laying around just for the hell of it, maybe it would make sense to try it. But I know that the majority of us living under government law do not have those kind of assets. So i would not mislead you, or discourage you from finding a good source of income.

Come to think of it, we ran the figures on another post showing people EXACTLY what they would make by following the current ACN compensation plan. You can pretty much forget about residual income. I mean, to make a good fortune that way you're gonna have to kill somebody. So what's left? Bonuses.

Your income based on Bonuses. TCABs and CABs. Getting new reps qualified. For each new rep, who has just spent $500 dollars on this 'opportunity', and becomes Qualified within 30 days time - to be considered "qualified" one must obtain the minimum amount of customer points (8pts last I checked) and add "TWO" reps to his/her downline (another $1000 in ACN's pocket) - you get $50 dollars each time this happens. Think of this as a pat on the back for keeping this hell train rollin'.

Besides the obvious, patrons of ACN services are beginning to taste the sourness of its cheese. Most people who have a product of ACN knows it sucks, which already decreases its credibility in the telecommunications market. Perhaps the reason you've never heard of ACN is because it is Actually that bad. Or, maybe, that ACN uses it's billions of dollars to take cold-marketing videos and advertisements off of websites, blogs, and billboards.

What they will tell you is that you gotta work hard. Truth is, you're going to have to. Bad news is, no amount of hard work is going to earn you even a modest living with ACN.

If you want to learn more, just search this blog for my name.

j said...

Xe7en, I'm sorry to hear about your experience in MLM. There is a fine print in life, "Success is not guaranteed but rather influenced individuals specific efforts."

Hard work, perseverance, consistency, etc and having a good coach is all it takes to make it whether it be ACN, or your other business.

Never give up.

Your MLM Mentor,

XE7EN said...

Wow. "Success is not Guaranteed but rather [by] influenced individuals specific efforts." So by this, you mean to tell me that by first following a given influence can any one person achieve success? Yes, it takes hard work and a lot of perseverance and time to make anything worthwhile, but the only influence an MLM gives is false determination. You can try to put the blame on me, try to call me a failure, or just plain sour because i failed at ACN but since then I've joined the Army, gotten into school (paid for), and I am doing much, much better than any of you MLM jocks care to disclose. And, sorry eugene, but I've been to dozens of sites like yours as well, each professing this "free graitude" of information, when it's just another pitch to suck up more money from people who are failing at MLM's. Hey, if you've got this many people willing to join this company with a high expectancy of failure rate, and they do indeed fall off the map, why not make a profit from that also? You pigs seriously disgust me.

People listen up. Every company works on multiple levels. And every company pays their employees based on their level respective to their overall worth. What makes you think a company will waste its chances at making a definite profit from trained, educated employees, than let just anybody in and try for the same goal? It's not worth it. For you, nor for them. So, some smart/sly companies take this one step further. Let the poor masses delude themselves into thinking they can achieve the life of their dreams by doing next to nothing, all they have to do is delude more losers.

Sorry, I'm only referring to the MLM schemes out there that do not work. ACN and like companies do not work. Don't let others con you into a trap. If they ask for your money, it's definitely not a job offer.

Anonymous said...

I made over a million dollars within 18 months. It's a great opportunity to make a difference in your life. Now I only work about 30 hrs a month. I travel the world, next month I'm climbing Mt. Everest, Bali in May, the world is my oyster all because of ACN.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt in my mind what so ever that Profit lance will show you how to make money online, but there are many obstacles your going to face in order to do it or to get to where I am at. What I mean is, there's allot of information, tools and resources in this course that your going to have to get familiarized with before you can become successful. Yes you will earn money but to make a living out of it your going to really need to understand how everything works.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Often we forget the little guy, the SMB, in our discussions of the comings and goings of the Internet marketing industry. Sure there are times like this when a report surfaces talking about their issues and concerns but, for the most part, we like to talk about big brands and how they do the Internet marketing thing well or not so well.


Eugene said...

I don't think you should be asking whether it works, there are millions of customers and thousands of successful independent representatives.

Hey, don't get me wrong but I sincerely regret that ACN did not work for you. ACN or MLM is not for everyone, its tough and can get overwhelming if you don't have full understanding of marketing.

At ACN, they understand that it’s not just about money. It’s about so much more than that… it’s about quality of life. Many people who start an ACN business already have a great job. They come from all walks of life: bankers, consultants, farmers, professors. They are already making a good living. But at what price?

With traditional jobs, people are forced to trade their time for money, to sacrifice quality moments with their loved ones just to make some extra money.

ACN can give you a way to get more of the things you really want… time for your family… time for your friends… time for your hobbies… time to focus on your well being… and most importantly, time for YOU!

I'll leave you with this, instead of concentrating on YOU, concentrate on helping other PEOPLE succeed in your business/downline. You'll notice, people in ACN who succeed have a servant leaders attitude.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Anyone who cannot make ACN work is mentally retarded...honestly it is not hard at all, & I have seen proof it works...I have this psychologist for you to see, just respond!! She will be happy to talk about your problems!!! :)

Paul said...

Has anyone got the actual numbers on how this works..

Like, If i pay a guy right now $500, how much does my 'recruiter' make.

and how much do i make if i get 5 people to sign up?

Anyone got the numbers on this?

Anonymous said...

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Cherrie said...

My friend does ACN but because his family didn't suport him he quit. He got his money back through the monthly income from ACN from the amount of products and people he had under him.
Does anyone know anything about "5Linx" because they have the exact same concept of making money through Cell ohone palns, home phones, digital voice..etc..

Anonymous said...




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Doug Atkinson said...

xe7en - where the heck did you get those numbers from?? They are not even close to the truth! You write long essays here, but what good are they if they are not factual??

Doug Atkinson said...

Paul - here's your answers:

Has anyone got the actual numbers on how this works..

Like, If i pay a guy right now $500, how much does my 'recruiter' make.


and how much do i make if i get 5 people to sign up?


Anyone got the numbers on this?

Anonymous said...




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Anonymous said...

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jessie said...

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Alexa said...

ACN is a scam and I have personally seen a friend get brainwashed and alienated because of it. He turned into a huge liar, lied about stuff he had and how much money he was making to the point it was laughable.

All you on here proclaiming ACN like it is the savior are full of shit, you are brainwashed, delusional, stupid, pathetic, bottom feeder, and broke ass liars and half of you probably still live in your moms basement.

Disgusting what some people will try and do for the promise of money. How weak minded could you possibly be? Your mother and fathers should be crying for their dumb ilk.

Do not get sucked into this SCHEME SCAM it is a SCAM and you will NOT succeed. Your uplines are liars and smooth talkers. Don't listen to these fools on here. Save your money and do something productive with for pete sakes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Send Alexa the $500 bucks she needs more beer!

thor said...

Hi all, this blog entry is great. I'm actually researching about ACN and finding about people experiences. There's an ACN convention here in Sydney and we are tempted to go. I need more info at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I am also looking into ACN. The blog was ver interesting. I'm still on the fence.

Richard A. Bourque said...

I have been in the Network marketing industry for 30 years, and I have researched over 250 companies, unfortunately what you say is true, too many companies are not honest or leave it to their distributor to sell the service or opportunity their own way....in the end you have good and bad people everywhere!

There are a few good MLM companies out there...bur very few.

For the last 5 years I have helped hundreds of people assess and choose a homebased business for them...not me some are MLM and some are traditional. I have worked with some great companies, and some not so great, but in the end I learned from all of them.

I currently run a traditional business from home part-time and use the services f one mlm business for the last 6 years, I am focussing on helping others.

My advice is always research your opportunities, I have 5 questions I need to have answered before moving forward, and the answers for you would be different...and thats the way it should be...because in the end it is your business...and in the end, you will have to work if you want to earn...been like that for 200 years...it hasn't changed!

Richard A.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE ACN!!! Seriously you guys, this company is really great and it really doesnt hurt to try it. Yes, it's hard work but you will make more money with ACN in 10 years than you will working at a traditional 9-5 job in 10 years. Just put the same effort in. it is really incredible.

Anonymous said...

I really agree with the person above me. ACN does work it just takes the time and effort. The people that give up are the ones who aren't trying and are losing faith. It really helps to pick your up-line wisely. You want to be working with someone who will help you succeed, because that is the basis of ACN... Helping others succeed. I really feel for those of you who have a bitter taste in your mouth from ACN, or who it didn't work for, because it is a wonderful company... It just takes time. Not a get rich quick scheme.

seeker said...

hey like the sight everyone seems more positive than on a lot of the sightsIve been on at the end of the day everyone needs to find out what works for them, I'M NOT SUPER SUCCESFUL AT ACN YET BUT IM LEARNING AND GETTING BETTER AT THE BUSINESS AND MY RESIDUAL IS SMALL NOW BUT ITS STARTING TO GROW OH CAPS LOCK ON AGAIN OH WELL HOPE ALL GOES WELL WITH EVERYONE


Anonymous said...

I have an awesome IT consulting job and I love what I do but like alot of people out there, I work for a company and I get paid little compared to how much the company gets paid for the projects I do by myself! About 2 weeks ago I was called by a friend who had "an interesting business idea..lets meet?!" that she wanted to share with me. My answer to that was obviously "YES"! I went to her house and met another mutual friend there. They gave me the presentation on ACN and all that. I thought it was a good idea. Today (saturday September 25th, 2010), I followed my friend to a training session that lasted 3 hours. The atmosphere was incredible and the energy in the room was amazing! People were all professionally dressed driving these flashy cars. Impressed much?...YES!

The presentation was really good and informative but my problem is that it was a repeat of what I heard at my friend's house just in longer sentences and from different people (actually some of the sentences they were using were IDENTICAL to what I heard at my friend's house!! hhmmmm...)

Anyways, I asked my friend (who has already joined ACN), i've asked our mutual friend, i've asked some of the people at the presentation today one simple question that I need to get clarified and no one has given me an answer (plus no disrespect to anyone, but I really do not care if Donald Trump is affliated with ACN or the fact that it was on The Apprentice...I honestly do not care!). If I am signing up for a business, how do I make money is my question? Don't tell me residual income or from your downline blah blah! NO! I understand ACN is not selling products or services but my job as a rep is to recruit people! fine...lets go down that route then... Lets say I have gotten 2 people to sign up in my first week, each of them have subscribed to 3 ACN services...go ahead! please tell me how I can start making money using this example!!

If anyone can help me understand, I will join ACN under their leadership!

Anonymous said...

I do have a few thoughts on this for you. This entire list of comments seem to be excuses for why this will not work rather than good advice on how it will work. In this industry you make money two ways. Sell goods and services yourself and have others join you to do the same. You produce results, you get paid. You help others produce results you get paid more. If you treat this like a business, it will pay you like a business. Tired of all these people who get on here and moan and complain that they got ripped off. ACN tells you if you do x you will get paid y. No hidden agenda there. If your boss told you that you could bring as many people as you want to your job tomorrow and that you would get paid a percentage of what they accomplished that day, how many friends would you bring with you. Also, you want to be in business for yourself, want a franchise? Check out the prices. $500,000 and up for a Verizon store. Then you get to sell Verizon in one area. I get to sell it (and have team members sell it) in over 20 countries wherever it is available. And all of the other wireless companies, satellite TV, home security, videophone and digital phone service, electricity, etc.
Keep your day job but consider getting up off the couch to EARN serious money if you work it.

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Anonymous said...

ACN is complete crap, they have no product. It's a pyramid scheme that is all about the endless chain of recruiting. Very very (very) few people make it to the top and indeed they perhaps do well in it, but for me - NO THANKS, I cannot swallow that much bullsh*t.

Anonymous said...

LOL you people are funny. Ever wonder why 90% of these people are broke? I am glad you guys are saying bad things about ACN, it only motivates me more. -Josh

Anonymous said...

I read through most of the posts. The black background and the white lettering screws up my eyes. Someone change that please.

Does ACN work? I'm not sure. Am I in it? Yes I am. 4 weeks in and still going.

I am a previous business owner and also been working the 9-5 for about 10 years.

I had to dish out 100K to open up my business. 3 years into the business and I made the decision to close down because I was just making it. Now comes along this "business opportunity" with an initial investment of $499. I get ACN's partners and their own services and products as well. Sounds good to me so far.

So now I work at my job each day for my living and I work on my fortune part time.

I'm not sure who your mentors or uplines are but I have spoken to many of my friends about the opportunity. Did I lose any of my friends along the way? HELL NO. I didn't force them into anything. I just presented them with the same opportunity I chose to take.
Are some of them my customers? Yes a few are. Did they pay more than what they are paying right now for those services or products? NOPE. As a matter of fact, I actually helped my friends save money. That's such an awful thing I did to them. OH NO!

Am I going to get rich off of this? I'm not sure I can answer that question. But I sure as hell have that opportunity to. Tell me where I can get that opportunity because I would really like to know. If I fail I fail. $499 gone was definitely better than the 100K I dished out for my previous business. I didnt fail my previous business, the market for the type of business I was in just died out. Last I checked, cell phones are still in use and growing. Last I checked people liked the idea of video conferencing. Are they the only solution out there? NOPE. Last I checked, people still use home phones (land lines or digital lines). Advantages and disadvantages to both of course. And last I checked, without energy people couldn't live.

Maybe I was stupid to join maybe I wasn't. Only my time and effort and the ability to network market and keep friends will tell.

The ones that have lost friends and family because of MLM's "preying on friends and family" I'm sorry to have to say this but you're not cut out for this. Learn to deal with NO's and move on. Don't push, just move on. Try learning a little more on network marketing because I am.

If I do not succeed in ACN, if I do not make millions, even if I make $50 a month, I will say this at the end. Fine, ACN wasn't for me but with that experience now I know. If you tried and you failed that's great. If you tried and succeeded, congratulations.

When and if you learned to ride a bike, when you fell did you try again? If you don't fall you won't know how to correct it will you?

I attended an International Training Convention. If I didn't get wealthy financially, I sure as hell gained wealth in the knowledge department.

Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

This is just amazing! Reading what some people are writting... What is the real success rate of people who pay the $499. I mean really, how many people really do make actual money. Its sold as what you can retire on, blah, blah, blah. Yes some people make money, Im sure, but I canassure you its very few people that do. First of all, the entire market share of MLM organizations (ACN) included is 1/2 of 1%. So they have one tiny slice of the pie. Secondly, 95%+ of people who join drop out within the first year. So give it a try and let me know how it works for you, at least for 99% of you. Oh, by the way, I just love those smooth talking, sharp dressed people they have at their presentations, you know one talks and the other one standing there saying: "yes", "oh yeah", "i love it", "easy", blah, blah, blah... Its jut amazing to me how people fall for things.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to the ACN meetings and seeing sleazy guys dressed in discount suits trying to sound professional. I could tell right away that this business attracts those types, and that honest respectable people like myself would shy away from it. But I believed the hype, joined, and lost all I put in. At least I'm out now, but all the people still invovled are just wasting time and money. Bail out now before it's too late! ACN is a bonafied SCAM!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys I went to one of their presentation too. I thought it was kinda cheesy but they never mentioned "fast money for small labour". I think every job can be very challenging if you put mind into. My "mentor" (manager) told me that I also have to pay $599 CD for licensing. I thought that was odd that she did not mentioned this until I decided to get started. I have not paid the money yet but I am considering joining since this company is far ethical than other "student jobs"/ "direct selling" that I have done past. I mean, other direct selling can be VERY pushy and time consuming. Plus you have to pay a lot for the business out of your pocket. (transportation, conference, and material supplies). I am still skeptical since they do not tell me "how exactly this service help customer and save money" But overall, all stuff are nice and they seems to be less pussy than other jobs. Other jobs I had worked enforced me to lie to my family and friends by telling them that "I am only practicing sales and not exactly selling"... At the end of the day, what company wants are PROFIT and when they show products/services of course they are selling not "practicing" or "helping". But what can I say if you do not take a risk, you do not get return in anything.

Francis said...

In fact, we should analyze ACN, or any MLM like another venture....without the hype. Is there a real demand for products/services? Do they provide real value? Is the price competitive? Would you be tempted to be involved if you couldn't recruit other reps? Let's be honest: ACN resale products and services in already mature markets: telecom, home security, energy. And the video phone manufacturer, Worldgate is in serious threat of total liquidation...because their only customer, ACN itself has reduced dramatically its orders. ACN's real business model is to sale 500$ dream packages to its reps...and to force them to sign as customers with their affiliates like At&T and ADT. As long as the rep/customer believe in that matrix, he will continue to pay the renewal fee, the website, the conventions, meetings... Unfortunately, people attracted in ACN do not see that the compensation plan is made to keep most of the money inside the ACN corporation, not inside the rep's pockets. And even if someone become an RVP, because 95% of his team won't make any money, the RVP will also loose his paychecks. A MLM is not a durable business model: this model is artificial: customers/rep buy just because they think they'll make money with the system, not because services are attractives...The only way MLM corporations can survive is to repeat their showbusiness in another countries, to saturate that market, to go somewhere else. The only good thing about MLM is the fact there will be always naives buyers and great manipulators to sell them that kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

For those who do not believe in the ACN system, You really need to do your homework. Study the benefits of leverage. Incorporating the efforts of others. Yes, ACN is a customer acquisition company. Thus, you will not make any money until customers are acquired. Not sure about you, but if I am offering services that people are going to use anyway, I would rather build a team of people to help! What people do not realize is that EMPLOYEES are being leveraged. Think about it...A CEO of a company can not perform all duties that need to be completed in order to run a company. So titles are created, hence "Team member" to perform different duties to get the j.o.b done...If you can understand, People are working 40 hour per week jobs, and still barely making it. ACN is a way to make extra income, without having to deal w/ overheaed that traditional business have to worry about. A traditional business may take a really long time to make the ROI-return of investment. And ACN requires a start-up cost of $499...so you could market so many known household and business brands. Are you kidding me! $499 is a joke. Business-minded people will understand this and ask "what is the catch" the broke-minded person will ask "why do I have to pay" and complain....If you want to work a j.o.b all your lifem for 40 plus years, and retire on about half of your income, go right ahead. But if you are looking for a Plan B to possibly become wealthy one day. Then taking a look at ACN will defintely be worth your time. They are looking for serious people who have desire to make it big in life, not small thinkers who want to "make a couple extra bucks"

gyuri said...


What happens if you can put a new product in? cause i have this change? Who's property is it? What if the delivery get stuck (snow cause of bad weather --> winter 2010..)?

my mentor would try to put this in a
"contract" and sell the product with his clients preps.

is this save?

Anonymous said...

I'm an ACN rep, making great money and after being in the corporate world working even longer and harder work weeks, this business is amazing. Does everyone make a ton of money? NO! Just like everyone doesn't get A's in school. Its up to EACH individual to put in as much effort as they want. I was able to quit my job 6 months into this plan , replacing my 6 figure income. People who bitch/moan and complain about this not working are not putting in all their effort and they can fall into the 95% of people who fail in any business. The 5% of us that are making money are the motivated, hard working and ones who will not let people stand in our way.

As for anyone saying our services are not good? Well then take that up with Verizon, Sprint or the other huge names we partner with. EVERYONE is paying these bills every month anyways and will be for LIFE. Only a drunken monkey would see that it isnt a a huge business investment in your life to get paid on your OWN services never mind on other customers and your teams customers. The $500 ACN fee is a joke! It would cost you 1.2 MILLION dollars to open a verizon franchise, now add SPrint, ADT, Comcast, Direct TV... and SO MUCH more.. now add that to be lisenced in 23 countries to sell? What idiot would say this is not a dream come true. ONe who is sitting in their cube, running the rat race with no retirement. Let them stay there!! More money for us hard working smart people!

Work smart not hard!

Nola said...

Wow... really a lot of comments for a post on ACN! I didn't join ACN but a friend did and he tried to bring me to the meeting with a sort of secrecy (unfortunately the meeting did not happen... don't know why and it's a pity: would have been really interested!).

Now what... well, I read a lot about MLM but even before I didn't had nice feeling about it.

You know what!? Now I am a loser because I believe this business model is not a good one and I don't want to join! :-)

I will go on living my loser-life :-)

PS: advertisement make you feel unfit and unhappy so you are a better consumer!
Why I have the feeling that making you feel a loser because you have a regular job that force you to be in jail for 8 hours a day and you let pass by opportunities to become millionaire without working is a sort of advertisement!?

janel209 said...

Hello my husband join ACN on January 13th 2012! All the ACN reps. are very nice and did not pure pressure us to join us. At first we didn't want to sign up couple of times but when we met more people who joined in that week they became ETT or ETL we were like man we can do this. So, my husband sign up n already sign customer up for directv and energy but still looking for people to sign up on the business...for some people its quick to find someone and for some takes time to find someone. In our case its taking time to find someone. This opportunity your not going to get rich quick....it takes time to get rich...plus u have to be motivated for this opportunity cause the money isn't just going to come to you...you have to go get that money..lol We attend every Tuesday night to the ACN seminar which they are really fun. Everyone is really nice and we are big happy family. This business is not going to work for everyone. Our Team mentor has been their for us n still making sure we are finding people to sign up for ACN which soon I'll be joining to help out my husband. We are really committed to this business and hopefully soon we will be making good money! :)

stevohhhh said...

Anonymous are all liars and shills LOL =D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I spent time to red verious kind of comments concerning MLM cop. but in conclution i understood that if you want to be sucesseful in life you must hook up to people who are successful learn from them and duplicate their method with time you are going to achieve successe there is no two ways about it. you can olny help someone who is depressed and in verge of commiting sucide, and somebody who is on the street looking for help, so many people need help out there. but spending much of your time to discourage somebody who want to try and make some change in his or her life is not fair because two people are not the same, what someone failed in life might be an opportunity for someone else.every business need commitment and effort and persistence to achieve resault no matter the kind of bad experience someone had in life or in business, you can not stop people from investing the same business you failed or the thing you failed in life, no mattre what life goes on. not every body will succeed in business, in school not all the student made it to univesity level, and not all the university students made it, there are some drup out. inconclution if MLM of any kind is not working for you or you failed in your business dont think every body else will failed just because it did not work for you, that is a negative mindset and i advise you to reset your mindset. let me tell you in this world there is no legitment business but the Government of the day brainwashed us to believed there are legitment business and illegitment business, thats why not every body can get rich, but try to do what the rich people are doing and you will get rich.just spend your time to research what will work for you in life and give it a try.

Michael said...

I can’t believe all these people slamming ACN! It’s only $499 to open your own business. There are just too many benefits to type. Just to acninc.com and read with your eyes open!
Do all these haters think that companies who have offered or asked ACN to include their services like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Comcast, Nextel, Direct TV, Dish Network, ADT Security and Qwest is working with ACN now in Canada. The next wave is Energy services… Get ready! I think ACN would have to be a very legit company for these organizations to get involved. Additionally 3 former Attorneys Generals are on the legal team at ACN. Don’t forget about Donald Trump… do you really think he’d put his name on anything that is a scam or illegal.
Have I mentioned yet that Success Magazine has done several stories on ACN? Is it probable that they think ACN is a great business? You ought to put stock in what a great magazine like Success has to say about ACN. You think Success Magazine wants to be tied to a SCAM… NOT!
The $499 invested to start your own business is well worth it. The $499 is peanuts to a Multi-Million dollars business. If you can’t afford… charge it on a credit card! If you work hard & have the will to be financially independent… you will find success! If you don’t feel like you’re the best sales person… Go find one and get them to work on your team!
There’s no scam here, no secrets here and there’s no small print. It’s exactly what ACN claims! If you don’t want to do it… then don’t. You don’t have the motivation to work you own business… Then stay at the 9 to 5.

Anonymous said...

WOW.....well well well.... of the comments made herein - they remind me of the people that joined a gym and never went to work out....then they blamed the gym for the lack of results. AND THEN wanted their money back. Did anyone tell you that good things in life take effort?

Sorry cupcakes, get rich quick doesn't exist unless you're into something illegal. This business is SOLID and has created wealth for many. The ones that go nowhere with it will also be the ones that don't do well at most other things in life , and as a result will probably never be successful.

Anonymous said...

Has any one heard about the word called "Market Saturation"? Wake up guys this is 2012, MLM techniques and its limitations are well showing up. Read this link, if you love yourself:

Broncos said...

I've been with ACN for just over 2 months and I will say this. I went to the seminars and like a lot of people, came away feeling really good about joining ACN. So far, I've had 2 people who may or may not be interested and I have a friend who has signed up for landline and mobile services. There's bonuses to be made and when I quite clearly did'nt make the $1000 sigining 2 people below you and 50 points, I had a someone from my upline phone me and tell me that I was'nt doing a great job and put a guilt trip on me saying that my team leader was relying on me and I had let close to $4000 slip away that month. I have had my upline phone me and for want of a better word, hassle me to get the work done! I am an IBO! Independent Business Owner, So go figure! Also, I had to phone 3 of my friend with someone with me and read off scripts, something I HATED to do! I therefore decided then and there that as I had pumped $500 into this company and I wanted to at least give it a go, that I would do things MY way, regardless of the success or failure rate! After all, this would be MY success or failure and I sure as hell was NOT going to jeopardise ANY relationships with my family and friends! The 1 friend I have helping me out (and I am VERY grateful to her) IS, and WILL BE the ONLY friend I ask for a favour with this. I'm not saying ACN is a scam at all, BUT what I AM saying is that do your due dilligence before signing up and giving away your hard earned money, this company is not for everyone and I cannot express that enough! The seminars are great and really really work, but just be prepared for the very hard work, lots of rejection, and anywhere from some to a lot of dissapointment.

Anonymous said...

hello to the anonymous writer name JEAN from Sydney Austraila... can you contact me on yulsbizz@gmail.com with info on meetings in your area. I am from New York booming in the ACN business and have a number of prospects over there. I already have IBOs from two other countries who are also booming in the business and have only started this year.
As for all the other people with negative experiences with ACN ...life is what YOU make it...if all should just sit around and just see negatives then this world wont go nowhere. If this business is working for millions all accross the world and not working for me ...well..I am the one that need to check myself and see what wrong I am doing, learn from other successful ppl in the business and get myself back on track.....but then again...in the world there will always be the nagative bunch...lol...we need them to keep going...good luck in whatever path you choose!

Mpresev said...


Well, I went to a meeting in Woodland Hills. I know what I was going into because my coworker asked me to go and support him which I did. I did inform him, I'm only there to support and I don't like Network Marketing.

Low and behold they pressured and pressured. I told them no no no, because I have to think about it(hey I was being nice).. and push push push.. I wanted to run away..

Oh and my best friend at work is no longer my best friend. It is very very sad.. MLM can and will strain relationships.


Mpresev said...


Well, I went to a meeting in Woodland Hills. I know what I was going into because my coworker asked me to go and support him which I did. I did inform him, I'm only there to support and I don't like Network Marketing.

Low and behold they pressured and pressured. I told them no no no, because I have to think about it(hey I was being nice).. and push push push.. I wanted to run away..

Oh and my best friend at work is no longer my best friend. It is very very sad.. MLM can and will strain relationships.


ACN said...

My Dear frends. ACN is like life . some person are not conected with they own life and also can not conect with ACN or an other business.To do any project you must work and sacrifice your self.Iam in ACN 1year and 3 month .no body puch mi to do it. I heve got a need and goal in my life. I would like to find by my self some project with very serous base and ACN show me that.
The person who introduce yopu in ACN and taked your money is not honorable person, becouse that is not the methode to do the inicial contract.this person still your money becouse is a very bad person and no part of our ACN comunity. It is not right to charge to help the other to grow. iam workihg now betwen Ternerife and Vienna crossline with ETL from California who work now in Vienna . my team fron sapain and Austrian team, it marvelous and nice cooperation. we must take care for all ACN. for the all organization becouse always is some ione waiting tio say some bad opinion about as.just becouse some persons speking fron they own frustration level-(Sorry for my English)but ACN specialy now in Colonia Germany was amazing and I recomend all of you asre not part of thet take part and work for your future. hugs for all

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